Barbra on The Today Show - New Interview!

Natalie Morales' interview with Barbra Streisand will air on The Today Show, Friday February 7 in the 8am hour as part of "Go Red" day focusing on women and heart health.

The piece will focus on the Barbra Streisand Heart Center.

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And re: the song Somewhere being a theme song for those mentally ill, in addition, it would be extra cool if Ms. Streisand would hear of this and find it in her heart to endorse an ad singing her song in support of the mentally ill. I forgot to sign my name to the last post. Thank you for your consideration, Sincerely Julie Brown

This comment has little to do about the heart as discussed on The Today Show but I have an idea for a torch song for the 'hearts' of those suffering mental illness. When Ms. Streisand sings the Somewhere, I always think of what an appropriate song this would make for a campaign to help those suffering mental illness. When I think of the words....we'll find a new way of living, we'll find a way of forgiving...somewhere....there's a place for us...somewhere a place for us...peace and quiet, etc... I just love the song and I love Ms. Streisand's rendition. I have a fantasy of an ad campaign for those suffering mental illness to know that I, we care about them and the song says it all.

Barbra Dear Barbra!

You are so committed to helping people. Wonderful. We have been blessed to have been around at the same time as you to experience your voice and talent in "real time." Isn't it so much more special to live through a career than research & experience it in warp speed?! Your tireless attention to women's heart health issues only adds to my admiration of all that you have done and continue to do. I applaud you my Dear.

Hai Barbra,

I am from The Netherlands and saw the interview! Thank you for spreading this important issue around the world. I cannot say enough how important it is. Further: wow you look stunning, gorgeous. What is your secret for this wonderful look? And about the painting: only a genius can paint what I saw in the interview after six months! Everything you try must be good and if it is difficult try harder!. It inspires me to do so too.

Thank you Barbra!

Love Roselinde Oosterhoff,
Delft, The Netherlands

Hai Barbra,

I am so gratefull for what you are doing for women and heartdiseases. Though I live in the Netherlands I will wear my special red heart T-shirt next Friday the 7th of February. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the power to go to a cardiologist to know that I have not the same heartdiseas as my mother. Thank you thank you!!
I love you for what you doing for so many people by listen to your beautiful voice which you use for singing and bringing important messages into the world. Seeing you on DVD in movies and concerts. Its like you are always nearby. When I am sad (not so many times) I look to a movie or listen to a CD or DVD everything is ok again!

Love and regards!

Roselinde Oosterhoff
The Netherlands

Thank You Barbra for taking time out of your day to focus on Women
and heart health. I will definitely wear red on the 7th of February.
Song Bird.