BARBRA STREISAND COMES HOME: Brooklyn's Favorite Daughter to Perform at Barclays Center

The Brooklyn-born and raised, world-acclaimed superstar will perform a concert on Thursday, October 11th, in Brooklyn at Barclays Center, the new 19,000-seat sports and entertainment venue.

Streisand will be making a triumphant return to her native borough. Raised in the Flatbush neighborhood and a graduate of Erasmus Hall High School, Streisand will perform publicly for the first time in Brooklyn.

Streisand stated, "Brooklyn to me means the Loews Kings, Erasmus, the Yeshiva I went to, the Dodgers, Prospect Park, great Chinese food. I'm so glad I came from Brooklyn‚ down to earth. I guess you CAN come home again."

"When I first thought about building an arena in Brooklyn, I always envisioned Barbra Streisand coming home to take center-stage in her native borough," said Barclays Center majority owner and developer Bruce Ratner. "It's humbling and almost surreal to welcome arguably the greatest entertainer of all-time to Barclays Center. Barbra is Brooklyn and there's nowhere more fitting for her to perform. This will be a night to remember."

"I'm thrilled that all of America will be celebrating one of Brooklyn's greatest contributions to the world of music, film, television and Broadway this fall when Barbra Streisand comes home to the exciting new Barclays Center," said Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. "They just don't get any bigger than this daughter of Brooklyn and proud graduate of Erasmus Hall High School, and although she has entertained millions upon millions across the globe for the better part of 50 years, Ms. Streisand will always find a home here in Brooklyn. So, no more tears, music fans‚ Brooklyn's very own funny girl, Barbra Streisand, will create new memories as the main event this October at Barclays Center!"

"Barbra Streisand in Brooklyn will be a huge moment and a defining experience for Barclays Center," said Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark. "We are truly honored to bring Barbra full circle, to the borough where it all started for her, just down Flatbush Avenue from her old neighborhood. We are continuing our goal to bring the best of everything to Barclays Center. Brooklyn, after all, deserves nothing less."

Tickets for the Streisand concert will go on sale shortly. You can <a href="">sign up here for an opportunity to get exclusive access to tickets</a> now. Tickets will also be available through Ticketmaster or by by calling 800-745-3000. NETS All Access ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the concerts before the general public.

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We are very excited. We are coming all the way from Australia to see Barbra perform at the Barclay Centre on 13 October. Have never been to U.S. and the sole reason for this trip is because of this concert!! Mind you also very keen to see all the sights and experience New York while we are there.

I never thought that there would be another opportunity to see Barbra. Went to concert in Sydney in 2000 and it was an experience of a Lifetime. This is a second chance in a lifetime - not to be missed.

Barbra is fantastic - what else can I say!!!

Here I go again with my free thought idea train. I just want to give back in a way that doesn't require a large sum of money. Not that I wouldn't give it to one of Streisand's worthy causes. I just don't have it.

I know that "Back To Brooklyn" will require renditions of "People, The Way We Were, and Evergreen," etc. and other Streisand standards. But there's no reason for not thinking outside the box when it comes to song selection.

Barbra has certainly earned the right to experiment.

I guess my point is that the concert should be a celebration of composers, singers, etc. who also hailed from Brooklyn.

And a nice touch as well would be to have key songs Barbra remembers from her childhood that touched her. I remember reading somewhere that she liked a song by Joni James and one in particular by Johnny Mathis which may or may not have been her first record purchase.

Every song Barbra Streisand performs has a way of becoming her own. No one can interpet a lyric like she can.

If she were to perform a song like "Chances Are" by Johnny Mathis for example, it would be an enormous tribute to him and would floor the audience.

Always the best and with love.

Just another round of show ideas, free and unemcumbered.

1994's "The Concert" and 2000's "Timeless" alluded to Barbra's early life in Brooklyn. This show should celebrate the famous burrough.

Neil Diamond is an alumnus of Erasmus Hall and while a re-singing of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" is an obvious choice, it's a little too obvious. Neil Diamond is a prolific songwriter and an interpretation of one of his other hits such as "Solitary Man" would be fantastic. Rock it out a little or sing it as a slow ballad. It's just the first one to come to mind.

Barbra's affinity for thrift shops out of necessity in those early days calls for "Second Hand Rose" - the full version. The song is so much fun and plays on Ms. Streisand's wonderful sense of humor and comic timing.

Well, these are the ideas of the day.

No big deal. No big woop. Just sharing the love. lucky is everyone in Brooklyn!!!...what an EPIC concert that will be!!! We have a new Stadium that has just been built in my hometown (Dunedin,New Zealand ).
We would love you to come down and perform here...NZ has never had the pleasure of hearing you sing!! Have a wonderful night NY on Oct 11th.

Congrats to Barbra Streisand for her sold out shows! Sorry for myself & others who could not afford the outrageous prices for these tickets. I almost purchased $200 tickets ( all I could afford) but decided not to because I didn't want to sit high up behind the stage. I recently watched a video of one of Barbra's concerts & I was mesmerized! She's amazing! But I am disappointed that many fans were unable to purchase tickets at a reasonable price. New York for you...although I will always love my original home town ...Brooklyn! Hoping that Barbra has a fabulous show!

I am so sad that I don't have any money to go see my all-time favorite Barbra Streisand in Brooklyn .. you are the last thing on my bucket list ... I love BARBRA! Debbie Kemp PS Can't you give me a ticket?

Been trying to get tickets since 10 am says none available. So disappointed. Wish you would add shows.

Barbra....please add a couple of more shows in Brooklyn....this is truly a once in a lifetime experience for us New Yorkers......I could not get pre-sale tickets and fear I will not get regular sale tickets either........My friends and I would never ever be able to travel to see you in is Mazal that you will be in New York!!

Do a mitzvah.....add some more concert dates......where there is a will there is a way!!

We have been saving up for this for God is my witness......I also went to friends and I are all children of holocaust survivors.......and my mother who was also a singer is buried just feet away from your mother..........

Please help us Barbra.........we love you ............

I don't know if anyone else is aware of this, but I was able to buy 3 tickets the other day simply by using my American Express card. When I went back later, just to check, to see is I could buy tickets using the "pre-sale" code none were available. It's sad that this could not be corrected for the zillions of fans who are disappointed. I just feel extremely fortunate and grateful that I was once again able to get tickets through a very simply process that could have been far better advertised.

hi, my second effort to purchase tickets on the second presale did not happen successfully, i wished barbra would of done the sale of tickets like she did in 1994 nye in vegas, you had to call in and order them directly through an operator so the scammers would not have taken so many seats..hopefully i will be successful on may 21st, t meola

I am SO EXCITED. My friend Esther and I first got the opportunity to hear Barbra sing at MSG September 2000 - her TIMELESS tour and for us, it sure was. Then we got to hear her sing again, also at MSG, October of 2006. I wrote at the time, and still believe, that like the finest of wines, Ms. Streisand's voice only gets better. My friend Esther feels that when she opens her mouth to sing, boquets of beautiful flowers pour out for all to enjoy.

And now, Chance # 3 - we got tickets for October 11, 2012. I guess, all things being equal, we will also see her when she tours again in late autumn 2018. How we love her.

Unable to get access code from website. HELP!! Greatest fan in Alabama.

wow! barbra is coming home. i want to come back home to see Barbra!!!please God I have to see her perform in Brooklyn.I m from bensonhurst brooklyn. Ive been in smithtown since i was 17 years old. i am a huge fan of Barbras I love all her work. singing acting directing producing song writing etc.

Cannot seem to get access code for pre-sale. Why not?

Apparently you haven't resolved the issue of access codes...Will you be notifying people as to when they will be able to get the code so they may order tickets tomorrow morning which is coming up soon...I have tried many ways to get signed on...Please advise what I should do...Thank you Myrna Goldstein

Neither my partner nor I have received an access code to our respective email addresses for Barbra Streisand -- Back To Brooklyn. Would you please assist? Time is running out. Thank you.

We are aware that some people are having problems receiving the pre-sale code by email.

Rest assured that this is being looked into.


I've been a dedicated fan since I was 10 years old when I saw "My Name is Barbra" on TV, and am now 58. Can't wait to see Barbra one more time. No one comes close to Barbra. People who get to hear Barbra live, are the luckiest people in the world. I too am having trouble with the online advance-registration. Hope you get it fixed soon. Happy days are here again with Barbra singing live.
Sing Proud Barbra.

Link still isnt working please help. I really want to get these tickets for my mom

I am in Ireland and I cant seem to register for presale code. Any help out there

Any news on the link for early buy code. I have tried every computer at my office & multiple emails & nothing. I see they are on sale on ebay but I don't want to go that route. Please help

I clicked the link for the CODE NUMBER on every computer I can lay my hands upon but to no avail. Does anyone know if the link will be fixed before tickets go on sale tomorrow?

I live in germany and sign up 4 times for presale code, but i get no code by email:-(((

I have been trying for the last three days to sign up for the pre sale tickets and just nothing happens!! Please I am travelling from England and I want my tickets this weekend what do I do???? HELP..... Felicia Farrell

Does anyone know if the link is working again yet? I've tried so many times and it doesn't seem to like me. I can't believe the codes are for sale on ebay, it's so frustrating. I would actually buy one but I don't want to break the rules. Can anyone help?

Does anyone know if the link is working again yet? I've tried so many times and it doesn't seem to like me. I can't believe the codes are for sale on ebay, it's so frustrating. I would actually buy one but I don't want to break the rules. Can anyone help?

well if i get these tickets it will be my 4th times saw her in central park, timeless tour, the concert and now this one!!!
you know she will be 70 she may not do another concert....I hope that i will get to see this one!!! She is a sweet gift from God...
God bless you miss Barbra for ever and ever

I tried AGAIN, and it worked, I got my code. Keep trying, everyone! ...Thank you, dear Barbra.

The codes are emailed out instantly. The website is still not working a day letter to get the presale code. I live in the US and am worried that the code isn't going to get to me in time. Sad Hopefully the website will get fixed soon!

Hi everyone. Thurs May 10th, today. I am also not having luck getting the access code. I fill out the form and it just blanks out when I hit the 'submit' button. Anyone learn what the glitch is. ...It's so nice of Barbra to offer this pre-sale, just to let her fans have a special early chance, as her concert will sell out immediately once the regular sale starts. Very sweet, Barbra!

Hi Did anyone pre-register and get any kind of response? I have 3 times now and I have not received any more information about advance ticket availability. Please help!


Hi Did anyone pre-register and get any kind of response? I have 3 times now and I have not received any more information about advance ticket availability. Please help!


I am so honored and delighted that Barbra Streisand is coming home to her roots, Brooklyn, New York, USA. I am so very happy as well to be living in Brooklyn when she has decided to give a concert at the new Barclays Center in Downtown Brooklyn. I'm only a mile away and do plan on attending this incredible concert, hopefully getting tickets to this incredible concert as well. It doesn't get better than Streisand and best of all, she is coming home to Brooklyn! Love you Barbra and always will.

I just tried to get tickets through the link via the Facebook page, and although I kept typing in my name, e-mail and other info and also correctly identifying the kapshaw (sp?), it wouldn't let me through. I noticed from the comments that others had the same problem.

So my question is, how do we sign up for the code to get early access to the tickets?

I am so excited!! I was fortunate to see you when you came to Florida. I thought it would be a once in a lifetime experience. I am hoping to be able to see you again!!!!
I just hear about "Gypsy" I am so thrilled to know that you will be "Mama Rose". I can't not wait until 2013!! and for the CD. So happy for you Babs!!!!!!!! You are the best! No one can compare!!!!

OMG!!! A bucket list item since pre-teen!!!
This is my time, i got the code...hopefully i get the tickets and can fulfilled my dream!!!

You are more than awesome...FROM MY HOME PUERTO RICO to yours at Brooklyn!!!

I am so happy you are going back to Brooklyn. Home. I am going to try to get to this concert. I saw you in Atlanta in 06 which was fabulous. Namaste!

I am also unable to sign in and receive the pre-sale code

Dear Barbra:

Mazel Tov on your return to Brooklyn to perform your first concert in Brooklyn since your career began. I received my advanced ticket number and look forward to attending another event of a lifetime. If I am able to come, it will be my 6th time seeing you live in concert.

I must tell you the poster art for the ad is incredible. Is there a way to purchase the ad? I assume it was your vision, as it is so creative and genius. This is the best ad you have ever had for a concert and hope you will be selling in your store or at the venue.

Right now, it might be hard for me to get to New York to see you due to my ankle disibility yet I will make every effort to be there. I am hoping you will be releasing on DVD and CD just in case I cannot make it.

I wish you continues success in all you do and continue to donate to your charity every month. I am eager for "The Guilt Trip" to release this Fall and will be there on opening dayl

I must say I am beyond excited for you to make "Gypsy" that is one of my all time favorite shows, I even named one of my Rhodesian Ridgeback's "Gypsy."
I am also awaiting your 12 DVD box set which, I hope, will be out for the Holidays.

I love that you always have something excited planned for yourself and your fans. You are the top.

Kind regards,
Jeffrey Freedman

Smiling been on cloud 9 since yesterday at just the possibility of realizing a life long dream...Im 6 years old...kidding 52:) I live in VA and have always said I would never give up on my dream of seeing Barbra in person as long as there is breath left in me and of course in her.
I'm hoping this is my chance. I was able to get the pre sale code it took a while, had to accept rules is where I was having a problem or adding the last 4 to my zip hope this helps anyone else running up against the same thing. Trying not to get my hopes up to high but at the same time I Believe this is gonna be my time and should it not, I will accept it with grace and keep the dream alive. Blessings to all. What a wonderful time this will be for all who are blessed enough to be able to go.

I guess I will not be getting a code. Probably couldn't afford the tickets anyways...I just wished that before I die that I will be able to see my inspiration live. Love,


Hello Barbra,

I have never seen you in concert, it is a dream of mine since I was able to listen to my transistor radio under my pillow and listen to you sing. I have almost all your albums and now cd's.....please know I admire you and thank you for all you do for your fans, this concert is a dream come true for all of them. I wish my dream could come true....too maybe it will.......Susan .............Barbra is coming home........God bless you

I live in New Jersey and could not enter the preorder ticket form i tried 5 time kept coming back to blank form Thank God i have close friend living in New york who was able to complete form for me i got my confirmation via email (could be because i wasnt regesitered with Barbra's offical site?) iam now i been blessed enough to see Barbra live in concert 4 times starting with 1st concert back in 1994 when there where no cell phones or website's by standing in line over night at Madison Square Garden so happy when i got thay wrist band, Also LOVE poster for new concert Everything crossed i get Ticket's on May 12th... Shocked)

This is a dream come true. A once in a Lifetime Event for all of Streisands Fans to be together in one huge arena.... I never saw my idle, Barbra Streisand perform or in person, and I'm hoping that i will be able to make my dream come true after 50 years. I would love to see Barbra perform. I'm so happy to hear that Barbra was open in doing this concert... and I'm happy that shes doing it in her hometown Brooklyn, NY. this is great! I love you Barbra. I hope that the tickets for this concernt will be reasonable so that all of her fans can be there.

I am also in the United States and am not able to register. It doesn't appear to be just an out-of-this-country issue. Sad

Hopefully, it will be working soon!

i have loved barbra ever sence i saw her in funny girl when i was 9yrs old.. she has been with me threw the good times and bad, i always would sit in my room growing up singing her songs.. i love superman the best.. my dream is to see her sing live.. hope i can aford the show..
love you babs
a fan forever

I accessed the page prior to purchase, but can not because Brazil has no choice, what can I do please need guidance, grateful for the attention. Barbra kisses my Queen