Barbra Streisand: Love Is The Answer

Barbra Streisand: Love Is The Answer

Love Is The Answer

Released: 2009
Reviews: 77
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The first full-length collection of new studio recordings from eight-time Grammy award winner Barbra Streisand since 2005's Guilty Pleasures. Love Is The Answer showcases the artist as a singer of emotional clarity, depth and maturity, offering the listener a selection of heartfelt late-night meditations on love's powers, heartbreaks and solaces. It provides an opportunity for Streisand to work for the first time with the Grammy-winning Canadian jazz artist Diana Krall and her quartet (piano, guitar, bass, drums) who bring a refined and sensual poignancy to the album's sophisticated and subtle accompaniments.

Rounding out the album's smoky after-hours ambience with his sublime orchestrations is the legendary songwriter ("The Shadow of Your Smile") and Grammy-winning arranger Johnny Mandel (who worked with Streisand on her 1993 Back to Broadway album and arranged/co-produced Krall's 1998 Grammy-winning When I Look In Your Eyes).

The deluxe version of the album is a two-disc package that features the Mandel arranged orchestra versions on disc one and quartet counterparts on disc two featuring Barbra accompanied only by quartet (piano, bass, guitar & drums).

Love Is The Answer: Tracks

# Title Average
Here's To Life
In The Wee Small Hours
Gentle Rain
If You Go Away
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
Make Someone Happy
Where Do You Start?
A Time For Love
Here's That Rainy Day
Love Dance
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Some Other Time
You Must Believe In Spring

Reviews for this Album

very exciting this "double" album project; to hear the songs in orchestral and quartet version appears to be extremely interesting and original.
September, come soon! Smiling

really beautiful cover photo....
looking forward to your version of "smoke gets in your eyes".....
and perhaps I'll be one of the lucky ones to win a ticket to the upcoming historic village one night only...

a fan -

How lucky are we?
Barbra at 67 looks 20 years younger and a gorgeous 47 year old she makes too.
I remember seeing her for the first time on screen - 'A Star is Born' and fell head over heels.
Over 30 years later, looking at her album cover for this album I am just as much in love with her and her talents.

I have almost all Barbra´s CDs and I don´t need to explain the reason.... I hope I´ll listen to "Love is the Answer" very soon. Barbra´s voice calms my soul and makes my heart smile. Greetings from Salvador da Bahia, Brazil !

There has never been a greater female vocal artist ever. This album shows the love and growth in her life and her music. Love is the Answer...without question.
The packaging of this album shows us her gift to all of us.... her heart, her music and her warmth. Thank you Mary for such a loving design.


I got mine today. The Deluxe Edition is simply superb, but I am itching to get my hands on the Lp edition as well! What could be better than hearing the orchestra versions on a 33 1/3?

Barbra Streisand, the entertainment grande dame, returns with one of her most beautiful albums in a long time! With an exquisite cover and marvelous artists at the controls.. Love is the Answer is a truly a marvelous recording. The shimmering stings and harp glissando outro on "Gentle Rain", makes those rainy nights seem irresistible. "Make Someone Happy" can make even the hardest music critic misty eyed. It is any wonder that this album was co-produced by Tommy LiPuma? (he worked with Natalie Cole on her Grammy sweeping tour-de-force "Unforgettable" in 1991.) Not at all, it';s a perfect collaboration between Diana Krall, LiPuma, Streisand and Johnny Mandel. At 67, Streisand's voice is at once both mature and still stunningly beautiful.

Why should we rush? Light some candles, put a few logs on the fire for that nippy evening. "Love is the Answer" is an album tailored made for an evening of solitude or that special moment with a lover.

Favourite Tracks: In the Wee Small Hours, Gentle Rain, Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most, Make Someone Happy, A Time For Love, Here's That Rainy Day, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, and Some Other Time are just MARVELOUS with both orchestra and the quartet!

Save yourself the aggravation of reading the Billboard or Entertainment Weekly reviews of the album. Find out how much of a gem our Streisand still is, for yourself!!!

WOW i'll even say it backwards WOW
Fantastic Album, it was worth the wait

I've been listening to the clips and counting the days!!! I can't wait until that mailman knocks on my door. I'm driving my friends and college instructors nuts. 4 years is too long without an album (oops! sorry, CD! I'm old). One more thing, Where's the MOVIE ALBUM: PART 2??? The clock is ticking til the release date!!!!! Thank you, Barbra!!! Je t'adore!!!!

Hi! I'm from the Philippines and I'm just wondering when will the album be available here. Can't wait...... Smiling

I've been a fan since I was 12 years old, way back in 1964. The album is lovely; I've been listening to Love Dance, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, and Some Other Time, among others, almost non-stop since I purchased the album the day it came out.

One thing I have to note: Does anybody remember what Barbra said when she accepted her Grammy Award for the Broadway Album in 1987? She spoke about having won the award for the first time 24 years ago, in 1963. 24 is her lucky number, and so "with a little luck," she continued, "I just may see you 24 years from tonight."

In 2011, when Love is the Answer will be eligible for Grammy Award consideration, it will be 24 years from that night in 1987. In addition to all her other talents, Barbra may be psychic!


This album is the greatest stress reliever of all time! Thanks, Ms. Streisand, for making beautiful music.Please collaborate with Ms. Krall again. It's magic!

A music album must have some feelings and passion that inspire the listener,so they appreciate the artist and the songs is well,I always used a sentence that is love is answer to every tough time.<a rel="dofollow" rel="nofollow" href=""></a>


Looking down you'll never see her
Try the sky 'cause that'll fit her
She can make you cry
She can make you smile
Have you guessed yet?
who's the best yet?
If you ain't
I'll tell you one more time...
You bet your last dime
In all of the word, so far
She's the greatest Star!

Barbra the greatest star of all time, this cd is going to be the ultimate music experiance for me thank you for all the music you have giving me in my life time your loving fan
Gypsy Kim from Detroit

Brilliantly conceived and beautifully performed by the artist, producer, arranger & musicians! More natural vulnerability in the voice for the ages! Bittersweet, like dark chocolate or a musky wine, these classics are captured in vintage supreme! Would love to have heard an extra track - Love is the Main Event . . .

Barbra And Love Are The Answer...
Barbra you break my heart and touch my soul.
If love is the answer, Barbra is the happiness.
Laurent from France.

I have no doubt that it will be an excellent CD. But after hearing her on Oprah yesterday I know it will be amazing. Sure hope my preorder arrives quickly Smiling


Like a fine wine, Barbra's voice has retained its exquisite characteristics. Hers is the most distinctive voice of the century. Working with Krall and Mandel, Barbra promises a double disc delight: great songs, great orchestrations, sung by the greatest voice of all time.

...if its true that idea of jazz album coming from Alan Bergman, than i have to thanks him, cause it was exactly what i was dreaming about many years...
Have to say that almost /or more than?/ 50 years old recordings from Bon Soir were always my top-fav pieces and then and there Barbra really had something what can be called JAZZ-DRIVE!
/also love the rejected "too jazzy" version of Can't Help Lovin' from The Broadway Album/
Well, sadly, the "jazz drive" is something what i simply can't hear in the excerpts from new recordings. i am really not sure if the dream came true this time!

What i am sure about is, that i am going to buy "deluxe" edition.
...and Barbra knows that!

Great!!! Finally, It´s the day!!! I live in Buenos Aires and I will try to find the CD here just now.
I love Barbra, I love her voice and I cannot wait to hear her new songs from the beginning to the end.

I've been listening to this cd nearly non-stop since I bought it on the day of its release. What immediately struck me was how amazingly pure and strong Barbra's voice is, and how, after all these years, she still sings directly to my heart and soul. What artistry. What a treasure she is.

My first remembrance of Barbra was as a 14 year old watching her concert in Central Park on TV. Even though I was firmly a Beatles fan and rock and roll fan, I was thunderstruck by the way this woman sang and performed. I became an immediate fan and bought all her albums. I'm sure my parents -- and friends -- were totally confused. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" one minute followed by "Je m'appelle Barbra" Didn't seem strange to me....I was just loving the best music on the planet!

Ms. Streisand, YOU ROCK!!!! This is a most beautiful collection of songs, and it feels like I'm in the front row at the Village Vanguard (or Central Park on a summer evening) listening to you singing them. It's as if I'm 14 years old again, discovering you for the first time. Happy feelings. Sad feelings. The music reaches my heart. Can't imagine my life without that Streisand voice. Love you!

just seen Barbra on Johnathan Ross, I have been a fan since the 60s, and I must say my family dread it when the humming at the begining of The Way We Were starts as it makes me tear up and start to cry before the film has even begun. I have passed this emotional reaction on to my daughter and all her friends are now also firm fans. My mother in her later years has also come to appreciate Barbra through my feelings. These culminated in in the 70s with a Star is Born, whos songs are a biography for the 30 year love affair I have had with my husband.

Seeing her last night performing, only reiterated these feelings because when she sings her emotions and whole being are part of the way she sings. I can understand why she doesnt do it to often it must be so draining. But when she does, its like seeing a stradivarus being played by a master, or the first time you watch an opera live, or monet painting the lilies.

Cant wait to buy the new album, as I also adore Diana Krull, and the mix seems to be a natural one. Well done Barbra and may you continue to thrill us all

Art at perfection: Ms. Streisand, Mr. Mandel and Ms. Kroll. Soothing and pure bliss. jk


I just heard "Love Dance" on the radio- WICN, Worcester, MA
The announcer said: here's a new one from a familliar voice. I knew immediately who it was.
All I can say is IT"S ABOUT TIME ! Barbara has found the right material and fellow musicians to help catapult her back to a lead spot as a vocalist. She could always sing- she is extraordinary, actually but for the last 20 years or so, mis-cast. This is the Barbara we know and love! This is what your fans have been waiting for. Way to go, Diana! I will buy this CD- and, I haven't spent a dime on Streisand for ages.

I was very curious of how she would sound these days. And the answer is very easy: great, again! I have always loved the soundtrack to " The Sandpiper" from Johnny Mandel (besides the great views of Big Sur in this movie with Elizabeth Taylor&Richard Burton!). And that feeling Barbra fully ewokes with "Love is the answer". It´s a treat and creates a real flow. And what a gift to release it as deluxe edition with orchestra & quartett version! I love them both, but that´s not surprising. I am with Barbra since 1979-and she never let me down! By the way: what a gorgeous cover photography! It is setting the mood perfectly. At least for me! Lovely!