Barbra Streisand & Quartet: One Night Only

Barbra Streisand & Quartet: One Night Only

One Night Only

Released: 2010
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In September 2009, 48 years after her last club performance, a select group of fans and friends had the rare opportunity to experience Barbra in the ultimate up-close and personal setting of New York’s legendary jazz club. Accompanied only by piano, bass, guitar and drums, this is the artist at her most intimate.

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A voice that not only moves you but makes the world around you disappear through each inspiring note. I have been a fan of Barbra's even prior to her film in Funny Girl and find her voice more beautiful today then ever. This is a must not only for her fans but for those that love, enjoy and appreciate music that you can listen too, understand and relate too. Thank you Barbra for adding this to your journey. I am very thankful to have been able to attend 2 of your concerts. Although I wasn't close to the stage the memories you created always bring a smile to my face and I will cherish them forever.

Baldwinsville NY


I would like to thank Barbra for this wonderful performance! I love atmosphere of the concert, it touches me so deeply, every song brings me a lot of emotions, this is the most soulful live performance I've ever heard. And what else can I say? Barbra, you are adorable!
Sincerely yours Olga from Ukraine.

This one is Awesome one performance of Barbra. I simply just love her voice. When she start singing my hearts goes on moving. This one is her best album. And my Fav one is too. <a href="">Bank PO Coaching</a>


This was originally written and posted the week the DVD/CD was released. Somehow, it ended up in someone's comment section. Now it is in the proper place.

Congratulations to you Barbra on on your new #1 DVD/CD. It is a true masterpiece. I must say, it is my favorite out of all your live concert DVD's .I love all the songs that were chosen. I loved the intimacy of the nightclub atmosphere. I loved all the stories, yet most of all, I loved the voice and the interpretation of the material. Once again, Barbra tops herself. Each song was like an artist creating a painting. I love that you are not a robot and never sing a song the same way twice. Each time you sing a song again it is a whole new experience. You are always in the moment and this venue served you so well. I felt like I was watching it in someone's living room. I watch it everyday and find it gets even better with each new viewing. I purchased 10 copies of it so far to give as gifts and everyone loves it! I am spreading the love, as you say, during the break in "Make Someone Happy."

Love the banter between songs, you are so at ease and open to the audience. It should only stay at number 1 for another 10 weeks, at least. Wow, what a treat it is. I look forward to your next project whether it is film, television or CD. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of your book: "My Passion For Design." It sounds incredible, can't wait to see all the pictures. Keep being the best at all you do.

Barbra, no one has stayed on top like you for over 48 years. I am so happy for you and thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness into my life. Please, never stop performing, your the last of the great talents, you excel in every venue of show business.

I have been a fan since childhood when I saw the first television special, "My Name is Barbra," at age five. Seeing "Funny Girl" was a life altering experience. When it was at the movie theater, it played here in Metro Detroit on a Road show engagement for over a year and a 1/2. We used to go every Saturday. You saved me from a bleak childhood.

I escaped Michigan when I graduated High School to attend New York University. You have always been my inspiration. I received a BFA in Film and a minor in Business. Due to lack of work I ended up going to Pharmacy School, again you were my inspiration. I used to play "A Piece of Sky" before every exam and graduated with high honors. I moved back to New York where I opened a Pharmacy and was a tap dancer, again you were my inspiration.

Unfortunately, I was injured tap dancing and my injury never healed properly. I now suffer with RSD(chronic Pain Syndrome). Eventually, I had to move back to Metro Detroit, not only does your music and movies help me with my pain it helps me survive living back here. I never thought I would be back in Metro Detroit again.

I just want you to know how much you help people and bring them such happiness in the face of adversity. You really have helped me through some rough times through your great talent. I could go on yet you get the point. Your brilliant!
Jeffrey Freedman


I like the way James Brolin was looking at her when she sang this. It was also cool that SJP got to sit in front row. Lucky her!

It would be so monumental if Barbra Streisand did a gig like Celine/Cher/Bette where she performed for two years not at Caesar's, but at a club in NYC celebrating her roots. Allowing all of her fans--not just the famous ones--to celebrate along with her... Who wouldn't head to the Village to watch her?

That was brilliant how she performed at the Vanguard!


Having been one of the VERY lucky few fans to have actually won a ticket to see this performance live I give it 5 STARS because it is the exact, unedited version of the show I saw. Absolutely amazing! On a separate, side note I would like to add that I am EXTREMELY disappointed that no "extras" (i.e. fan interviews both before and after the show) were included on the DVD. Why bother to have a video crew there - filming interviews with half a dozen people or more and not include ANY of it on the DVD ?
I expected more from Barbra than that! Sad

Bravo. Your concert at the Village Vanguard was wonderful. I just wish I could have been there to see it in person. Such an intimate, relaxed performance. You should be very proud of your achievement, and what lucky people that were there to witness such an unbelievable perfomance. Thanks once again for giving your heart and soul to the people with your amazing, great talent. You are loved by millions.

Barbra I am not writing this for myself but for the hundreds of people here in Nashville that lost everything last month from the devastating flood. I'm not expecting this to be posted on your site, but I'm writing this here in hopes that you might get this because I know of no other way to contact you. My reason for writing is to suggest that you might consider doing a benefit concert for the flood victims here in Nashville. The majority of the people that got flooded out and lost everything, did not get their homes covered because we are not in a flood zone, so their home owners insurance did not cover anything. For example, there is one woman here that is a single mother of 2 children that lived in very small apartments in bad neighborhoods to save enough money for a home for her children. She got her dream in February and moved into the home she finally was able to buy. She is one that lost everything. Her insurance wouldn't cover anything. FEMA would not cover anything for her because she hadn't lived in her home for 6 months. This is just one of the many sad, tragic occurrences here in Nashville. I know you do benefits of sorts, so I thought if you were considering doing any kind of concert or concerts, you might consider coming here. You would be welcomed with open arms. Not everyone here is a country music fan. There are thousands of people in this area that would come to see you. Food for thought. Keep singing and make millions of people happy. Make some more movies too. You're great. Thank you. Greg Taylor


This is an extraordinary DVD or rather an intimate nightclub performance film, with the bonus CD containing every second of music from the glorious September 2009 evening in NYC. While I wasn't in attendance, with this film, I felt like I was in the room with Barbra and her 100 or so guests. You'll experience every expertly mixed sound amidst a wonderfully engaging and stylized capture of the minutes before, during, and after the show. Barbra's voice is as good as it's been in the past few years, showing the sublime breath control and sustain at the end of soft notes which conclude many numbers. Seems she could go on and on and on. The band, led by wondrous jazz pianist Tamir Hendelman, offers Barbra magical musical support. She's often witty, engaging in frequent banter and humor, sharing anecdotes which may surprise you, and showing little nervousness and just pure joy with the room's incredible warmth. So watch the DVD time and time again, and listen to the CD in your car and/or import to your MP3 player to surround yourself with this eventful Village Vanguard performance by Barbra Streisand.

Becoming an instant fan from the very begining when I first saw Barbra on Ed Sullivan, Johnny Carson, TV specials, movies and all her interviews, I was captivated. I never thought I would ever get to see her live in person due to the horrific stage fright that was discussed and well known. Lo and behold she overcame the stage fright and began to tour yet still, I thought, how would I ever get to her as I had limited funds and then the miracle came true. She came to Fort Lauderdale in 2006 and my dream came true. Though sitting in the nosebleed section, it was absolutely thrilling. It was worth every penny and she was amazing. I was unaware of this 2009 one night only performance and last night on PBS there it was! I loved it. It truly was like being in her living room with her and 123 very lucky friends and fans. I loved the banter and her bedroom slippers, she wanted to be comfortable. I love her wit and the antecdotes and stories from her early days. I love how loving she is especially in this world that seems to be spinning out of control. Yes she has come full circle and was able to go back to part of her beginnings and share her memories of then and her impression of what it was like now. I loved her song choices and was moved to tears. If I could ask Barbra one thing that question would be, are you still smoking cigarettes? While singing The Way We Were, for one brief moment your voice cracked, not only did this prove that you are human just like the rest of us, but to me, an ex smoker with end stage emphysema, I could tell it was not just age, but if you are still smoking, please quit. It's very hard and it took me many attempts. We are so lucky to have this recording live, un altered because if this had been done in the studio, we the audience would have never heard that falter. If you have quit smoing I appologize and congratulate you. I only ask this out of love from one human being to another that loves you and cares for you. Surely James and Jason and all your friends and fans want you around as long as possible and even though you champion womens cardiovascualr disease, if you are still smoking, then whats the point. Lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease are the 3 top killers associated with cigarette smoking. I love you Barbra and if I could go back in time to that first cigarette I would and say no. Please, this is coming from my heart, we want you around for many, many years!


I only need one word to describe this album: FANTASTIC! I found myself wishing that I could time travel to see Barbra in a 1960's club performance. She is just wonderful in this small, intimate setting. I loved the album, but loved the DVD even more.

Having been quite close to winning the opportunity to attend the Vanguard event, I was thrilled to be able to purchase the DVD. Since I couldn't be there, I figured this was the closest option I had. As expected, I was yet again brought to tears by the raw emotion and sheer beauty that Ms Streisand always portrays in her performances. The Village Vanguard event was precisely what I expected. I had purchased Love Is The Answer last fall when it was released. While it is an amazing album, the DVD allows me to feel as if I was there, in the room, with the greatest vocalist of my lifetime. I regret that this is the closest I will ever get. But 'One Night Only' is as special a performance as Barbra has ever offered. There truly are no words that express what happened that 'one night only' at the Vanguard. Your emotional commitment to the music and extraordinary voice is duplicated by no other. From the first time I saw you on the Ed Sullivan show until last night, when I surrounded myself with the sound of 'One Night Only', you remain the only artist who can bring me to tears. Thank you, Barbra Streisand, for all the years your music has made a difference in my life.

So far I could watch it only on youtube cause i bought it and UPS f***ked up the delivery so im still waiting..... Can someone take care and file a complaint with UPS? I want to get the concert 2006 but im scare its gonna happen again...... Take care guys and thanks...