Barbra Supports Lindt Chocolate Auction.

Barbra has joined together with Lindt Chocolate to help celebrate spring and support Autism Speaks at the start of National Autism Awareness Month (April 1). More than 50 celebs, including Barbra, have signed porcelain versions of the iconic Lindt Gold Bunny. Each bunny will be auctioned off starting April 1 at and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Autism Speaks.

WHAT: To celebrate the Easter season and help kick-off National Autism Awareness Month, Lindt is hosting an online auction benefiting Autism Speaks. Beginning April 1, Lindt Chocolate will auction off porcelain versions of the iconic Lindt Gold Bunny at . Each bunny has been autographed by a celebrity and 100 percent of the auction proceeds will be donated to Autism Speaks.

This is the second year Lindt has partnered with Autism Speaks to help families impacted by autism and to support autism awareness efforts. In addition to the auction, Lindt is supporting the non-profit through donations from sales of Lindt Gold Bunny and through e-card donations

WHO: More than 50 celebrities in the entertainment, food, music and sports industries have lent their signatures to the cause. Participating celebrities include:

· Troy Aikman

· Ed Asner

· Alec Baldwin

· Tiki Barber

· Chef Mario Batali

· Drew Brees

· Steve Carell

· Chevy Chase

· Gary Cole

· Lauren Conrad

· Nancy Corzine

· Courteney Cox Arquette

· Ann Curry

· Chris Daughtry

· Kara Dioguardi

· Celine Dion

· Chef Wylie Dufresne

· Edie Falco

· Roger Federer

· Harrison Ford

· Jennifer Garner

· Shonn Greene

· Tom Hanks

· Tony Hawk

· Perez Hilton

· Ron Howard

· Lauren Hutton

· Heidi Klum

· Padma Lakshmi

· Ali Larter

· Jay Leno

· Blake Lively

· Peyton Manning

· Joe Mantegna

· Debra Messing

· Randy Moss

· Deborah Norville

· Rosie O’Donnell

· Ozzy Osbourne

· Hayden Panettiere

· Bill Pullman

· Chef Eric Ripert

· Joan Rivers

· Kelly Rutherford

· Holly Robinson Peete

· Susan Sarandon

· Sherri Shepherd

· Paul Simon

· Tori Spelling

· Martha Stewart

· Barbra Streisand

· Donald Trump

· Carrie Underwood

· Diane von Furstenberg

· Rita Wilson

WHEN: April 1 – 11, 2010

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This might be assuming too much since it hasn't been mentioned in the main article, but I would like to ask people to refrain from supporting groups that make a link between vaccinations and autism. Too many people who know little about autism want to say there's a link between that disorder and vaccinations. My statement isn't a criticism of the main article, but rather of celebrities (none of whom are the names anywhere in the main article) who want to jump on the vaccination as cause of autism bandwagon. Also, if anyone wants to read a really good book about autism, Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures is very good. Again, I am not affiliated with Temple Grandin, just recommending an informative book.

Oh Barbra! You love Lindt too?! There are no coincidences are there? lol... I love the red pepper chocolate!

Ooooh, love Lindt chocky! I always buy my Mom the bunny's when she's feeling a bit down.

This is a great idea - hope it raises loads for this special cause.


Sounds great! I will be supporting this event ..

Ms. Streisand, I have a story to tell. Please read me!



You're such a sweetheart Barbra! I would love to get one of these little bunnys with a signature, but currently money is really tight right now, I'm not old enough to get a job, and my parents said they've spent a lot and not to ask for anything. I really appreciate you supporting this cause though!

Hailey H.

Being a mother of an autistic child and a huge fan I am really moved and very grateful by your participating in this auction to support awareness on autism. So much research needs to be done and awareness on autism is so important. According to Autism Speaks now 1 out of 70 boys is diagnosed in the autistic spectrum!
I wish the Streisand Foundation could contribute as well in research and support for families living with autism.

i love you more each day. thank you so much for always caring and giving.. the world is a brighter place with you in it. you will always be my insperation. a golden bunny will be a great 18 birthday gift. god bless you xox