Barbra's clarification of her statement when asked about appearing on Glee

When asked if I would ever appear on ‘Glee,” I should have said, “You never know.” It was wrong to say, “Not if I can help it.”

What I meant was that I’ve been overwhelmed preparing for my performance on MusiCares, the Grammys, recording a new album, and starting a new movie. So I couldn’t take on any more work, and besides that, I wasn’t asked.

I’m so honored that a lead character on “Glee” is so admiring of my work. In my speech at MusiCares, I thanked them “for exposing young people to music they might otherwise not hear today: Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, and Darren Criss…you’re all so gifted.”

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First and foremost, if Barbra is busy, then she is busy! The woman has more talent in her little finger than the entire cast of Glee. Don't get me wrong I have only seen the show once an it was ok, but come on we are talking about a woman that has been in the business 50 years now and is still going strong! My hat is off to you Barbra, keep up the good work!

Thank you Ms Streisand. You are an icon. Busy weekend and you pulled it off beautifully and looked so beautiful at the Grammys. My husband and I only wanted to see your performance. Here's to a blessed 2011 . Stay well. Shabbat Shalom. 2/18/2011


That post you are referring to was already AGREEING with Dr.West, I think you may have misread it when you said:

"I like Barbra too. But please don't let your admiration for Barbra Streisand lead you to make ignorant comments like "who is Cornel West"? Or imply that his work is not important because you disagree with it."

Who said "who is Cornel West? Who implied that his work was not important?"

The post was in total agreement with what he said, that "in his day artists were originals and that is what made them great."

Then, in the post it told readers who he was ( A Harvard professor, for those that do not know that already)

See how conversations get twisted?

Firstly, I would like to say that Im a very BIG fan. I have practically every song every put out by Barbra. And, I will continue to be a fan. Over the years, I have grown accustom to some of her reclusive (or exclusive) behavior. For example, how long did it take her to do an appearance on the Rosie show. Rosie practically begged her daily until she eventual showed up. Concidentally, as the same time as an album hit the stores.

This is my take on the quote. She meant EXACTLY what she said. I think that she thinks that showing up on a ' flavor of the time' show is beneath her. Maybe it is...Maybe it isn't. (Note: If she's going to take this route with things being beneath her, then maybe she should avoid taking roles in both Flocker movies - THEY WERE TERRIBLE. And, In my opionion, much more beneath her than an appearce on Glee would be.) I also think that when there was such backlash at her comment she backtracked and spinned it into her being busy. Maybe she is, maybe she isnt.

My advice, as a humble life long fan. Try to think back when you were young and had actors that you admired and were in awe of their talent. Imagine if they approached you and said something like this. How would that make you feel? No magnify that times a million (GLEE viewership).

Still a Fan - JB

Haha, oh goodness...the last poster kind of went on a rant there, however I do agree. Barbra does NOT OWE anything to anyone. Glee might have shown her work to some of the younger generation but that certainly doesn't mean she owes something to them, and personally I don't think she "demeaned" anyone with the original comment. Chick's busy okay! that's all she meant by it. Being famous must be difficult, especially when people pick apart what you say and take it wrong. I don't watch the show myself, so I was fine with her originally response, however I find her "clarification" very kind and thoughtful seeing as how it really wasn't needed. Keep in mind people, Barbra could sit on her tuchus for the rest of her life but thankfully she chooses to entertain us and share her voice. (:

"'Dr. Cornel West tweet 2/14/11: (Harvard Professor, for whoever doesn't know)

"What made artists great in my day compared to the ones of today is that they were originals.'"

I like Barbra too. But please don't let your admiration for Barbra Streisand lead you to make ignorant comments like "who is Cornel West"? Or imply that his work is not important because you disagree with it.

From Wikipedia:

"West remains a widely cited scholar in the popular press in African-American Studies and Studies of Black Theology."

"He then returned to Union and taught at Haverford College in Pennsylvania for one year before going to Princeton to become a Professor of Religion and Director of the Program in African-American Studies (1988–94), which he revitalized in cooperation with such scholars as novelist Toni Morrison."

When Lady GaGa in 2011 resembles Madonna in 1985, maybe Cornel West is right.

What??? Barbra, what's wrong with these people?
The last poster said Barbra OWES Glee a lot for PROMOTING HER CAREER??
Barbra's career was set even before Glee ever got into the show's writer's imagination!
These greenhorns need to learn history and learn it fast. Barbra can sit on her behind for the rest of her life and never perform again if she doesnt want to. She has earned that right.
She did not need Glee or any other stupid sitcom to elevate her career or star status!
Glee is a show of copycat music wannabees because the industry has such a black hole type void of talent and ORIGINAL artists, that they HAVE to resurrect music from the past!
Even rappers have to sample our music because they are so musically illiterate.
But to claim that the artists that they are imitating owes them (the copycat imitators) anything is absurd. Nobody owes anybody anything folks, get over it- what's with this entitlement generation? Instead of watching copycats, why not enjoy the originals while they are with us. This kind of talent you will NEVER see again in your lifetime, and probably not even your kids lifetimes- I promise you. And to say that other celebrities have done the show- SO WHAT? WHO CARES? They dont command the type of audiences and venues Barbra does-no comparison, my friends.
It's really funny how when Barbra wont allow herself to be manipulated or "dance" when the puppet masters say dance (or sing in her case), then she is put down.
Copycat imitators dont have long careers- you can only go so far in life imitating originals, after awhile people look away.
Also, if Barbra (a master singer), refused for the longest to do Fanny Brice's song "My Man" out of respect, what makes these mediocre singers bust out these songs thinking they are on the same level? There is a code of ethics in theater and these youngsters need to learn it. Glee is an ok TV show but lets get real folks. That would be like Beethoven performing at a punk rock concert someone said.

As much as I have adored you for years, I must agree with gerard763...It was very careless and unthinking of you to demean GLEE as you did. It only helped to enforce what a lot of people think of you who are not your adoring fans. GLEE is a fabulous show with major talent. You owe a lot to the show for promoting you and your career, and I am glad you re-thought your statement and issued an apology. Lots of new young people been exposed to your music via that show, and you would not cheapen your image if you appeared on it....Gwyneth Paltrow, Carol Burnett, Neil Patrick Harris, Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, Katie Couric and many others have done so. And from what I heard you say on Entertainment Tonight the other night, your niece is a big fan of it. Think how it would excite her to see you on it! I know they have not even asked you yet to be a part of it, but Matthew Morrison said on an interview that they would welcome you any time. Many stars are even begging to be on that show, And Lea Michele says she is "obsessed" with you. I don't really think that you meant that you were above appearing on GLEE, but just think what fun it would be to work with new talent, and as Dolly Levi would say, to "encourage young things to grow!!" I will always adore you...You truly ARE the "greatest star!" Can't wait to see your new movie with Seth Rogan, and hope that the possible plans for a "Gypsy" movie re-make come to fruition. Now I would just love to see you and Jennifer Aniston play mother and daughter in a film...I've always said you two look alike!!!

Good God, this is hysterical. As another comment stated, Barbra is incredibly busy right now and is one of the RARE celebrities who is truthful.

Barbra did what she does best. She showed her incredible class and elegance by clarifying the statement. If she truly mispoke to begin with, fine. If she simply gave an explanation out of kindness and compassion to soften the "blow" for her Glee fans (cast and fans alike), FINE. She should be commended for her clarification/explanation either way. Ridiculous that so many people seem to think Barbra "owes" anyone anything. Another poster said something about how it seemed Barbra's comment showed she feels "above Glee". Well, she is.

We wouldn't expect FRANK SINATRA or ELVIS to even consider appearing on a TV show, so why expect it from BARBRA STREISAND? She's the number ONE top-selling female recording artist of ALL TIME in the WORLD. I hate double standards...

I always look forward to any speeches or musical or acting performances by Barbra. If she chooses to do Glee, great. If not, that's just fine. Barbra mentioned she hasn't been asked to do Glee. Probably because the show's executives are well aware that Barbra's star far outshines making an appearance on their little show (which I love by the way).

I'm worried the Bway revival of FunnyGirl will have a caricature as Fanny Brice pretending, like Glee, to be the real thing. And Barbra will be forced to sit through it and come up with glowing praise. Put another original in that role, like Christina Aguilera as Fanny, then everyone can relax. Start the Facebook campaign! Rob


Dr. Cornel West tweet 2/14/11: (Harvard Professor, for whoever doesn't know)

"What made artists great in my day compared to the ones of today is that they were originals."

Barbra is an original. Originals don't imitate themselves-they leave that to others.
my tweet.

'Nuff said.

WHOA!!!!!! BARBRA STREISAND ON GLEE??????? WOOOHOOOO!!!....i just can't....just CAAAAAN'T!!!!!!!!!....

Dear Barbra,,

No need to justify with us, your fans...We know you can only be in so many places and do so many things at the same time...Smiling It is just that it's so hard fo us, your fans, to even conceive the idea that you may retire some for the media and the way they manipulate the news sometimes, well, I can only tell them my answer in spanish in my "Barbra en Espanol' website! Alfredo

Her remark was not rude--it was honest. Why would a star of her magnitude make an appearance on a show like Glee? It was a silly question to begin with and she was caught offguard. Does everything, every word have to be analyzed to death so that we never, ever get the real truth from anyone? Political correctness assumes that everyone is ultra-sensitive. The Glee producers are making a fortune off of Barbra Streisand--not the other way around. I am sure the lady is flattered, but does she have to pretend that she watches or likes the TV show? Streisand is never subtle--that is a trademark of hers. Let her be herself, not some milktoast impression of herself. How many fans send things to her and expect a personal response? Too many to count, unfortunately. Are Glee fans and the Glee cast so out of touch that they expect gushing gratitude? She had already acknowledged them. That was enough. As a longtime fan, I would be utterly disappointed to find out that Streisand appeared on Glee. Some of us like our stars to be a little above it all, a little untouchable. Stars are STARS for a reason--they are out there, shining brightly, high in the sky for us all to watch, but from a distance. They are not like us. That is why they are who they are.

Sometimes we think before we speak and other times we speak before we think. I wonder which was the case here. Either way back water has a nasty taste.

Lets face it, you don't like the show ans niether do I, you were being honest and it was a good answer, you know you hit the bottom when your on GLEE.

I happpen to be a huge fan BUT I think sometimes we can become full of ourselves for a moment and feel things are beneath us. While you may not want to admit it Babs.... I think that was your moment. To dance around it makes it look all the worse.

It's no crime that Barbra is obviously not a fan of Glee, but I'm glad she retracted her rather insensitive comment about the show; especially when these kids are such big fans. But before anyone gets too twitchy about her comment, you have to remember that Barbra is all about originality,and as talented as the Glee cast is, they are merely just doing covers of EVERYONE else's material (including hers). Add to the fact that Barbra is notorious for being dismissive (at best) when it comes to current pop culture phenomenons; for example, American Idol.

I know Barbra would never dis her fans - and Glee is full of them! By the way, wonderful performance on the Grammy's last night. We will always love you !!!

Dear Barbra, you're such a classy lady that anyone who would have thought you meant "Not if I can help it" in a bad was just doesn't know you.

I'm 45 and I have grown up listening to your music. Every Saturday morning my mom would have your albums blaring on the stereo and even today, it's not only my mom that listens to your music but my nieces love it as well; at least 3 generations of our family love your music.

When my mom heard you were going to sing on the Grammys, she waited up to see you sing. She loves Glee and loves it when they sing one of your songs. If you were to appear on that show, I know the show would be taped so she could watch it over and over, especially if you were singing!!

Thank you for all your wonderful songs!

Oh Barbra,
You have no need to apologize. Glee is a "cute" show, but you are a legend. Should you ever decide to grace Glee with an appearance, it would elevate the show to a new level. I think I understand what you meant by the comment and I am sure you were poking fun at the whole idea (me on Glee?!).

It was a pleasure to see you perform on the Grammys last evening. You were stunning and beautiful. I have adored you since I was 11 (now 48). You have been an inspiration to me so many times during my life. Thank you for being you.


Hi Barbra, Firstly I would Like to Wish you a Fantaboulous Valentines Day
I have admired and respected your Acting, Singing, Directing,for as Long as I can remember. When you were last in London at the 02 in Concert I was at all three Concerts, and Loved every second, your an Inspiration to all of us, so I can totally understand you saying "Not if I can help it" with regard to "Glee" as You must be very busy preparing for your role as "Mama Rose" in Gypsy, Recording your new Album, and the Grammys! We all Thank G D for your Talent and Thank you for Sharing your Talent with the World.


Congratulations! I've been a fan of you since I was a young girl, since your film as Funny Girl, I am presently 49 yrs old. I love your soothing to the spirit! I have 1 question, what is the name of the song you sang on the 53rd Grammy Awards? Oh my goodness, I LOVE THAT SONG! It makes me so emotional but it gives me a calm peaceful feeling......I love it! Thanks for all the music and love you've shared with us over the years! You are a True Diva!

Never apologize for your statement. I think Glee is stupid. You are the greatest singer ever. I saw you in person and my friend asked me why I admired you so much and I told him "No matter what Barbara is still here" Then you sang "I'm Still Here" and my friend said, Well that says it all. You are amazing.....

I have been an adoring, awestruck fan of yours, since I was a little boy. My first memory of you was when your album "People" came out, and I remember watching you on TV, singing with Judy Garland! I loved you then, and I love you now. Knowing about all of your upcoming projects, and your never ending drive to perfection in everything that you do, I understood completely your remark about performing on Glee. I hope that someday that you can find the time, while the series is on, however, as I think that it would be a win win for all involved, and I would get to see you again!!! I must say, that as much anticipated and expected, that you did not dissappoint, tonight at the Grammys!!! Not only did you look stunning, but your voice is as strong and unique as ever!!! I got goosebumps yet again, and had that same feeling as I have had everytime that I ripped open one of your new albums, 8 tracks, cassettes, or CDs!!! I just want to let you know, that when my wife of now twenty five wonderful years and I got married, we had your song "Clear Sailing" sang at our wedding. It said everything that there was to say about our relationship. Before we were married, I had a life sized framed poster of your picture from "Memories" on my wall. My wife finally made me take it down, swearing that I was more in love with you, than her, until I made her sit down with me and just absorb your music, through Yentil, and then she finally's all about the music, and then the picture went back up on the wall!!! I hope you read this, and know that you are like fine just keep getting better with age!!!! Thank you for your contribution to society, and thank you for being such a great Democrat as well!!!

A new album YEAAAA! New movie cant wait! Whens the concert? To those of you who criticize Barbra for what she said let me ask you a question. Have any one of you ever said something out of context and are you not human. Babs is an incredible woman and passionate about life, music, and all her causes. If i were to ever meet her I would thank her for everything she has done. Stop looking at one little thing and see the big picture. God bless you Babs.

oy. everybody get a're taking this way too seriously. it sounds like an honest slip of the tongue. she does have better things to do (and i am a glee fan, btw) and was very gracious to quickly put this bed with a generous and thoughtful statement. now, get back to the show and enjoy watching her show everyone how it's really done. oh, and one more thing, she looks the long hair. it's like the 1970s again - fresh, sexy, classy - all at the same time!

You would be AMAZING on glee. If you and Lea Michele had a duet together I would probably pass out on my couch because it would be soooo amazing. I cannot wait till you preform on the grammys tonight. I truly believe you will win the grammy for best traditional pop album. Love is the Answer is an AWESOME album. I LOVE the songs Here's to Life and Make Someone Happy.

Give her a break, geez, she's only human. She clarified what she really meant. Everyone knows that Barbra is not a mean spirited or hurtful person. Don't feel too bad about it Barbra for too long, we know your heart!

It's outrageous that Barbra should have to explain this away. The meaning behind her harmless comment should have been clear to anyone except the most b*tchy, catty, superficial, pseudo journalist trying to cause a scandal. He took the only statement of the entire evening who's meaning could be twisted into something negative and did just that.

Shame on that nobody from ET for reporting this the way he did. Shame on everyone who repeated the malicious gossip. Shame on anyone who got bent out of shape over it.

That night was a tribute to Barbra Streisand by her fellow musicians. Everyone was there to raise money for a worthy cause and to honor Barbra. It's just plain disgusting that this ET guy rushed online mere minutes after the spectacular event to get first dibs on dishing imaginary dirt.

Barbra is a class act. Always has been

I don't think it's entirely fair to blame Barbra. Yes, the remark did draw a pause when I read it, but Barbra's clarification does make it quite clear where she was coming from.

As a 'long-time' admirer and having ran a magazine for 27 years, I am surprised just how much work Barbra has commited to of late. She really does have a lot on and much to come - which is great for us fans.

I have met Barbra on a couple of occasions and while I do not profess to 'know' her - I do not perceive Barbra as a mean-spirited person - quite the opposite in fact.

Did she make a slight mistake in her communication? Probably, but, like all of us, Barbra is only human.

I sometimes think we tend to forget that.


I'm sure the "right people" knew that u meant no harm. They know how the media is.
I'm really just glad u have so many things planned for you this upcomin year. Really looking forward to all those things you're preparing to.

I have to be honest. I am not a gleek. But I do like that fact they advertise your songs Barbra. When I heard your comment, I really couldn't believe that you would be so nasty or crass to a bunch of kids, who sing your praises and perform your songs and live for the moment when they could meet you, and then treat them with that smug, self serving answer. Thanks be to God SOMEONE told you to please take it back...because it really did come across very badly! I have been following your career for many many years...and worshipped your for quite a number of them. I now realize that you are just human, with faults like all of us, but that comment just seemed waaaay out of place...I would have been very hurt if I had heard your comment!

I, along with my daughter, tried to start a "Please put Barbra on Glee" club on Face Book..I am not sure too many people cared enough..Seeing her there would still be wonderful but I am quite upset that Barbra did not think first before speaking..I honeslty think she would know better.

There are again lots of jealous people talking and writing stupid things about. But don't care Barbra we fans know how you really are. And you have lots of them. Can't wait to see you performing tonight. I love you.
Greetings from Austria Silvia