Barbra on "Piers Morgan Tonight" This Friday.

Coming up Friday night at 9, Piers Morgan sits down for a face to face discussion with one of the most-decorated and respected women in the history of Hollywood and the arts, Barbra Streisand, joining "Piers Morgan Tonight" for an hour-long primetime interview.

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I watched the interview with Piers Morgan on the Piers Morgan tonight show it was wonderful and I learned so many things that I never knew about Barbra Streisand.I have always been a fan and have several albums(CDs) and DVDs.and loved every movie that she has been in.

She appears to be such a down to earth person and I was trudy mesmorized by her openness and honesty on Piers show, and to share this information with us made me respect and like her even more.

Barbara your interview was great and hopfully we will see more of you on TV as well as in movies.IHA ve not seen your new movie yet but plan on seeing it next week.

Cindy Parker

there is a diagnosis of heart problems most normally found inwomen,and not very well studied, called apical ballooning syndrome, or "broken heart syndrome" where the heart muscle is basically "pulled" and therefore heals.
I wish Barbra would become aware of this and champion research regarding this syndrome

Very interesting seeing and hearing Barbara's views. I had a lot of good experiences working on the Warner Burbank lot. I use to see Barbara driving onto the lot offen to work. I didn't hold people up on pedestals, But some of their memory touch me in my ways that impacted my life in a very good way. One of this time was Joel Friedman of WEA corp., this man loved what he did and may have worked himself to his death. He always had time to speak and treat people special. This impacted me in such a way that I became Jewish, mainly because of the way my heart aligned. These acts of kindness ready changed my life in such a good way. It was good to she her again, and looking so well.

Obviously the interview could not run on Friday after the horrific tragedy in Connecticut.
Please be sure to let us know when it does air,

I'm really looking forward to this...I never get enough of Barbra's perspective on life, love and politics.