Barbra Streisand: Guilty

Barbra Streisand: Guilty


Released: 1980
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Guilty may well be Barbra Streisand's best pop album. At the peak of her late-'70s popularity, she hooked up with the Bee Gees' Barry Gibb, who himself was basking in his Saturday Night Fever glow. Gibb wrote and produced most of the material on 1980's Guilty, and he supplied background vocals as well as co-leads on two tracks. The results are still completely bewitching. "Promises," for instance, is a lounge-like dance number and Babs sounds simply fabulous--sexy, lighthearted, passionate, playful--all at once. "Life Story" is a wild epic, and "Make It Like a Memory" keeps soaring up and up into a stratosphere of shag-carpeted luxury. Even Gibb's wavering vocals are great--and not a little like a disco version of Mandy Patinkin. And of course, the hits are out of this world: "Woman in Love" and "What Kind of Fool" are titanium-plated classics the likes of which Streisand has not topped since. A guilty pleasure, sure--just indulge. --Elisabeth Vincentelli

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My mom played this album when we cleaned our house every Saturday morning growing up from 1980's to today when I play it. It's the very no other mostly because of Barbra because she's so unique and wonderful. There is no other artist that evokes such emotions for me and for this reason I love her. Not stalker love just pure admiration for her skill and I will likely never meet her in my lifetime...I'm 39 soon 40 although I find her inspirational in many ways. Please send this to her that she may know she's changed my life. I began life feeling I'd be something exceptional not sure if I will be but she is. Her music has effected me permanently and I wish I could see her sing in person. Pretty sure I will never be able to afford it. With all respect and dedication to benefit for her gifts. I wish her all the love & full on happiness in this life & really I just think she's absolutely fabulous.

Ginger Lenae Brewer
born 7-7-1972
From Chattanooga TN now living in Nashville TN with my future is yet to be determined.....


Dear Barbra & Barry,

Although this "Thank-you" is 29 yrs. late, it still comes from my heart. My beautiful daughter, Marisa, was born 12-11-1980. I was almost 32 yrs. old & she was my first child. She had terrible colic. I tried everything the Pediatrician told me to do to no avail. On an extremely difficult day I put on your Guilty album & danced, with my bundle of joy, around the living room. Marisa stopped crying. Every time I put the Guilty album on she stopped crying from that day on. I ended up buying an 8-track for my car & another album for my parent's house. The music from Guilty was the only thing that relaxed her, so she could be comfortable those first few months. I tried other music, but no luck. Marisa only wanted Guilty.

I've been a fan of yours from the beginning of your career. I'm so glad that you found happiness & love in your life. That is what's most important. My career was being a stay-at-home-mom, by choice. It was challenging & rewarding. After Marisa I had 3 sons, Scott, 27, Todd, 25, & Keith, 21. I've done the major part of my job, teach them to fly. They are all out of the nest. Now at 62 I'm still hoping to find that missing part in my life, love, unconditional love.

My best to you with much happiness & love!



Barbra's dip into disco was brief but produced some of her greatest work and in my opinion the most thrilling vocal performances of her career. Along with No More Tears and The Main Event, Guilty is a masterpiece combining the bombastic strength of her 60s output with the honeyed soul of her Stony 70s work. Against the setting of Barry Gibbs shimmering production Barbra sounds both relaxed and in command with soaring notes and delicate vocal filigree. It is ageless pop perfection.