HOLLYWOOD, CA (November 27, 2012) – Paramount Pictures, a division of Viacom, Inc., and AMC Theaters have partnered to bring the upcoming holiday comedy “THE GUILT TRIP” to audiences in 20 cities across the country in advance of its theatrical release on December 19th.

These exclusive screenings will be followed by a Q&A with the film’s stars Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen, to be streamed live via satellite from Los Angeles.

The screenings and subsequent live Q&A will take place December 2nd at participating AMC Theaters in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Miami, Boston, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Kansas City, Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, Orlando, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle.

For more information and to reserve your seat, please visit

“THE GUILT TRIP” stars Rogen as Andy Brewster, an inventor about to embark on the road trip of a lifetime, and who better to accompany him than his overbearing mother Joyce, played by Barbra Streisand. After deciding to start his adventure with a quick visit at mom’s, Andy is guilted into bringing her along for the ride. Across 3,000 miles of ever-changing landscape, he is constantly aggravated by her antics, but over time he comes to realize that their lives have more in common than he originally thought. His mother’s advice might end up being exactly what he needs. The Guilt Trip is directed by Anne Fletcher, written by Dan Fogelman and produced by Lorne Michaels, John Goldwyn and Evan Goldberg.

“THE GUILT TRIP” opens everywhere December 19th, 2012. To learn more about the movie, visit

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We saw the screening in NY last weekend. UTTERLY ADORABLE. Sweet, laugh out loud funny and ultimately very touching. Great job all around. I also loved that in NYC the audience was incredibly diverse, but the response was totally unified: everybody loved it. Congrats. And may I say I agree: Gaga is the real deal. She'd be a fantastic Louise. Please don't stay away from carrying a film for so long again. We loved GUILT TRIP and look forward to seeing it again when it is released on the 19th. BRAVA!!!

OMG, it's so great to watch the trailer, and now, a lot of luck people just watched the movie. WOW, so many great reviews about it! I can't wait, I need to watch it!!!

Just looking for the dates for South America and I didn't find anything... Nothing official. People say will come in April, I hope sooner then this!

I love you Barbra Streisand!

Paula Bellini

I went with a friend of mine. I have never done anything like this before....and I wasn't prepared for the lines of people who were simply there for the 'passes'.

With Barbra being such a stickler for detail I was a little surprised that I was unknowingly involved in such silliness....

Moving on...the movie was great - see Luis' review - but the Q&A AFTER was worth dealing with all the people beforehand....who seemingly had no idea what was happening AFTER.., which only convinced me that I was right to be annoyed earlier. Clueless. was probably NOT LIVE, but unedited and very interesting with the stories. If you didn't stay to watch this then you didn't know why you were there in the first place.

Just a teaser...I can't wait for Barbra's book on her life....
Congratulations Barbra and Seth.

I attended the preview on 12/2/12. Here is what I posted on Rotten Tomatoes for the review:

I wasn't prepared for a film with so much heart. The previews had set it up to be a silly comedy and even the comedic bits highlighted in the preview were not all that funny - somewhat cute, maybe, but laugh-out-loud funny, no. Suffice to say, my expectations were very low because of the preview. Well, was I surprised. This film is being undersold. I immediately thought of my mother, and I imagine, many mothers would love to see a film that has fun with a mother's sometimes doting relationship with their sons. The film unapologetically lets all of a mother's peccadilloes shine and I have no doubt that even they can feel the cringe factors of a son. Because the scenes are so authentic in the dynamic of their relationship, the comedy works so much better. We care about them both and see their affection for each other, even when family can make that affection more challenging because family has the special ability to drive you mad. Seth Rogan is key for men. They will feel his pain and embarrassment of listening to his mom go on and on and on. But they will doubly appreciate his comedic ability that many men use to cope with a mother's overbearing attention to every detail of their lives.
So we have elements of a click flick combined with a man's cynicism that provides a balance, making the film accessible to men not seeking the warm and fuzzies. The interesting aspect is that Rogan's character provides the door by which men will walk through to feel this film's heart and warmth. That accomplishment is no small feat.
The script provides ample opportunity for the moviegoer to see that these characters are wonderfully flawed. Their hopes and disappointments are seasoned just right and I didn't find too much or too little in what they said or did.
I am a Streisand fan. I am so proud of her as a fan that she is in a film deserving of her heart and sensibilities. She chose a project that is as good as she can be. But I cannot stress enough how during the holiday season, when we reconnect with family and how that can be torturous but heartwarming, that this film's preview should have accentuated the huge heart it shares with its audience. After the film, I called my mother, told her I had seen a wonderful film and that I wanted her to see it with me when it opens. She will love it, I have no doubt about it, as I did.
Louis Perez
Houston, TX

Just got back from the movie in McLean VA (Washington DC site) it was great, really enjoyed it. Met lots of people that had trekked to New York or Philly (as I did) for the concert tour also. Glad I saw the invitation and got the pass. Thanks.

Thanks for this treat, Barbra, and everyome involved.
I might also attend a fundraiser concert by "Evergreen" songwriter Paul Williams, sunday. I attended the grand opening where he will be performing.

Yeah, that will be a date night. Can't wait.

Lol! Yes can't wait to see this!

Can't wait to watch the u BARBZ!