Barbra Live In Los Angeles - 2nd show!

Fan pre-sale begins Sept. 27 at 10 am ET at Public on sale Oct. 1 at 10 am ET.

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Dear Barbara.
I am so sad that I missed these concerts. I have been listening to your music all of my life, and singing along with you. I have been wanting to see your show for years. I had no idea you were touring this last year, or else I would have made it a priority to attend one of your shows. I humbly ask that you please consider having another night in Los Angeles. I am working out of town and could not get to either event, and it breaks my heart. I am sure it was outstanding. I would love to have the chance to see you in person, and to express my sincere gratitude to you for sharing your lovely voice with myself and the entire world, all of these years.
M. S.

Please come to Europe again and i'll be there to for sure !

Special congratulations to your son : great voice he has and super the duet with you Barbra : our nr. 1 DIVA .

Greetings from Belgium (and by the way : you speaking about politics is something i appriciate ,it's every people right to do so and we all know that you will say what you wanna say and that's just Fantastic :love it)

Take care ;

70 years of the ages. When the lights came up, there she was, poised, happy, calm, in a shimmering black split-legged gown, with no make-up, and in all her beauty glory. It's hard to imagine I'd see the day that I would witness the woman whose talent and persona has inspired me for 38 years, stand so strikingly new; an 'arrival' of sorts, that has taken us pretty much by surprise. Yes, 'we were young together', and with a neo-teric freshness, she exuded a keen, dry sense of humor, with absence of the anxiety-for-perfection-tension that has permeated her performances and audiences in all the years past (though, to be honest, I kinda missed that). She generously shared the stage with son, sister, chorus and guests. She sincerely and poignantly reflected on her life, her admirers, and all that's come to pass. She sat down and answered "ask Barbra" letters with wit and timing that can only come with class-act-ripening. And she sang. With a healthy clarity and strength more apparent than ever. And oh, she missed a couple notes. Even cracked a bit once (effectively, at that). And so what. My point is, it was OK with her, and with us, because her skills have come full circle in that she realizes her humanity, and that she is, and will always be, Barbra Streisand: nothing really more to prove, refusing to waste good energy on discrepancies, and certainly, the power to channel every bit of her gift, no matter what the circumstance.

Her performance tonight has taught me about grace, and what to look for, what to expect, and how to embrace the transformation of a generation.

Stephen Decker
Fort Worth, TX

Your show was spectacular! Especially enjoyed you with your son!
Want to say how sorry I was that some people were so rude to you when you spoke your heart about the vote. What did they expect? You were right on!!!
Thank you for the music you have brought to my life for the past 50 years. Much love.
Big hugs ~

Thank-you Barbra for coming to Vancouver. The concert was fantastic. I can take you off my bucket list.

Will there be a dvd made of this Brooklyn tour???

Hi, Barbra

I have been a fan from the first time I saw your movie A star is born. I have all your records and cd's. I bought all your concerts on video and than on dvd. I finally got the chance to see you live and in Brooklyn!! It was superb!!!
I travelled from Curacao (The Netherlands Antilles), island of the coast of Venezuela and visited Brooklyn for the weekend.

Thanks for making such beautifull music!!!

Warm regards,
Marisela Arends

Dear Barbra!
Please come to Europe with your show. Give us the chance to see you again, PLEASE!!!!!

I'm sorry that I can't speak English very well because I'm Japanese.

I had gone to see Barbra's concert in Chicago from Japan.
I went to Chicago and Barbra's concert for the first time.
Barbra was so beautiful voice and taking in very funny.
I am so happy to be able to see concert.

Last year, Japan had suffered serious damage in heavy earthquake.
I felt painful very according to the earthquake, and my uncle and his famiry who lives in Fukushima still takes refuge in a place different from a house, and is living.

But Japan is also becoming little by little good.
And I was very cured by your song and voice.
Although days severe from now on continue, but I do my best from now on to be hearing your song.

I appreciate you and Japan appreciate the US friends who gave warm support for Japan.
Thank you.

We came to Chicago from Ohio to see this concert and she sounds absolutely magnificent! This is a bucket list event...and she totally delivers and leaves the fans asking for more, more, more!! If you have an opportunity to see the show, DO IT!! No, she's not 20 or 30 any more, BUT, the voice is still THE VOICE, and she rarely brings it out for a concert. See this show! Dynamite!!!!

Barbra, How about one more time at Madison Square Garden for old time sake...I'm still smiling from the show we saw at the Barclay center but now I need more!! I've got my VHS ready for Yentl and One Voice and am blasting the CD from Funny Girl on Broadway.

What an AMAZING show!!!! I came all the way from South Africa to see this concert and its was a night I will never forget. Thank-you Barbra for an awesome concert!!!!

A friend of mine flew in from LA to see this show. I picked her up last night. The weather here was 75 degrees so everyone had their car windows open and I must have passed about five random cars that had her songs playing!
GET READY!! We are all very excited for this show!!

Hi: Please Barbra come to Florida. We would love to see you. I have been a fan of yours since the 60's. Orlando could accomodate you I am sure.
Love Barbara G

Dear Barbra,
please continue your concert tour in Europe and sing in Berlin again. You're the greatest!

Hi! I'm writing from Melbourne, Australia. I am a 35 year old mother of 3 children. I have been a parent since I was 18 years old; giving as much love and attention as I can over the passed 16 years to my children. I have also just completed 4 years of full time study (nursing) as a mature age student...
The time has come that I need to do something fabulous for myself...
My one and only wish is to see Barbra Streisand live.... front row.... until now this has been just a dream.
I have made the decision however, that the money that I have been putting aside for 'just in case' moments, I will spend travelling to wherever Ms. Streisand is performing, and live my dream! It's such a crazy thought as I have never done anything like this before!
I have missed the boat this time around, as I don't feel comfortable buying tickets from anyone other than a reputable company such as ticketmaster.
I am desperately hoping that Ms. Streisand announces a new show!
I will continue saving until this time (accommodation, flights, spending money, concert ticket... all adds up)!
I keep shedding a tear everytime I think that this may actually happen...
Wish me luck!

In 2006 i've gone from Lisbon, Portugal to New York only to listen you at Madison Square Garden, it was an unforgettable night, a dream come true. Now i can't do it. Please Barbra come to Europe to a place not so far from Lisbon.

Wow! I found out today (Friday 19th) that my hubbs bought tickets to see Barbra when she sings in Ottawa. All I said was "its a good job I had my roots done then eh?" :>) No, seriously, everytime I think about it I well up and get all teary eyed.. I never thought in a million years I would see her face in the same room where I was !!! Yey!
Hubbs also bought a ticket for my daughter.. She has to sit somewhere else but we are going to have a lovely evening and make a great memory.. I would like to say a big crushing hug of a thank you to my hubby.. Thanks sweetie. <3
Miss Streisand, I hope you like Ottawa and wish that the sun shines today! Its been really dreary here of late. I would love to hear a song from Yentl.. one of my favourite stories and the songs touch so deeply.. Great movie.. I cant wait.. I really must go to bed as its 3:30am and I have to look good for when Barbra walks on stage.. Tonight! I trust your throat is feeling better now.
Thank you.From..'Just another Fan'
Diane.. xx
ps: I think your design book was just so beautiful and gorgeously put together.. . The colour, the quality.. everything about it is a delight.. I love it. Beautfiul job.. <3 just 4 days I´ll go to Toronto to see live in concert my favorite artist of all time,I´m so excited because I live in Caracas-Venezuela and for the first time in my life my dream will come you Barbra...see you soon

Lovely Barbra,
You have big fans in Brazil. Please, consider to open a concert here, in any city! I don't have so many dreams in life, but to see you singing alive is for sure the biggest one.
All my best wishes!
Rosane Muniz

Today's show was going to be my 15th Birthday present, I really wanted to go (I WANT TO GO!) my father said it was okay that it was going to be my present, but then he came up the stupid idea of throwing me a party instead and forgot everything about this concert! He just can't understad how much this means to me and I really want to go... I've been crying non stop for almost 2 week now and even my teachers know there is something going on with me... I just don't think I'll be able to make it until the end of the tour... this is so heartbreaking. whatever, I LOVE YOU BARBRA, I think you are a wonderful human being and there is still much to come after this, I'm looking forward for new stuff, PERU LOVE BARBRA STREISAND♥♥

Will there be a DVD of the concert tour released after it is finished?

Barbra please add one more concert stop and come to south Florida ether Bank Atlantic Center is Sunrise FL or American Airlines Arena in Miami Fl

Please add a concert to Honolulu! Would be awesome to see you a dream come true!

I missed the Philadelphia show due to a hospital stay. I had three tickets with a total face value of $900. Can someone help in seeing the show in another city. This was to be my 55th Birthday celebration. I spent the evening under observation for Cardio problems. One could imagine how disappointed it was not to see the show.

Philly absolutely loved you Barbra! For those of you with tickets you are in for quite a show as you have come to expect from the best live performer to ever take the stage! She is absolutely amazing, classy, beautiful, phenomenal, I could go on and on! Enjoy as I did. So glad I was able to see her again yet sad this is her farewell tour!

Barbara I grew up with my mom being your biggest fan!! She adored you! I still remember watching Yentel with her and my nanny. They are gone now. She always wanted to attend one of your concerts, I want to go for her. Please consider coming to Florida, so she can see you through my eyes!! Melissa

Phenomenal!!!!!!!!! The show was unbelievable and the added bonus was a duet with her son Jason. I hope she does another tour closer than a 6 year span!

Dear Barbra,
Please, consider to open a concert in Brazil (any city) or at least something near.
You're the Best.
God protect you.
I love you so much.

For all of you that have tickets to the upcomming events, you are in for a special treat! Barbra was in fine form last evening and what a great show! Just one tidbit - the show opened with a montage of photos to, "You'll never know". I couldn't stop the waterworks! It was so beautiful and moving. Jason Gould - WHAT A VOICE!! Where have you been all these years??? This was a packed show of treats. Hang on folks, you're in for a beautiful ride. Thank you, Barbra! You gave so much and all we did was sit back and listen. Gorgeous!

Barbra's voice was fantastic.The concert started around 815 and finished at 11pm with short intermission. The tenors and trumpet player came on throughout the show which made it nice. A surprise was her son, Jason Gould who made his debut and sang with Barbra and alone. He has a lovely voice! Barbra, thank you for sharing your gift with us!!!!!

Back in May, when I told my daughter that you/Barbra was going to be in Concert in NY, that you were going 'back home to Brooklyn;' ...she said, "Mom, ...YOU HAVE to go, have ALWAYS wanted to go to one of Barbra's concerts, ever since I was a little girl!! (Well, the truth be known, I have always wanted to go see Barbra in concert ever since I was a little girl, - ...back in the 60's!!)
My daughter is such a lovely, thoughtful and sweet young lady. She said, "Mom, you just HAVE to go, ...I will go with you!" (Well, I was just about broke down in tears at that point, because I knew that I would never take this trip by myself!) I am so Excited and so Thankful that she encouraged me to go; (and she even stayed on the phone & computer to get our tickets the first day that you offered them to the fans, - ...we were even able to get the early release tickets!!)
Barbra, YOU have ALWAYS been an inspiration to me, will NEVER know how you & your music has gotten me through all the difficult times in my life. When my marriage of 28 years end, was Barbra's music that gave me the lift. When my Dad passed away in the 90's, was Barbra's music that got me through. I would walk and exercise with Barbra on my ipod, and talk & look up to the Lord to give me hope! You always make me smile!! Wish I could express how comforting your music was and is to me. You truly give me hope, give me desire to accomplish more, and to do more for myself, and to do more for others. I recently helped to organize a big fundraiser at our High School in town, for the American Heart Association. They (AHA) told us that we were the leading H.S., so far, for this 'Rock the Beat' fundraiser this year!
(I just work most of the time; and in-between work, my girls - it keeps me really busy!) I am so excited that my sweet daughter has encouraged me to 'step out of my comfort zone, ...take off a few days of work, and come and enjoy this wonderful concert, and this priceless time that I will spend with her!!
Then also, to hear that you will be singing with your precious son, Jason, ...that is even more special to me! I just cannot wait! (Do I sound like a like 'child in a candy store?' - ...well, I feel like one!! LOL! ) - ...I cannot wait to see you in concert this Thurs., in Brooklyn!!
My Children/My Girls are just precious to me, and this is going to be such a fun trip; and what wonderful memories we will make and share together! (It is going to be a short and fast trip, but I could not take-off work for a long period of time, and neither could my daughter.) ...But, this will be priceless, to say the least, - and definitely well worth it!
THANK YOU, Barbra - glad you decided to do another tour! You are my inspiration! Thank you again for always making me SMILE, and for giving me HOPE!

hi barbra!
my family and I are your biggest fans! please consider a concert in Mexico or Texas PLEASEEEEE! we would love to have you here! congratulations on the release of your new album! we will get it as soon as it is available as always!

WE LOVE YOU! from monterrey,mexico!

Thank you Barbra. As a man growing up with my mother in awe of you, so am I. I just biught her and I tickets to your Nov. 11 concert at the infamous, Hollywood Bowl. AMEX helped us obtain the best seats and VIP rewards for the evening. My mom, 65, has always wanted to see you perform live and now she can. We are flying down from San Francisco for the wonderful evening. We cannot wait, This is a Surpirse for her. Thak you so much for being an icon to the music industry and also the woman that means the most to me in this world, my mom.


Dearest Barbra,

Just wanted to wish you the BEST OF LUCK on your upcoming tour! I was fortunate enough to be in attendance for your dress rehearsal yesterday and I was BEYOND BLOWN AWAY!!!!! It was the absolute most WONDERFUL day of my life. I was pinching myself through the entire show thinking that it had to be a dream! I was sitting front row center which has always been my ultimate dream come true. To be able to experience hearing your voice live in concert is beyond the greatest thing for me as it is, but front row center.... I can't even describe to you what an AMAZING THRILL that was. I've been to just about EVERY ONE of your concerts over the years since New Year's Eve '93-'94, (I'm the one with the "THANK YOU BARBRA, WE LOVE YOU towel!) and just wanted to try to convey to you how much you have meant to me in my life if that is even possible because you mean EVERYTHING to me!!!!
In honor of YOU and this FANTASTIC tour, I've donated another $24 (for good luck for you on your tour) to your wonderful Barbra Streisand Cedars Sinai Medical Center charity. I just can't thank you enough for all you mean to me!
I'll see you on tour.... I'll be there cheering you on every step of the way! When you see my towel waving, just know that it's coming straight from my heart to yours!

Robin Lipman
Coral Springs, Florida

Come to Poland. Cause that happy days will come.

Please, Please consider Florida!
It would be a absolute dream to see you!

Will there be a CD or DVD of any of Barbaras live shows with Chris Botti and Il Volo????
Will there be a PBS special of the above shows????

Thank you.

Hope she add a show in San Diego, CA since she is going to be in Hollywood.

I purchased the tickets back in May. Now it is 8 days until I get to hear Barbra sing (in Brooklyn no less!). I've waited so long - I don't know how much longer I can wait. This is so terrific!

Dear Barbra,
I'm your biggest and all times fan!!
Please consider to open a concert in Mexico (any city) or at least something near Texas.
You are the BEST!!!
May the BEST always come to you, you deserve it!!
with all my Love... Con todo mi cariño,


Come to Spain por favor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey i wasn't able to get the password for the second show but Ticketmaster accepted the password from the first show. If you need it it is:


We got our tickets yesterday and i am SOOOOOOO excited to be in the same genreal area of Ms. Streisand!!!

Thank you so very much Barbra for adding another show!!!!!!!!!

Love you ALWAYS!

Are you going to tour the UK again - please!! - Barbra?

What is the password so I can buy tickets please Smiling

Thank God I was able to get my tickets for my daughter and I. Barbra, your music has been the soundtrack to my life and I am so excited I can finally see you in person. This will be an evening to remember!

Amazing...absolutely amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!! Purchased tickets this morning. Incredible garden box seats. I almost cried. My Mother when she receives her birthday gift, will surely be emotional herself. I'm just so grateful for this site and for Barbra. She gave my mom so much hope and wonderful energy through her songs throughout the years. Very much looking forward to seeing this show!!!

so great to see you in concert, but at this point tickets are impossible to get. My mom went to your high school and she is so eager to see you perform with your son.

Any change you are going down to Florida - a nice jewish girls 2nd home.

I want to tell her to see you down there.

Boca, boynton, west palm, miami any time in december, jan, or feb. Thx oooxxx

Help, I made a mistake in my email. All fixed. please send password.