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Barbra's critically acclaimed Back To Brooklyn concert is available on CD/DVD!Get your copy now at Amazon.

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Dear Barbra,

I have been a fan of yours for years and have loved everything you have done. This album and DVD bought for me by my partner last year was really beautiful and we play it a lot. I have now joined your website and am looking forward to following your future projects with great interest.

You are a real inspiration and a complete legend a real "National Treasure" as we say here in the UK.

Kind Regards

Richie x

Saw the concert in Chicago and loved every moment of it. Also loved the DVD/CD combo. Since the shows outside of Brooklyn were a little different, would have been nice to have added extras that you did in other cities. Would loved to have seen your duet with Roslyn as an added scene. I felt that I saw something really special watching you sing with Jason and Roslyn that night. You are the best.

Dear Barbra,

I know the cause and cure for TINNITUS. Interested? Drop me an eMail @:

Ron Rosenthal, DDS, MEd, [Slur Deleted]D

Hello Barbra,

A long time fan of yours and a crush to follow. I am presently contracted with a radio station in Northampton Mass. WEIB 106.3 SMOOTH FM. And we currently put in rotation When you wish upon a star the duet with you and Mary J. Blige and let me tell you absolutely fabulous. I am very happy that I found your website, I look forward to following the events that you have coming up in the near future.

Sincerely Yours

AJ Parrish C.R.O.
Production/Operations and Show Host of the Smooth Drive Time and Weekend Seranades.
WEIB 1063 Smooth FM


I was going to watch Back to Brooklyn again so I could write this but there is no need. It only takes once for me … always has.

Watching Barbra perform during this concert was like rediscovering her continued strength, her sense of honor, her courage, her dignity, her generosity as a performer, her deep admiration of those she works with, her belief in us to always be there, and a tough heart that remains fearlessly Barbra. Wow! Thank you Barbra and your family and friends for taking us Back to Brooklyn.


Love and be well to you and yours,

- Harel


Ps: Um, finally married after thirty-five years of fear, hate, hiding, then fighting ignorance, brutal attacks, and yet, always keeping in mind the importance of rising above adversity and acting as pioneers. Daring to rise above that which divides us is the greatest expression of humanity. Happy Birthday to you Barbra!

- Harel and Avimelech Altman

Of course it is of no surprise that Barbra's Back to Brooklyn CD and DVD are of the highest calibre. Yes she has surrounded herself with the best musicians possible, superb staging, lighting,acoustics, special guests etc but the true essence of this work is Barbra's phenomenal talent. People would pay top dollar to watch her sitting on a stool knitting but yet she CONSTANTLY challenges herself to take a different avenues in her work and to keep things fresh. I am yet again gobsmacked by her achievements with this work and it is a work of art, nothing less in my book!

Watched the concert on PBS it was wonderful and loved Jason's voice!!!!!!
I have been a fan of Barbra since I saw her first tv appearance in her home made dress on the Johnny Carson show she sang 'Happy Days are Hear Again" she did it slow LOVED IT!!!! I am Barbra's age and when everyone was listening to rock n roll I was playing Barbra's music!

THANK YOU for years of wonderful music YOU have made my life a little better!!!!!!!