Barbra Tour Q & A


Here’s how the LA Times described your show:
The evening’s talky rhythm (the show had more asides than a Shakespeare tragedy) put the audience immediately under the spell of her folksy grandiosity. Streisand … isn’t just a star — she’s a world view, a style of being, an entire cosmology, with the highest possible thread-count sheets. You don’t just come for the music; you come for the whole church service. The sermon, broken up into bits, is inseparable from the songs.
How would you describe it?
Answer: Wow, they said all that? That’s very interesting. I don’t know how to describe it myself… that’s for you guys, from the press to do. I just try to put together a wonderful show for the audience and in this particular instance it’s a delight for me to have my family along… my very gifted son, Jason, and my sister, Rozzie. I also love having a sixty piece orchestra and a big choir and working again with the amazing, Chris Botti.


Your concert features a 60 piece orchestra conducted by Bill Ross. When you put a great voice with a great orchestra it provides a huge emotional connection to every seat in the house. Does this help you bring the intimacy of a small theatre to the arena?

Answer: When I’m on stage it doesn’t matter to me whether I’m in a nightclub or an arena… I try to be truthful to the music and the lyrics and that has always guided me throughout my career. I always feed off the energy of a live orchestra and a live audience.


With your incredible repertoire, how do you determine which songs to perform?

Answer: I’m always amazed at how many songs I’ve actually recorded from which to choose. This time around I’m choosing some songs that I’ve never sung before and some older ones that I like to reinterpret. I’ve always been blessed to sing songs by the best composers and lyricists throughout the decades. I love finding new meanings in these great songs, whether old or new. If you stick with great material, you can always find inspiration.

What is the most important thing you hope your fans take home with them after every show?

Answer: What I hope they take away is a feeling of connection and emotion… and, of course, maybe a souvenir program, a t-shirt for Women’s Heart research and my son’s new CD.


In both North American and now with the upcoming European tour, you’re appearing with your son Jason Gould and your sister Roslyn Kind. How did this come about and how does having your family with you enhance the experience?

Answer: Well, I must tell you it was all quite a surprise. I didn’t even know that Jason sang. He brought me a couple of songs he recorded in a studio, as he was about to put out an EP, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing… my jaw dropped! I asked him if he would come on tour with me and happily, he said yes! I then asked Rozzie to join us and make it a family affair. I love having them on stage with me.


You have introduced a section on ‘Truth Alerts’ on your website.
Are you enjoying the direct to fan connection that the internet enables you to have? Is this something you plan on continuing and possibly expanding?

Answer: I hate made up stories, so I will continue. The internet has given me an opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings about the issues of the day directly with my fans. If you read it on my website, it’s something I actually said or wrote.


You’ve won Oscars for Best Actress (Funny Girl) and Best Original Song (Evergreen); received 8 Grammy Awards; your combined album sales of more than 72.5 million in the United States alone (International many more, 120-140 million) exceed that of all other female singers and your first book “My Passion For Design” debuted at number Two on the New York Times Best Seller List. You’re an established philanthropist and a staunch supporter of civil rights.
What’s next for the woman’s who’s bold, creative achievements have already garnered so much?

Answer: There aren’t enough hours in the day… I love recording… I am now working on a Duets album with some wonderful artists. I have my eye on a couple of films to direct and, of course, my devotion right now to My Women’s Heart Center at Cedars in Los Angeles and other philanthropic interests. I would like a little more time to tend to my garden, but I’m happy to have my days as full as they are.


This is the first time you’ve performed in Amsterdam, what are you most looking forward to?
Answer: That’s not an easy question to answer... there are so many wonderful things about Amsterdam. I have been here before, this is just my first time performing. This city is so culturally rich… the home of Van Gogh, Bruegel and Vermeer and I came here to do research for my film Yentl by studying the Rembrandts at the Rijksmuseum.

We know you’re a foodie, have you got a favourite restaurant in Amsterdam?
Answer: All of them, why do I have to pick?


This is the first time you’ve performed in Koln, what are you most looking forward to?
Answer: This is my first time going to Koln, either as a visitor or to perform, but when last in Berlin in 2007, I remember with great fondness the audiences and then looking forward to more of the same.
Like the Germans, we know you love to eat. Do you have a favourite restaurant here?
Answer: Let’s just say, it’s going to be hard to diet because it’s all so delicious, especially Kaiserschmarrn.

On June 17th The Hebrew University is presenting you with an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy Degree in recognition of your professional achievements, outstanding humanitarianism, leadership in the realm of human and civil rights, and dedication to Israel and the Jewish people. Jerusalem and study are very important to you, what emotions were you feeling when this was proposed?
Answer: Of course I thought of my father. It was my great honor to dedicate The Emanuel Streisand Building at Hebrew University many years ago. The thing that I love most about the University is that people of all faiths and philosophies are welcome to study there. Israel is a shining beacon of hope in the world.

This is the first time you’ve performed in Israel, will you be performing anything special at these shows.
Answer: Yes, I’ve given this a lot of thought and I do have something special planned.

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When will this 2012 show be released on CD and DVD? Anxiously awaiting it....I was at the Hollywood Bowl show....remember the cold temps? Didn't spoil the incredible show though.....I really want to buy the DVD and CD to remember the special show.

Dwain Tucker
Los Angeles

We paid the top price for tickets to see barbra at the O2. The first half was fantastic, beyond our expectations. Singing with her sister was brilliant, even the violinist. We were disappointed with the trumpeter taking much of the second half. Having paid nearly one thousand pounds to hear Barbra, we did not expect to have to listen to so much trumpet whilst Barbra also sat and listened. We therefore feel very let down that she did not continue to sing herself, as it was her show. We have waited a long time to see a show of hers and feel we paid all that money to see half a show!

Dear Barbara
My father and I went to see your concert last nigh
In Tel Aviv for the first time ever!
You were amazing!! What a voice. I listen to
Your music for many years and it is always amazed and very emotional.
Thank you for coming to Israel and I hope you will
Have a great vacation!
Einat and Assaf Razin

I would like to know if the Back to Brooklyn show will be recorded on DVD viewable in the Zone 2.
Having had the huge priviledge to be among the Audience in London on the 3rd of June 2013, I hope to be able to relive this experience once more at Home.
I shall never forget this moment which will travel with me in my mind for the rest of my Life.
Barbra you are the only Angel on earth able to illuminate my days. Every morning I listen to your voice before starting working, and it helps me to overcome my difficulties. I hope that one day our paths will meet again.
One of your numerous fans who will never stop following you.
With all my Love,


I went with my 14 year old daughter to the O2 last Saturday to see Barbra for the first time and it was simply wonderful, wow I have never heard such a beautiful voice, absolutely tremendous, thank you for such a special night

We commemorate our 25th wedding anniversary last year and unfortunately everything went wrong, ever since I was looking for something special for me and my husband to go or do and I could't believe when I heard that you would give a concert in Holland because we just love your songs I find you absolutely the best female singer ever.

We are not the type to go to concerts, as parents of two students we don't there to spend the money on ourselves but to see and hear you sing ahhhh we couldn't resist, We would love to seat almost at your feet and hear you sing but we will be there on the 10th of june in Amsterdam Ziggo dome and I'm sure we will lover every moment.

Thank you miss Streisand for coming to Holland and sing to all of your fans, please do come again and again and again. And that is also my question now that you know we have so many fans here do you intend to come again?

This brazilian lady that lost her hart to a dutch man and ever since live here missing her country so much is thankful for the opportunity to be present at this special moment, thank you again.

Have a nice stay in our small but lovely country.

Celia & Michael Edelenbos

Hi Barbra,

I am so excited to go to your concert tomorrow - a dream come true, I'm in Row 9 middle front row. From the Philippines, to Canada and the Netherlands - now I know why I moved here in the Netherlands in 2011, so I can see you perform live!!!

Wishing you all the best and see you tomorrow.

Helen Grace van-Olphen Languisan

Well Barbra - An absolute honour to see you in London on the 1st June. Having listened to your music, watched your films and followed your intuitive and experiential decision making over the last 40 years (but I am only 50), I remain overwhelmed at what you continue to teach me. Very best wishes for the rest of the tour... Here's to you!!

Hi Barbra

Thanks for making our night so special by answering our question! We are Sandy and Roddy Black from Galashiels (Scotland) and we had the best anniversary gift anyone could ever ask for - free upgrades to front row centre stage and you said our names and spoke to us after the first song Rody told you it was worth flying all the way to Brooklyn to see you perform last year!!!

Barbra Streisand concert last night: Spent two and a half hours as close to heaven as is possible for a live human being. Papa could you hear me? could you see me? Even though I could not touch you, almost six years on you keep touching us every single day.... Thank you Barbra.

(Madison Sq Garden in 2006, O2 in 2013, next please....)

I was at Saturday's show at the O2 - had fantastic tickets (birthday present from good friend) - and I wanted to say Barbra was absolutely wonderful. What a great show. This is the third time I've seen her live (saw first live concert at MGM Grand New Year's Eve, then at Wembley Arena in 1994. Didn't think I'd ever get a chance to see her again. But there she was on Saturday night sounding as amazing as ever and the most relaxed I've seen her on stage. Thanks Barbra. Have you recorded the beautiful song from Ice Castles? Would love to have that song.

I just wanted to take a moment to remember Marvin Hamilish today is/was his birthday. (June 2nd). We miss you here Marvin and if you were here maybe we all could be celebrating your birthday and mine with Barbra and some chocolate doughnuts. Thanks again for your gift of music and your friendship. Love to you Barbra and hope to see you in Amsterdam soon. Thinking of you. Best always, Lynn E. Wichita KS

Hi Barbra! I'm 15 and you really inspire me.¿Who can I be like you? ¿Was hard to you,love yourself ? I love you so much.I wish I could meet you someday.

Lots of love and blesses from Colombia.

Hey Queen! I'm fron Colombiaa,we love you here. I have a little question,¿What do you think about performe with Adele? ¿Is she include in your new album? Thank you,Loving you always Smiling

to a true legend just like to say thank you for giving me and my wife the opportunity to see you in concert for the second time on Monday 3 june in London.,is "somewhere"in your setlist on this tour,and is it true that you are to duet with adele in the future

I have this strange sensation that you are going to record the Israel shows.
I kinda think that singing for the jewish people, in Israel, must be a special moment to you.
Let's wait.
It would be wonderful to have on DVD/Blu Ray:
Well honey, congrats for everything.
And please, do a nice show at my grama's land, Amsterdam.

Kisses from Brasil

Hai Barbra,

You perform on the 6th of June in Amsterdam so maybe you can visit Delft! Very nice place to visit. On Saturday we have along the canals a huge antique market and lots of other things to do! Hope you have a wonderfull time in Holland and ofcourse Amsterdam!

Love Roselinde Oosterhoff