Barbra Streisand on the passing of one of her longtime record producers and sound engineer, Phil Ramone

I’m so saddened to learn of Phil’s passing.

We first worked together in 1967 when I did a free concert in Central Park. His brilliance at capturing sound was immediately evident.

Later we worked together on the film “A Star Is Born” where Phil was able to record me singing live, including “Evergreen”. In the next decade we worked on the soundtrack to “Yentl” and many other recordings.

Phil had impeccable musical taste, great ears and the most gentle way of bringing out the best in all the artists he worked with. The monumental recordings he produced will endure for all time.

Barbra Streisand

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Truth alert: Wouldn't it be great -- and so very, very fitting -- if Barbra called Allison Waldman Solow in ICU at University Hospital in Tamarac, FL -- 352-721-2200 -- who's in a dire situation right now? Wow, what a mensch she would be to help Allison through this difficult time. I mean, we're talking about FORTY-FIVE YEARS of unwavering devotion to BJS. If you ask me, who has known Ally for 37 years, Barbra Streisand really should drop everything and fly in for a visit with this remarkable woman who has had nothing but best wishes and adoration for her since she was 12 years old. After all, "nothing's impossible!" Kim, Marty, somebody, can you help?

He was amazing and i loved the tribute you gave him at the Oscar's-He is actually the brother in law to a very good friend of my husbands.. wish i would have known that a long time ago... it might have given me a chance to meet you- although i know your privacy is very important to you...

Barbra, it seems unfortunately we, especially you, lost a great and long time friend Marvin Hamlisch. We all miss Marvin. I used to watch any show that had interviews with him and up until the unfortunate and untimely and much, much too early passing of dear Marvin, as you called him, he was a magnificent person who was so accomplished. I've often heard your name associated with Phil Ramone and after he passed, you're name was on a long list of very accomplished people he worked with. I'm sorry for your loss. As for Marvin, you two pretty much grew up together since you were on Broadway. I wasn't even born then and I wish I could have seen the Broadway version of Funny Girl. If only you had done it maybe 13 years later. It would be great if you come out with your television shows from the 60's from My Name is Barbra to Color Me Barbra and add all these incredible shows that some of us never had the pleasure of seeing. I think it would be amazing. I'm sure it would sell out like crazy if you came out with a huge dvd set of your career from the beginning. That would be something I think all Gen X'ers and everyone actually would run to the stores to buy!!! I have a VHS version of A Happening in Central Park that my parents gave me. They also gave me all of your albums from Funny Girl, your first album, all the way till CD's started coming out. I have them all and I have them put away where they won't get touched. I find value in them because most of them were when you were just starting out. I even have the Broadway version album of Funny Girl. They decided to give them to me because they knew I was a huge fan. I remember when I was little my grandmother was talking about Funny Girl and she said how much she loved the movie when it came out in Boston. She said it was one of the best musicals she had ever seen and she knew when it hit television that I should see it. She told my mother this because she said it was very kid friendly. That's what I love especially about the movies you directed and starred in because they are always movies about the human spirit and they make you really think about life. I could watch them over and over again. The Happening tape is incredible. What a great concert. You stated this is where you developed stage fright because you said you forgot the lines to a few songs. Well, you're such a consumate professional, I watched that numerous times and I can't see where this may have even happened. Most artists are very self critical though. I definitely get your politcs as well. I saw you on Piers and I loved it when you were discussing what the ignorant Republicans were saying and disgusting me and also insulting many women that somehow our bodies could "reject" a rape. What on earth was that? I did a double take when I saw that ridiculous interview and Yes!! I do agree, how utterly scary is it that a person that ignorant is a Senator? Are you kidding me?? I knew after that, Obama was going to be a shoe in. Romney was a lousy contender anyway. He was just awful and everyone saw right through him. These politicians do not fool the public. I recently got into a huge, huge arguement with this idiot guy who had the gumption to state that there is this couple in CO who is MAKING THEIR CHILD GAY on purpose by trying to make it legal for a child who is transgender able to use the girls room instead of the boys room at their school. I was incensed!! The ignorant statement that a person could make another person GAY is ridiculous. I told him, only because I lived down South at one time and believe me, the racism and the narrow mindedness was mind numbing. I hated it there and was so happy when I moved. I told him he belonged there and that he was the biggest a**hole I've ever met in my life. I couldn't believe this flew out of his stupid REPUBLICAN MOUTH. This moron is not a wealthy person, this moron doesn't have a relationship with any woman, believe me I can see why, he's a creep, this person, I don't believe at his age, which is well past 40, probably late 40's has ever even had a relationship with any woman. He's what's known as a person who is dead inside and has no clue what life is all about. I met him a long time ago through a temp job I had and everytime I talk to him I just want to throw up. He's not a friend of mine, just someone I knew from that previous job. He was a creep then and he's a creep now. He's a biggot, he's a loser, he's narrow minded, hates gays, hates Democrats and is a sleezebag. I really let him have it though. What I loved about it is that I told him off and embarrassed him in front of a lot of people. This is what made me feel great because they all agreed with me and he walked out with his tail between his legs.. people like that disgust me. He should and in my opinion, is in the same category as the idiot senators that made those awful comments about women. They can all go elsewhere and they're all ignorant idiots..I thought you might enjoy hearing this because he deserved everything I stated to him. I told him off good. Everything you stated to Piers about the Supreme Court, that business men make lousy presidents is so true!! I agree with you about that 100%. Case closed and Go Barbra!!! We won again and I hope Hillary does run and win in 2016. I'm already reading very important articles on keeping Democrats in the office and having them in the Senate. We can't afford narrow minded Republicans in office. I'm with you on the issue Piers brought up as well. I could never date, marry, nothing with a Republican man. I just couldn't. They have to at least see a Democrats point of view in my mind because politics mean a great deal to me as well and I see it going the right way, not the GMO, pollution, taking away a womans right to choose, losing our rights to everything and going back to the days when people had their rights ripped from them when a Republican is in office. They all wear horse blinders. Disgusting... but we do think alike in that way definitely.... Thanks Barbra for your views.

Dear Barbra,

I am sorry to read about your loss of a good friend. He made some good stuff together with you. And I am greatful he did, he captured your sound just the way you are.
A thank you to Phil Ramone.

Caroll Valette

I wrote your agent at this address:
Unfortunately, it did not go through.
Here is my message to Marty Erlichman:
Dear Mr. Erlichman,
My wife, Sima, and I recently had the honor and privilege of meeting "Mao's Last Pianist", Tian Jiang, on a Seabourn cruise to Australia's Gold Coast and Great Barrier Reef. We were captivated and electrified by this Piano Virtuoso. I have not heard such a strong left hand on the piano since hearing Oscar Levant playing "Rhapsody in Blue" with Paul Whiteman's Orchestra in the 1945 movie on George Gershwin's life.
Tian's bio may be found at: or

Please note that Tian Jiang not only plays the classics: he, also, plays the modern standards and has composed and recorded his complete symphony "Shanghai Dream".

Tian is currently on tour in South Africa and will appear, again, with Israeli-American cellist Inbal Segev in Carnegie Hall in May of this year.
The reason I am writing at this time is as follows:
We dined several times with Tian. When he learned that we live in Israel, He expressed a strong desire in performing here. On our return to Israel, we discovered that Barbara Streisand, your client, is scheduled to perform at least once in Israel honoring our President, Shimon Peres. Knowing your experience in having Ms. Streisand introducing fine new talent like Il Volo, I would like to explore the possibility of her introducing Tian Jiang during her concert here in Israel.

Awaiting you reply and pleasure,
---Dave Rackner---
Yedidut 12/13
Hod Hasharon, Israel 45297