Barbra's recollection of the day President Kennedy died

"I had just gone to pick up the first serious piece of antique jewelry I ever bought-- a beautiful Edwardian choker. It was a lot of money for me to spend ($750,) but I was doing 'Funny Girl' on Broadway, so I could afford it. In the shop, we heard that the President was gone. I was so stunned and devastated that I got in a cab to go home. Driving through Central Park, I suddenly passed Elliott Gould.. my husband at the time.. sitting on a bench. How did he get there? It was like out of a dream. I stopped the cab, and we just held each other. I never could wear that necklace."

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Hello Barbra,
My name is Rachel and I have been a great fan. Not only I love your music but we have a lot in common. My family and I came from Cuba this was my family's second migration. We are Jewish and My family came from Europe and migrated to Cuba. When Castro took over, my father realized he was a tyrant and we came in on the last plane that flew to the US. Unlike a lot of Cubans, we really liked Kennedy and thought he had no choice in a lot of decisions he made during the Bay of Pigs and the Missile Crisis. I too remember when he was assassinated. Our family lived in Brooklyn and I was just leaving school in Canarsie Brooklyn. I'd like to share another story.
When we came from Cuba we were very poor because we left everything there. However, we loved music and my dad bought me a transistor radio and the first song that we heard when we turned on the transistor radio was PEOPLE. We used to call my dad "PIPO" (PeePO) and he did not speak too much English so he could not understand the words but he heard you sing "People, People who need People" and he thought you were mentioning his name, he thought you were saying "Peepo, Peepo, who need PeePo" It was so funny, I knew better but I let him believe thaI you were saying Peepo and when we bought our first record player that was the first 45 we bought "Peepo"
I just saw the Brooklyn concert and it brought a lot of memories, joys and tears. I now live in South Florida. I hope you have another concert here I will not miss it.
Thanks for such good memories and hope to hear from you

Wow that's amazing that you spotted him on the bench - what are the chances?
Too bad about the neckalce, it was probably beautiful.
I wasn't born yet, but I can imagine it was a horrible shock to everyone.

Thank you for your story, that was 7 years before my birth, but it along with so many stories I have heard takes me to a time I was never introduced to in which the nation gave high acclaim, honor and trust to their president. My wish is that we as a nation could get back to that and realize that losing someone of that stature "Our President" is a great loss and effective.