Barbra's European Tour Kicks Off In London!

Last night, Barbra played the opening night of her European Tour at the O2 Arena in London, England.

For those of you who couldn't be there - here are some great shots from the evening.

(Above: Barbra and sister Roslyn Kind).

(Above: A Family Affair - Roslyn Kind, Jason Gould and Barbra).

(Above: Barbra welcomes son Jason to the stage).

(Above: Chris Botti accompanies Barbra).

Photo credits: Dave Hogan for Barbra Streisand.

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My name is Barbara (really!). I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. At the age of 11 one of my sisters was in Yentl and bought the CD. The following year we heard countless times the music and sang sometimes trimerous at the second floor in our house...(the music was loud…poor Mum). Since this time, I am a fan. The last 25 years I bought several CDs and 3 songbooks to play your music on piano.

I’m from Germany (sorry for my English) and visited the concert in Cologne. This was overwhelming, fantastic…I can’t find words…only yours:

There are moments you remember all your live
There are moments you wait for and dream of all your life
This was one of these moments!

A funny story at the end:
The evening after concert I’m driving home by train. 10 minutes before the home train station the train reduced the speed and we only heard and saw the cables bumping on the train. There was a collision with a fallen tree. The tree disrupted the currency cables, so the train stopped. Due to the safety arrangements it lasted almost 7 hours to get out of the train. After 3 hours there were no lights and we can’t go to toilets because the emergency generator was flat. But I was really calm and relaxed, because I was inspired from your concert and heard 2 hours your music on my mobile phone.

These 2 days were indeed the eventfulliest days in the last years in my life… 

Thank you very much!!!
Loves from Barbara

Impressive the images of your concerts in Europe. Barbra, when will you come to Spain? We wait for you with a lot of illusion.

Dear Barbra,

I've just celebrated my 34th birthday and you've been in my life for a little longer than that as my mother is a fan and listened to your records during her pregnancy. I grew up imagining you at the top of a staircase as this was the way my mother always talked about you describing Hello Dolly.

Early this year I had this idea of drawing two holiday destinations amoung the many we'd like to visit - I live in Portugal, by the way. When I realized you'd be in Amsterdam I couldn't believe it, but nothing prepared me for the fact that my boyfriend had already bought tickets for your concert, 8th row, the best brithday present I could have.

You exceeded every expectation I had. You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me feel so lucky to be there. You sang so beautifully, ever so powerful and sweet. Attenting to your concert was a dream come true, cause you are, by far, the greatest star.

Sometimes I still like to think of you at the top of a staircase, it also takes me back to some special childhood moments with my mother. But since June 10th you've given me many more unforgetable memories to light the corners of my mind.

Thank you.

Dear Barbra,
thanks for the wonderful evening in Berlin ... and the clowns.
Enjoy your time in Israel.
Loves from Marion
Kol Tov!

Barbra, come to Paris!

Brígida loves.

Making memories for me & my beautiful daughter Babs (no coincidence).
Espacially in this stage of my life. If you are lucky I can arrange for you & and your family a meet & greet with us.
Once in a lifetime oppertunity!
And -well I'm in a very very good mood- you can have our autographes also.

See you tonight!

Lots of Lovelyness,
Annemiek Coli & Babs.

Ps. I am so almost frontrow, I can even look under the skirt.

Last monday I went to see Barbra here in Amsterdam!
Wow, I've never seen such an impressive show in my life! She blew me away!
Her voice is so strong and beautiful but I also love her personality and her presence! Amazing!
I think she loved being on stage!
Even though I am not that familiar with her songs (only the most well known) she impressed me with her fantastic sound!
She gave me an night to remember. I will never forget!

Thank you, Barbra!!

Take care and enjoy the rest of the shows!


The Netherlands

Yesterday evening a dream came true when I had the honour of being in Cologne at Ms Streisand's concert. I have been a fan for over 40 years (how times fly's) and never thought I would see her live. When she walked on the stage tears flowed. It was an absolutely magical evening one I will never forget. Many thanks Barbra for the pleasure your wonderful voice has brought me over the years. A dream has been fulfilled.

mondaynight (june 10th '13) I was priviliged again to be at a Barbra Streisandconcert.
Miss Streisand, Thank You for upgrading me to a first classseat.
I very much enjoyed your show. The first time in the O2-arena in London,
I was in shock to be there. This time I listened to you and you taught me again.
the following comment I wrote 27th of september-2007 and I still value it.

Miss Streisand,

25th of july this year, I went to your concert in the O2 in London.
it had been a wish of mine to be at one of your concerts.
as a matter of fact I bought a ticket for one of your Los Angeles-concerts in 1994 (?),
but had to drop out, because I bought it with somebody else's credit card
(payed the person back) ; I was afraid not to get the ticket, because
the credit card was not in my possession (the person was abroad).
so the 23th of july, non-expectant, I looked if there were any possibillities ;
I was lucky. I even got a hotel and a plane.
To me you are an exceptional humen being. I think, you are an incredibly talented woman and I don't get it. And as for Michael Jordan ("Äir Jordan") : I don't get it.
(since you were born, to me the only other as gifted performer is
the english Robbie Williams, but I believe he is not as talented as you are.)
What on the other hand you have done and do with your talent is astounding.
To me you are a true master of your craft and a shining example to other performers.
you set the standard. An actress, who sings. I don't know how you can combine
the voice, your artistry, your intelligence and wisdom and at the same time
be as accessible, smart and funny, as you are. the 25 of july,
I was at a miserable point in my life. But I am glad I was there and
your 2006-CD is amazing and listening and watching you teaches me and
learns me to be a better self. I think to recognise your looking for the truth.
I sound like Ms Winfrey, but I mean it.
So thank you and Gos bless you and your work.


Dear Ms. Streisand,
Your coming to Israel is a dream come true for me; I've been waiting for you since I was a teenager, and sang along with your records for hours and hours. Nothing touches my soul like your singing.
So thank you for making my dream come true.
I wish you a safe flight and an enjoyable stay with us.

See you next Thursday (I can't wait!!),

I had the privilege and honor to attend the June 3, 2013 O2 arena concert. It was my first time attending an actual live performance. This was one of many new things to help celebrate my 50th year of life as my birthday was two weeks before (May 11). I was there with a girlfriend. We arrived to the event early and was able to submit questions for the Ask Barbra segment. To my surprise she picked my card! I am the meshugana (crazy person) who came from Baltimore, Maryland to London, England just to see Barbra. Our trip was planned with the main purpose of attending the concert!.
Does anyone know how can I obtain and audio or video clip with this segment?
My love for Barbra was forced as a child as my older brother used to tease me thinking I looked much like Barbra. The funny part is that still today I am told by me patients (I am a nurse) that I look like Barbra Streisand.
I only hope to be able to follow her example in charm,poise, and elegance and make the impact and difference on the world that she has.

Miriam from Baltimore, Maryland USA

Amsterdam june 6th Ziggo Dome.

A dream came true.....

As the late and great Craig Russel used to say,

Funny Girl, Funny Lady, funny person!
On A Clear Day You Can See a Funny Girl singing Hello Dolly Forever,
Up the Sandbox For Pete's Sake!
Remember The Way We were?
Well A Star Is Born and this is The Main Event,
It maybe bs to you, but it's Barbra Streisand te me!


Saw your second London show. Amazing singing. Never thought I'd get to see you perform live. Was not disappointed. Terrific performance

I've been honored to be able to share this marvellous performance.
Thank you Barbra, you are a wonderful woman, I found you when I was 14 years old, I'm now 45, 30 years of all your music, movies, tapes, posters.
I did cry all evening on the 6th of June 2013 when finally I could share this great experience with you in Amsterdam.
All these feelings were magic and enjoyed meeting your sister and son, beautiful people.
Thank you so much, I admire you Barbra.

Laurence Bacelon

Dear Barbra,
I was among the O2 Crowd on 03.06.2013 and I have to say that to be able to see you Live has been an honour and a priviledge. I already saw you once, it was you Timeless show in Las Vegas for the 2000 New Year Eve.
I would like to share my feelings with you : you are Timeless !
I have been a fan of yours since 1968, when I first saw in Funny Girl, the Movie. I was only 10 years old at the time, so for 45 years I have been following you to the best of my ability, due to the fact that being French, it was sometimes difficult to have some news about you, in the era before Internet.
On Monday 3rd June 2013 as soon as you appeared on stage, all my problems were swept away.
I have to tell you that since I had purchased my ticket, I have been counting the weeks, then the days, then the hours I still had to wait to see you in front of my eyes, to recevie in my ears your soothing voice, to listen to yours comments about life which are so true and respond to my way of thinking.
Thank you to have stopped near my Home and allow me to experience one of the strongest, if not the strongest moment of my Life.
You are the most gorgeous woman in the show business, you are the most talented, and you deserve all the honours which are given to you.
I Love you and you will always remain my godess.

Dear Ms. Streisand,

You have not only inspired me... but... millions...

with your intelligence and the passion of a heart in action...

I loved your celebration of family in your new show... <grin>

May all your dreams come true...

♥ hal

Good day Barbra

I have been a huge fan of yours for many years - I am now 58 and have seen you 'live' only once when you came to Sydney, Australia some 13 years ago (awesome). That was a dream come true for me.

For my 10th wedding anniversary on 14th June, my wonderful husband, as a surprise managed to book 2 tickets for one of your shows - in Berlin. We fly out Thursday and fly back to Sydney on Monday after your show. Looking so forward to seeing you again!!

Barbra - thank you so much for all the beautiful songs and the movies. You are a true inspiration and legend to all. See you in Berlin!

Fans from Down Under

I couldn't be there, but I heard that was beautiful.

You Barbra, are the most inspire person in my life.

You're absolutely gorgeous, as usual. I wish deeply I could see you in Europe. I will never forget those concerts last October, you are an unforgettable person.

I love you from all my heart, you make me wish be a better person every single day. Thank you.


Paula Bellini

Great show, great singers, great players! And this is just what I think about the whole show by seeing the videos on Youtube. It looks to me you have the same outfits as the "Back to Brooklyn" tour, but I don't mind one bit. They look awesome and these suit you so well, so why not enjoy them a little longer, right?

Chris Botti is a fabulous trumpet player. He's a keeper! As is your son Jason, your sister Roslyn, and of course you yourself. Great voices in the family, singing together, make for great concerts and great times to listen to them.

I absolutely adore the fact you're making this much time to answer some of the questions of the audience. That is a great feature in the show. As is the family singing together. Makes me feel all mushy inside. Well done! Great show! Hope to visit you in a real show live sometime though. (I have to win Millionaires first, but hey, there's always hoping! Another hope, how futile it might sound I know (wishful thinking), of mine is I would love to bump into you sometime, accidentally of course, and give me a chance to tell you how great, awesome, wonderful (superlatives are missing here!) you really are.)

I HAVE to tell you, you have helped me and still are, to stop smoking. Your music helps me to lay off cigarettes, which is a wonderful thing really. So, in a way, your music helps me to be and become a better person. At least a better version of Myself. Thank you immensely for that.


My 50th birthday celebrations got off to a terrific start last night! Thank you so much for a wonderful, memorable evening at the O2.

Your performance was out of this world - boy, what a show. It was lovely to see your sister and son performing with you too. Jason`s rendition of Masquerade was really great. What a voice!

I cannot begin to thank you enough for such a great evening. I have been a big fan for so long I never thought I would ever get the chance to see you live.

Congratulations on such a great show, and for your 50 years in show business. I will raise a glass to you on my birthday!

Much love and thanks,

Sue Meedy

What an awesome experience to have seen again our Barbra the incredible, the beautiful accompanied with people she loves and admires including Jason. Muchos besos preciosa

Gorgeous!!! Barbra, you are simply the best! Here's to life, here's to love, here's to you!!! You are amazing!!!!!!!

Nice photos.
I even watched some moments on youtube. Great vocal shape, Babs. Better then the last european tour.
I love this show. Specially because you brought family together. Roslyn deserves this, as Jason. You should sing Together, from Gypsy.
I missed You're The Top, that I loved.
We are here, cheering for all of you.
Hugs from Brasil

By the way, Rio de Janeiro is waiting for you, Miss Babs. Come and sing for us, here. I saw you in Paris, but I really wanted to see you here, in my city.

You look absolutely gorgeous! I always go to all the fan websites to look for the latest news, but I must say that the quality of the pictures on your website is much better. Thanks for your generosity in sharing these and keep posting more pics of your European tour and other important events. You still are a great inspiration for gay men and women of any cultural background. I have seen you live in three of your different concert tours. Won't be able to go to Europe but wish you the best of success! Love, Diego S. from Panama city, Panama.

i was there last night at the o2. the concert was terrific and once again barbra showed why she is still the wolds greatest singer! thanks babs.

I have seen Barbra several times over the years in the USA. I just wish she would perform in Brazil and other countries in South America. Also, Japan.

I was there and it was so incredible!! She was so hilarious and just made everything feel so personal, like she was singing in your living room not in a huge arena! I also think I was the only teenager there haha never the less she was still AMAZING!


I came to see you in Brooklyn last year from London, so naturally when I heard you were coming to London I just HAD to see you again. To be honest I never thought I'd ever get the chance and here I am having seen you twice within 9 months!

To see you sing Make Our Garden Grow with Rozzie and Jason was an absolute privilege, I was sobbing throughout the entire show really but the fact that you let us all into your world with family snippets was just wonderful. Your mother did have the most beautiful voice! I hope to see you again one day, Brooklyn was the best night of my whole life, and I wish you Roz, Jason, Chris and Sammy all the joy in the world as you continue the tour.

Here's to life, here's to love, here's to you.