Barbra in Washington for Women's Heart Disease Awareness


SPOTTED: Singing legend Barbra Streisand, meeting with lawmakers including Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Wednesday to talk about women’s heart disease.

The “Funny Girl” star, who founded the Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Center at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles in 2012, made the trip to Capitol Hill to urge Congress to expand existing women’s heart health initiatives and to push for additional research funding.

Heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined, according to Cedars-Sinai.

We hear Barbra, a longtime Democratic donor, was “determined to make this trip completely bipartisan,” meeting with a group of female senators and House members from both political parties.

“The fact is a woman’s heart is different from a man’s, yet women’s hearts are under-researched, go untreated, and are misdiagnosed,” Streisand said in a statement. “Together, we can change that.”

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Oh Dearest Barbra:
First, thank you for the work you are doing for Women's Heart Disease, my mother had her first bypass at age 42, me as her son, at 38 after a stent had closed that I received after experiencing two heart attacks, May 2001, the second June 2001, the first I was unaware of, the second, the pain wouldn't go away and I eventually went to the hospital after waiting 11 hours, in September 2001, the stent closed up and I will never forget while I was waiting to decide which doctor to see, my cardiologist advised me that I had about 3 weeks, before the stent would close entirely, on September 27th, 2001, right after 9/11, I had bypass. It is now July, 2014, I just returned from Cleveland Clinic in Weston Florida, on June 25, 2014 as a follow up after having had another heart attack, one of the veined grafts had closed on June 5, 2014, which I didn't wait thank god, and got into the ER at a local hospital, they rushed me to another closer hospital for a catherization and got it the vein stented and re-opened.
My mother passed June 22, 2011, due to colon cancer, she had two bypasses, the second at age 50, eight years after the first one. I was grateful that it was not her heart that took her. She didn't really take that great care of herself after the first bypass and I decided I would change after I went thought that experience. Barbra, what is profound and my reasoning for writing you is that the day before my mom passed, I called the hospice where she was in Maryland having just returned from Maryland to Florida, I moved here in January 2002, after my bypass, having to want to get away from doctors, hospitals, etc., wounded up becoming a nurse having realized that I had a lot of compassion after going through what I did. At any rate, the day before on June 21, I had called the nurse at hospice and ironically was asked by the nurse is there anything you'd like for me to tell your mother, I said, yes, tell her I love her and then glancing over on a side table, I had a card my late sister had sent me which said, "Rainbow gives us glorious colors, let your life be a Rainbow", I said, and tell her to send me a rainbow. Several years back, my mother and I had a conversation and her beliefs and my beliefs differed in our beliefs, mine being primarily spiritual, my mother believed in the traditional christian believes, she hounded me about accepting christ as my savior, I said mom, you know I don't believe in that, why do you constantly bring this up to me, instead of being condescending, she said "because I want to see you again" meaning in the after life, I said mom, you will, I know you will.
The next day, on June 22, I called at my usual time in the afternoon, and
was informed she died at 6:30 a.m., I immediately called my friend who was coming down the street and he said go outside and look up, and there was a rainbow across the street, the conversation we had came back to me that we had years earlier and I felt peace in knowing that I will see her again.
This year, again having the situation with my heart, I was reminded again of my mom of course on June 22nd, after leaving Cleveland Clinic, on my way back, I stopped at Downtown Disney, and after having a sandwich, came outside and there again a rainbow appeared and I felt that peace again and assurance that all was going to be okay. At Cleveland Clinic, the cardiologist informed me to do cardiac rehab, stay on the Plavix and we'll see how it goes.
Well, yesterday, I was just perusing the internet looking at various things on U-Tube and in a little square on whatever I was looking at, appeared an interview with Barbara Walters and you. I watched it, and then went back to look at more interviews and there was another square that had Judy Garland and her interview with Barbara Walters, so I clicked on it, after the interview, it said Judy Garland died June 22nd, I was in shock because on June 22nd this year, I thought to myself, I wonder why my mom passed on June 22nd and whether their was any significance to that date, then I thought of the rainbow and my brain about short circuited. What a gift that was, what a connection.
At any rate Barbra, I originally want to write to you about something else until I saw what your doing with women's heart disease and thought you would like this profound story. What I did want to tell you was I was fortunate enough to be able to see your performance at the US Air Arena in Maryland, I remembered and still have two of he brochures with the gift items that were for sale, I remembered walking up and looking at the bomber jacket that was made for the staff, and it was $400. that was back in 1994, I couldn't afford that but I kept looking at that jacket just wishing I could have it, it was fully lined and I even tried one on and just loved the richness of how it made me feel, the wool and I thought to myself, oh well, it must be nice.
Well, my dear Barbra, I still could not afford a coat at that price, but I happened to go onto ebay and there that jacket was for 49.99 plus shipping, I looked at it, looked at very closely and it said brand new, so I took a chance, I went back and found those brochures and the newspaper clippings I kept of the concert, I have them in zip lock bag, I looked and sure enough that jacket sold for $400, which is what I thought, I went back into ebay and bought that coat, I received it, in excellent condition, with even the cardboard attached to the collar, I put it on and put my hands in the pockets, the pockets were not even used, I had to push down my hands into the pockets, so it was brand new, Barbra, I just was so very happy to have had this jacket after all this time, and of course, I absolutely feel wonderful in it and how very very special it is to have it.
You know, you inspire people all around the world, I hope I just gave you some inspiration in my little story here. I am now 51, I will continue on taking care of my heart and will be beginning the cardiac rehab at a hospital called Bayonet Point here in Hudson, Florida at the Heart Institute, its been 13 years since the bypass, the cardiologist referred to this incident as a hiccup as the mammo artery is still holding up, so I believe I am going to make it still. Thank you for all you do Barbra and have done in the past, I remember your work in Colorado and look at where we are now with gay rights. You've changed the world, you have changed lives and it sure was nice to see you in that concert, it was the most elegant and one of the most memorable events of my entire life. From my spirit to yours, David Popp

You go girl!!!! I am so incredibly proud to be a fan. The courage and knowledge that it takes to do what you are doing is astounding. Please continue to be who you are and know that you have all of our support. If every American stood up for issues like this we would truly have an awesome country. I am a mom with 9 year old twins on the Autism spectrum and this issue also needs intense focus placed on it. 1 in 66 kids is a lot and with zero to NO social skills it is scary that one day this generation will be running this country with great difficulty getting along with others. It frightens me to think that our schools aren't taking this issue more seriously and teaching these children how to communicate with one another. The funding has been cut drastically for these kids and Aspergers (which is my sons diagnosis) is barely recognized as an issue by insurance companies. I am a proud nurse and a proud Mom of two incredible children with lots of potential. I tell them each and ever day their perfect imperfections makes them very special. I hope your trip to Washington helps save lots of lives and as a health care worker and citizen I promise to advocate for patients as well. Thank You


Congratulations on traveling to Washington to address the issue that is closest to your
heart. There are no words to express our thanks for what you are doing.
You are truly "One in a Million".
Song Bird

That's what the headlines should have read the day this picture was taken! Women's health should NEVER...EVER...EVER be politicized. As a matter of fact, NOBODY'S health should be politicized. We are human beings and we deserve to have access to the best research, the best healthcare and the best medicine available by virtue of living in a society capable of providing it!

The inequality in America today is STAGGERING! Let's work together to make a positive and better future for our children and our children's children's children.