The Voice

The Voice

After watching some press from Ms. Streisand about Love is the Answer I am dismayed by her seeming pride in not warming up or vocalizing before performance or recording. The effects of this were starting to show during the 2006 tour and sadly are on display in the new CD. Still a remarkable instrument but imagine if she took care of it!

To quote a great post on a Fan site

"I wonder how Ms. Streisand would feel if the trumpet player who does the "Music That Makes Me Dance" solo in her recent concert Overture didn't like to warm up, and so splatted on the high note. Probably wouldn't be tolerated. Or if the Broadway Boys on the European leg of the last tour didn't like warming up and so were cracking all over the high notes on "Somewhere" or "Evergreen." Suppose the studio technician was too lazy to perform the regular maintenance on the studio equipment and so a stunning and rasp-free performance of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" in unusable because of a buzz in the line. I guessing that wouldn't fly."

She seems to want to be seem as too good fro what others have to do. As if her gift was something different from her. It's not. Please pay the fans who have supported your work for so long some respect and give them the best you can....and not just hey ....this is what you get.

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Lord almighty. I guess there are some who can make an argument against success --not a good or persuasive argument, but an argument. Here's the bottom line: one of the most celebrated singers of all time has done what works for her and it has worked for us for half a century. The new album is a departure in style, and in the way she uses her voice. That voice is changing. It remains the voice of Two Centuries and, I am quite confident that if human kind is still around in the next century it will be heard then as well. Frankly, this is a fan site -- not a critics site.

Ms. Streisand (soft "s" as in "sand"): This new recording has flipped a switch in me. I absolutely love it. I have already listened to it more times than you have. I absolutely love it. It is smokey, exhibits a unified mood, and sounds like Streisand. If you propose to do something diferent you know what everybody will say: Don't!

Well, I say do. I am so glad you did. Love to you, to Sammy, and to your Husband who is handsome and tall enough to stand just slightly above the shadow of your smile.

You are amazing. Don't let it go to your head, of course, and start thinking that you might be one of the biggest stars on the planet. Well, you are, but who could live with that notion? Just have a great time and do what makes you happy, and thank you so much for making such an incredible and engaging new album. I love every thing about it.

Friends: Get the Deluxe Version and use the orchestrated version to scare the birds away from your apricot trees (if you hang a CD in the branches it spooks them). The orchestration was a waste, a crutch and a rare display of lack of confidence. The quartet is spectacular. Dare to be spare. It's amazing.

It’s curious how among hundreds of good critics you have gone to focus your attention on the scarce negative ones.

And also it’s curious how two persons can understand the same sentence as such antagonic way as you and me.

While you see pride in her confession of not warming up, I see gratitude for the gift of her voice, and the humility of taking away the merit of the work.

And I think she deserve be recognized with that merit, because she has given a big step, again, in the interpretation level without, to lose a whit of her beautiful voice. To sing these jazz style songs she has used, in my opinion, the appropriate whispering tone.

And tell me please; don’t you like her “If you go away” version?

I find totally touching how well she transmit the sadness for the almost inevitable separation that then she transforms in an excited and at the same time shattered try for retain him, making us visualize with emotion every wonderful thing that she would do.

I’m even thinking in to do with this song the same that I did with other of my favourite songs “E Lucevan Le Stelle” to record all different versions in the same cd.

Excuse my poor English that in any case I’m improving thanks to the clear and pretty Barbra pronunciation.

Regards free of irritating intentions

It's real. Not overproduced. If you listen closely to a few of the early to mid recordings you can hear where the huskiness originates. You can hear a 50 year career in this cd. That gorgeous tone, vibrato and style is very much there and matched against her huskiness makes me appreciate who she is NOW. If she did take after take it woud not be real. And her realness is why I liked her from the beginning.
I need to hear her live in all of her glory...any word on that Craig?

W O W..just wow!!

To see the first post with such negative energy under a thread called "The Voice"

I'll wager ...its a disgruntled wanna be, eh?

I have studied "Voice" with some of the best and mightiest...IN THE WORLD...mentored for years by a major label head honcho that is is not as it seems..or what we expect..but what we truth...

Barbra is tRUTH..that interview.earlier this year re: her "technique"...HOW ENLIGHTENING...truthfull,,,basic took soooo very much OFF MY OWN BACK

I started out with a HUGE vocal...and had METAL BRACES when I "THOUGHT" I needed professional "Training"...I didn't..and suffice it to say..those braces pulled my jaw out of alignment...and my vocal out of control and for years on end,,,I thought I was going nuts,,,cuz I could hear...but I couldn't control my beautiful voice

I ALWAYS STOOD BY FREEDOM OF SINGING THE Barbra..and was ridiculed for years on end, over and over

(until my jaw finally got fixed thru surgery )

Barbra stood by the TRUTH of the word, the meaning , the intent ...of the message...

not the theatrics

and that...very few understand

I don't think Barbra used the orchestra as a "crutch" ! Barbra is well-known for creating atmosphere using the various instruments in the orchestra. Notice how well her voice is beautifully framed by the arrangements, not at ALL overdone. She was always given credit by many of her arrangers, such as the late Peter Matz, for being able to devise the style which worked perfectly for her. Someone said, I think it may have been Phil Ramone who said that Barbra has the best "ears" in the business, she can hear things in her head and then produce the audio she's searching for. If an oboe, or violin, or trumpet, anything seems out of place, she's the one who catches it. Although the quartet version of LOVE IS THE ANSWER is probably the most revealing due to the intimacy and immediacy of the songs, the orchestra version is no less a chance to experience the "challenge" of bringing such moving songs to the listeners. Barbra never does ANYTHING halfway !!
Bye for now, Fran from NJ

I'm listening to the 2006 "My Man" on her tour, and I don't think her voice sucked there. I'm sixteen, and find her voice better than any new artist there is, and I love her voice from Miss Marmelstein to Here's To Life. This is a fansite. Not a critic's site.

Updated post:

I re-read this, and it re-pissed me off again.
*Flashes back to when Barbra told someone to STFU. :D*

I speak for everyone when I say, shut the f--- up with your nasty criticism. Her voice is not YOUR concern - and you're obviously not a fan if you diss her like that. And she GIVES us the best she can. She doesn't even have to try. She's just amazing by f--king nature. She gives us more than what she should be capable of. Why? Because she's a-f--king-mazing. End of story. Peace, bro. Laughing out loud

Good Grief, what's with the negativity? I love the orchestra version of the songs. I like the quartet versions. I'm glad that she gave us both to enjoy. There are lots of people who spend their time "warming up" and can't sing nearly as good as Barbra on a bad day with a cold. Give me a break. I love her voice, whatever it is. Even if she gets to the point of talking a song (which as I said before, she is far from)- I still love Streisand, and all that she's given me.