Barbra Streisand: The Broadway Album

Barbra Streisand: The Broadway Album

The Broadway Album

Released: 1985
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As its title indicates, this 1985 recording marked Barbra Streisand's return to her Broadway roots (significantly, she had dropped her pop-period Guilty perm and returned to straight hair). The CD contains a broad selection of show tunes, from Guys and Dolls's "Adelaide's Lament" to Sweeney Todd's "Not While I'm Around." But let's face it: this may also be one of Babs's most dated albums, due to typically '80s synthesizer-heavy arrangements that simply don't work with the material. Company's "Being Alive" is scarred by a preening alto sax, while West Side Story's "Something's Coming" features what sounds suspiciously like syndrums. But--and it's a pretty big "but"--Streisand sounds more buttery than ever ("Send in the Clowns" may be one of her finest '80s moments), so much so that she often manages to overcome the cheesy production. Now that's a singer. --Elisabeth Vincentelli

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Pretty Women (From "Sweeny Todd")/The Ladies Who Lunch (From "Company")

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This is *the Album* for Broadway lovers as well as newbies. In 1985 I knew very little about American music, and when I bought it I felt a bit disappointed because I expected another "Barbra" album. It happened because I still hand't had the chance to know her albums from the 60's, because many of them were "Broadway" albums in fact.

This album made me *love* the music from Broadway and after listening to it time and again, it became one of my very favourite records.

From this album I love, most of all, Can't help lovin' that man and If I loved you. They move me. A must for every fan.


my fav album. my unborn children spell it wrong still striesand......

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No doubt, The Broadway Album is a must have, it is an excellent choice for any music lover, and don't let the 80's nonsense keep you from listening. I love this album, and you will too!

I'm sorry people, but this is my favorite Streisand album. I love Broadway musicals yet so much of the brilliant lyrics are drowned by thunderstorms of orchestration. Or worse, songs meant to to evoke sweetness or love in it's purity and innocence , are slaughtered by "Broadway Stars". There are no more Broadway stars. Today's revivals mimic the "greats": Mary Martin, Angela Landsbury, Barbra Streisand etc.

This album contains songs not widely heard, lyrics not fully interpreted. It contains masterpieces created/written by Stephen Sondheim - the ultimate master of poetry....of lyricism which stands alone. Sondheim wrote the lyrics to all the music in "West Side Story". Listen to "Somethings Coming", or to "Somewhere". He also wrote music and lyrics for "Not While I'm Around". Barbra sings these Sondheim tunes with such emotion, sadness, loaylty and passion. Sondheim also wrote "Being Alive" and , of course, "Send In The Clowns".

These last two songs are not ORDINARY. Streisand sings "Being Alive" with swift delivery, emphasis on "hurry up...hurry", telling her lover to teach her to just BE, to show her what being "alive really means.

And "Send In The Clowns" has been covered by multitudes of "singers". Yet, the song is so much about time wasted, chances lost, opportunities squandered, love disappearing. Sondheim (only for Barbra) wrote an additional stanza to complete the sad tale. "I thought that you'd want what I wanted, sorry my dear....just when I thought time was slipping away...sure of my lines.....ah, what a cliche....".

Those are not exact lines....but when Streisand sings this song, the listener cries. He/she identifies so much with this experience of waiting too long, learning his lines, preparing for the entrance.....and then finding the loved one has moved on... Barbra breathes humanness into ALL the songs on this album. She IS BROADWAY; she IS a lyricist' dream. Thanks you for this special, special album. I treasure it.

Okay not sure about the Review above but This is one of my favorite albums! Ya it has old songs but that is what makes it great, music now a days is awful and I enjoy what the person above said "cheesy". Yes I know it was from the 80's but the classics are the best in any decade! This is what Streisand does best and The Broadway album is one her best. Plus she did have pop album Emotions in the 80's and I like that album too. My daughter likes Left in the Dark, she doesn't get it because she is too young but she says she loves the way Barbra sings that song. I can't agree with her more. Anyway my point is Streisand can sing anything and it is GREAT!