Barbra Streisand to Perform at New York's Fabled Village Vanguard For a Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience

Barbra Streisand Celebrates Release of New Jazz-Flavored Album,
Love Is The Answer, With Rare Club Show

In what promises to be a once-in-a lifetime thrill for a hundred of her luckiest fans, Barbra Streisand will celebrate the release of Love Is The Answer---her new album of jazz standards and classics--- by singing a selection of these songs at New York’s legendary Village Vanguard, where she last performed in 1961 as the opening act for Miles Davis.

Free tickets to this history-making experience will be made available only to fans who either pre-order the new CD or register an entry blank free of charge. Full details and rules can be found on

Soon after her performance at the Vanguard some 48 years ago, Streisand began to build a reputation in Greenwich Village as an extraordinary newcomer on the scene, a not-to-be-missed star on the rise singing in clubs like The Lion and The Bon Soir. With its astounding acoustics and intimate vibe, The Village Vanguard--an epicenter of the New York jazz scene since an all-jazz policy was implemented in 1957-- was, and is one of the most renowned musical venues throughout the world.

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Sept. 26th is my 50th Birthday - and boy would this be a fantastic way to celebrate.
I've been a fan since I was nine. I went alone to a matinee of Funny Girl - my parents came and yanked me out half-way through my 3rd viewing. (I'd been gone over 6 hours!)
I haven't missed a note or a scene since.
Love ya Babs!

Dear Ms. Streisand,

As I write this, I realize I'm writing to the "other woman." Then again, that distinction may be more appropriately mine; since you have been in my wife's heart far longer than I have.

In 1975, my wife, Donna-Mae, was an adorable 12 year old young woman growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. She was dreading seeing Funny Lady, since her parents were forcing her to go, since as they said, "she needed culture." Moments later, when she heard you sing, her infatuation started. The next day, she begged her father to buy her the LP. That record, and nearly every other album you recorded, now reside here with us and our two children in Bergenfield, NJ.

She's come a long way from Trinidad, but one thing that has never strayed has been her love for you.

In 1994, on a zookeeper's salary, she bought tickets to see you in concert at MSG. She sat on the floor, and as I've heard her tell it many times, she was mesmerized, and more enchanted by you than ever. As she puts it, "Barbra's singing is effortless. There is no gasping between verses and she pronouces every word precisely. No one else can be so powerful in their perfomance."

I would love for her to experience that feeling again and see you perform at the Village Vanguard. She's entered your contest for tickets. Anything more you may be able to do personally would be the ultimate gift from me, her steadfast partner (and finally wife, since the State of NJ finally caught up with what God intended) of the past nine years.

At the very least, letting you know how much you have touched her life and subsequently, our lives together, is enough reward. I wish you a wonderful return to the Village Vanguard and I know you'll be spellbinding, as always.

Much respect,

Stacy Graffam
Bergenfield, NJ 07621

P.S. I'm attaching a photo our family. Donna is top left.

graffams November 2008.jpg3.42 KB

Would love to be one of the lucky ones to be picked to go to the Village Vanguard to see Barbra. We played her version of "Moon River" at my Dad's funeral service. It was my parents favorite song.

I would be honored to be picked.


My daughter is sixteen, about to be seventeen in early October and she just adores Barbra Streisand. She always says she thinks she should've been born some time in the 70's, because many of the artists she admires have either passed on or are getting older, and their career is pretty much over. She's always loved Barbra, but lately she's been going through a HUGE "Streisand phase," as she calls it, and got all her CD's, movies, and read all of the biographies written about her. All I want for my little girl is to be happy, and it's obvious that it's extremely difficult nowadays to see someone like Barbra Streisand live. As soon as she found out about this contest, she called me up, could barely breathe and texted me in giant letters: OMG OMG. BARBRA STREISAND IS DOING A CONCERT IN NEW YORK. I NEED TO GO. PLEEEEASE CAN I GO?

Just to hear her that excited, excited me, so therefore I have one question: If I were to enter the contest and hypothetically speaking, won, would I be able to bring her with me, even though she is underage? I didn't get a chance to thoroghly read through the instructions, but if someone could let me know, that would be great. Thanks in advance, and good luck to all!

The first time I heard Barbra sing PEOPLE many years ago, she had me. And her voice is just as beautiful today as many years ago. I have admired her and her singing for many years. I have some of her music DVDs and many of her albums.
As for movies, she has made some great musicals, of which I have many. Can't help it, but I guess my favorite movie of all is A Star Is Born. I have enjoyed watching all of her TV Concerts.

It would be SO WONDERFUL to win tickets to see her perform "LIVE". I have always said if she came to NC I would go see her, even if the ticket was $200, which I am sure tickets to see her perform are far more than this. And I can see why... she is great!!! Unfortnately, she never made it here that I know of. Maybe, I will be lucky to see her perform at The Village Vanguard. I do hope so!!

The BEST to you!
Yvonne Russell

I know that this is going to happen for me! This would be a major life changing experience! To be able to see the the lyrical genious up close and personal, words could never express! If there was one person and one person only that I would want to meet before leaving this earth it would be Barbra Streisand. She has had the biggest impact on my emotional and spiritual being of who I am today through her music. Do you hear the words that are coming out of her mouth? I love you Barbra and I hope that with all the dreams that I have this would be the biggest to come true!

Tanisha Brandy
San Francisco Bay Area

Tanisha 2.jpg5.28 KB


I’m 21 years old and I’m from Portugal. I first heard Barbra just a few years ago but I never have listened something like that before. Her music has that strange capacity of capturing all of our emotions every time when a song plays.
In 2007 I was lucky to have the possibility to see her in a live performance in Paris. It was surreal, literally. I couldn’t believe that I was actually there. I was alone, i didn't understand a word of French and I was shaking from head to toes. It was frightening but so rewarding.
So it would be just amazing have the opportunity to see her live in NY, her home town. I’m a little bit far from NY so please make the competition available for me and others non-US residents. That would be amazing! Thank you and sorry for my bad english=)


Barbra, what words could I possibly add to this list that you haven't already heard? I have loved you forever and always will! Of course I would love to see you in person. There has never been anyone like you and there never will be. I am a mom of seven children all grown now, and I have a lot of time on my hands, so if there is anything I could give back to you for all the years of you giving to me just say the word. You are the one and only, and if there was the slightest chance of us ever being friends that would be the best thing that could ever happen to me in this life. The only way I could express my feelings for you would have to be the countless days that Rosie O'Donnel talked of you on her show and dreamed of one day meeting you and seeing you walk out on her stage to surprise her. That is how I feel too. Just like Rosie! I know that you have to be one of the nicest people in this world, because you have been blessed by the almighty, to have the worlds greatest voices of all time! I love all your movies also. What else could I say. Hope to meet you someday, and then and only then, will all my dreams be fullfilled!

This is so exciting! First time comment- new website member!

Hello everyone! It's great to know that so many others are aware of the awesome talent of Barbra Streisand.

"SHE Touched me" from an early age, and I'm so thrilled that she is making yet another comeback (not that she really ever left).

THANK YOU BARBRA for "putting it together" for all of us to enjoy, time and time again!
I know that all of your devoted fans would love to see you at the Village Vanguard, myself included. I hope you know that, although only few will be lucky enough to be in that room, all of us will be with you in spirit- sending you our love and positivity!

All the best!


P.S. Anyone know what's going on yet with the picture/video contest?

I saw Barbra for the first time in Montgomery, AL when I was only 8 yrs old. My Father worked at the Capri theater, running the films, and I watched "The Way We Were" 23 times, every single time it played. it was there that I fell in love and saw the sweet soul of such a wonderful, talented woman.

I had a very abusive childhood and used to dream that Barbra was my Mom. Such a silly thing to do, but I felt her soul and saw what a sweet soul she was and still is. Her music calmed me. Her music saved my life more than once. Somehow I knew that when I heard her beautiful voice and felt her soul, I would be okay. When i was 18 I joined the USMC and got out in 2004.I was subjected to government mind control since age 6. All these yrs hanging on tight to Barbra's music. After many yrs of therapy and many good friends I am finally free and able to live my life and make choices for myself instead of having choices made for me. But I never let go of Barbra or her music and it was that, that helped me to survive.

My Mother just passed away Aug 5th after a long, hard battle aganist colon cancer. During her last few weeks, I played Barbra's latest concert DVD tour to her on my lap top and it was then that my Mother also fell in love with Barbra. My Mother was born deaf so she could not hear music, but when she saw Barbra sing, she could feel it for the first time. I was glad that I was able to share that with my Mother before she died.

I know My chances of ever seeing Barbra in person or perform live are pretty much gone. It has always been a dream of mine to see her in person but I don't believe in dreams anymore, or miracles. I would literally give my right arm to see the beautiful woman, who saved my life, just once. But I know that it is only a fantasy and that dreams do not come true. Not for me. Not anymore.

But I still will continue loving her and listening to her music. I watch her new concert DVD at least 2 or 3 times a day. What can I say, I'm addicted. Her music gives me hope, calms me, and makes me still know that I'm okay, even after all these yrs.

I will always love Barbra Streisand!


As I am listening to the clip of the day on this beautiful website, I realize that no other voice in existence can make me smile and cry at the same time.

My entire life is remembered in your meticulous singing, selections and arrangements.

And Barbra, I walked down my wedding isle with my groom at my side to your "Starting Here Starting Now"......

Thank you for your once-in-a-lifetime-gift.

Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow

When Barbra was in Funny Girl, I bought a ticket and flew from Chicago to New York.

I purchased the ticket six months in advance. It was my prized possession.

When I arrived at the Winter Garden Theater in April and walked inside, I was shaking with the anticipation of seeing and hearing this gifted human being. I had every album.

As I entered the lobby, there was a sign at the box office that the show was closed for a few days. Refunds were available. I stood there and started to cry. I lived in another city and was there during my college spring break. I could not just exchange my ticket. I was so disappointed that I cannot express my feelings.

The universe and fate owe me one ticket for the Village Vanguard.

Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow

I have had the chance to hear and see Barbras Streisand in Berlin...thank you for that wonderful time.
To hear from a club show in New York..makes me happy, but only for fans from america..what a pitty..

I wishBarbra all the best for the wonderful new record.......and hope to see Barbra again on stage...she is the best voices of the world...thank you Barbra for all...

greetings from Berlin/Germany

Michael Alberio

I first heard (and saw) Barbra in the 60's, on TV, on an album and then at the Coconut Grove (at the old Ambassador Hotel) and at the Hollywood Bowl. The experience at the Grove was amazing. My husband and I were students, around the same age as Barbra, poor as could be, but I had to see and hear her live. Somehow we got seated and ordered the "minimum" drinks (we couldn't afford anything else). The room was packed with celebrities and I just had on an old cloth coat and some schmatah dress. My husband didn't even have a sports jacket (the Grove lent him one). We sat over on the side, but were so close to her, I felt as if she saw me too. It was an incredible evening and she completely took my breath away --- as she has continued to do over the years. I love the list of songs on the new album and can't wait until I get it (in September --- oy vey!).
Yentel was an amazing work of art; The Way We Were is the story of my first husband and myself (the one at the Grove) --- yep, he was my "gorgeous goyisha guy." (Today I have a gorgeous yiddiskait guy...smiles...). But I have loved that voice, and yes, the acting too, and the directing, and the writing --- and just the sheer genius of her --- all these years. I know I am only one of millions, but I first bought the vinyls then the VHS versions of the movies, then the CD's, then the DVD's. We're out here and we're not just crazed fans, we are true appreciators of a true artiste. Any chance of that review coming to California Barbra? Would love to see a smaller production show with these numbers in an easy quiet jazz style, sung as only you can sing them. Please consider it. Seeing you in that intimate setting at the Grove was the BEST EVER!

How wonderful it would be to see Barbra for the third time, and lucky enough to win a ticket to this historic event! As a 30 year fan of the Great Barbra, and lucky enough to attend 'The Concert' in Anahein in July 1994, and 'Live In Concert' in November 2006 at Staples Center, Los Angeles, one could only be so fortunate again to see her perform where she started, in the clubs in New York. If I don't see you in New York in September 2009, I'm hoping that you'll do one more Vegas appearance so I can finally bring my wife and kids (previous concert events were each gifts from them). Barbra, I've loved you most of my life, and here's to hopefully seeing you one more time! Thanks for the mem'ries. You are truly The Greatest Star! Brad Adams, Crandall, Texas

This is one of my dreams, go to a Barbara Streisand concert, anywhere, anyplace, anytime. I live in Puerto Rico and I NEVER see a Barbara's live concert, just on video. Is there any possibility bring that concert to PR? I'm stay here waiting to win that tickets for the MAGICAL NIGHT. Can't wait to listen the new CD. A big hug from THE BEAUTIFUL ISLAND OF PUERTO RICO. Love, MAYRA

This is one of my dreams, go to a Barbara Streisand concert, anywhere, anyplace, anytime. I live in Puerto Rico and I NEVER see a Barbara's live concert, just on video. Is there any possibility bring that concert to PR? I'm stay here waiting to win that tickets for the MAGICAL NIGHT. Can't wait to listen the new CD. A big hug from THE BEAUTIFUL ISLAND OF PUERTO RICO. Love, MAYRA

This is one of my dreams, go to a Barbara Streisand concert, anywhere, anyplace, anytime. I live in Puerto Rico and I NEVER see a Barbara's live concert, just on video. Is there any possibility to get tickets for that MAGICAL NIGHT???

I can't wait for this album! I've loved Barbara's amazing voice since I was a child, as my parents played her music quite often. I still cry at the end of Funny Girl EVERY time I see it, and during "Papa, can you see me?" either listening to Yentl or watching the movie. There is such incredible emotion in her voice - it touches my soul. I have always dreamed to see her in concert (or just HEAR her in concert), but have not as yet been lucky enough to get a ticket...... maybe this time...

People who get to see this concert have got to be THE LUCKIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

Hey. Barbra. I live approximately one and a half blocks away from the Vanguard. If you want to drop by to say "hello" . . .

My mother was a huge Barbra Streisand fan. Unfortunately she passed away in Feb.2009 after a long battle with cancer. In the last weeks of her life, I asked her if there's was anyone she wanted me to call or anyone she wanted to see as we knew she was at the end of her battle. She said one name...Barbra Streisand. I then asked her if there was anyone or anything that I might be able to realistically get to come see her! She laughed & so did I because we knew it was unrealistic of course. I then asked her if Barbra Streisand did come here what would you want her to do? She replied to me very sweetly..."just sing to me". I then asked her what song would you want her to sing and she said "My Man". A few days later, my mom took a turn for the worse & the hospital staff said was going to die probably that day. My dear husband ran home from the hospital and downloaded "My Man" on his IPOD and rushed it up to the hospital so my mom could listen to her favorite song one last time. We put the earpieces on her and played that song quite a few times. My mom passed away later that day. I can only hope that hearing that song in her final hours was some sort of a comfort to her. I will remember that moment always. also has a contest for two tickets plus airfare and accommodation! The downside is that it's for US residents only!

Thanks Barbra for doing this one night show!

Hello Barbra, I have been listening to your music since I was eight years of age and now I'm a beautiful 49 year young and all I think about is music. Thank you for adding 20 more years to my life with your music. My only wish is that we could be on the same stage singing my father's favorite song (with one more look at you) maybe one day. Thanks again for the new release and next time you are in AZ look me up. I've attached our mother's day flyer, what does next year look like for you?


So what more can I say. I do agree with all you guys not living in North America. The fact that I am living in Sweden disqualifies me too. Fortunately I have had the chance to see Barbra earlier in London where anybody could buy a ticket no matter what country they came from. I think it's a pity we foreginers can't compete equally in this game of getting the chance to see Barbra live. It will certainly be a great evening for you lucky americans. Why not make an extra concert, only for foreginers? We love you too Barbra!

Many MANY fans from outside the US are willing to fly to New York for this once in a lifetime opportunity. PLEASE make the competition available for non-US residents too. I've travelled to New York and to Germany before to see Barbra in concert. It makes you feel so non-existent if you're not able to enter...

After filling in the sweepstake I read the rules and realised it is not valid, since I live in Delft, The Netherlands. I travelled the world to see Barbra live in 1994, 2000 and 2007 and I would not hesitate to do so again. Unfortunately, as an non resident of the US there is no change for me being presant the most special concert of this century!
For those who will be there, I wishing you an evening you will never forget an the time of your life.

Please please please have an option for non-US people to enter the sweepstakes. I realise that millions of people will want to enter and the chances of winning will be very slim, but not being given even a chance to enter doesn't feel right. Barbra is simply the greatest star ever! There is no doubting that. For you people who can enter - good luck! I hope you have the time of your life.

I was at the New Years concert back in 1999... I was 3 rows from the top in the very back of the arena.. while the performance was amazing (as always), there was a tiny little speck walking across the stage..I am 99% sure it was Barbra! lol Thank God for the video screens! I wished I could have gotten tickets closer to the stage, but no such luck. The intimacy of a small club with a 100 people in the audience sounds like the dream of dreams for any Streisand fan! I wish us all luck that we make the top 100! Thanks Barbra......for everything!

Barbra -- always giving us new things to see. Her artistic canvas is endless. For years I have been hoping Barbra would return to her cabaret/jazz smoky-room filled roots and saying that I am overjoyed is an understatement. On her recent Tour set she sings, with piano only, an amazing (and much neglected) song -- Nobody's Heart Belongs to Me. Her artistry is sublime and echoes what I think we will be hearing on her new release. Barbra works with the best and works to provide all of us with the best. She is a consummate artist, enriching with age and sharing now the simple joys of her gifts with pure and absolute love. THANK YOU FOR NOT RETIRING. Please, keep giving us more to see.
Jim Thompson

My Partner and I saw you show in Las Vegas Caesars Resort and what could we say bu Fantastic. No one can hold a candle to you. If we get the opportunity to see your new show we will, although we know it will be fabulous. Much love and success.

I have registered to try to win a ticket for this concert. I would give the world to be there and be a part of history. A lifetime ago I went to the movies with friends and came out a changed man. The movie was of course Funny Girl. After the movie the very next day I went to several different record shops and bought every album that she had recorded. To say that the music changed my life is an understatement! Throughout anyone's life there is tragedy, sorrow, moments of joy. At each point in my life Barbra has been there for me. There is no greater therapy than music, when it is good it can touch the soul, heal a broken heart, extend great moments of pleasure. I wont bore you with my sorrow because we all have them. Its how we respond to them that sets us apart. At my moments of greatest sorrow, I could put on a Streisand piece and allow myself to revel my sorrow, go with the pain, with the confidence that She would always be there. Her music would give me comfort and joy. Since that time, I have not only bought each album she has recorded, many were replaced as many as four times. That doesn't include the tapes, and CDs. Today I own every album, and a copy of each on CD.
When I heard that she was going to retire I knew I had to go that concert in New York. To experience her live was a pleasure beyond belief. When she did the concert tour and came to Ft Lauderdale, I did what I had to do, to not only get tickets but good seats.
When I tell you I am not a rich man in money believe, but she has brought me such riches that I did what I had to do to buy the tickets. With the NY show I had to also fly to NY and spend the night, but again, whatever it takes.
I would do anything to experience Barbra in such an intimate venue. I don't know if you ever read these Barbra, but from the bottom of my heart I thank you for enriching my life with your beautiful voice.



I would to see your. It is like getting a million dollar. It is worth it. No one can do what she does oe come closes.


Dear Barbra and Hello Community,

this is indeed a very special treat.
After having the luck of seeing her live in London 1994 and Washington and Berlin of her latest Tour, where she played big venues, this has always been a thrill for all of her fans... too experience the singer with the best capability of transmitting emotion, feelings and meaning of a song to her listeners (although I like her rocking stadiums when she soars her last notes) in a private and intimate atmosphere... that supports the truth of the moment and her personal message even better ....

I would like to come to NY once again to experience "Barbra coming home again".
The few excerpts of the new songs here promise to be wonderful choices of songs and perfect renditions.

Please Barbra, for all the fans that cannot participate on this magical night, please put it on film!

All the love from me and the rest of the german fans,
I hope you also enjoy this concert, but the close interaction and personal setting of a nightclub must be a thrill and very rewarding for a beloved and celebrated artist, so that I think artist and fan will have the night of their lives!.



Wow, I'm speechless even at the opportunity of such an amazing rare and intimate setting. My mom made my dream come true in 2006 to finally see Barbra, I always say I've been a fan since I was born and it is over 40 years ago. When Barbra appeared on that stage that evening without even saying or singing a note, I was crying and so emotional as she is it for me in terms of entertainment. As a teen in the 70's I remember just being in my room blaring my album of Funny Girl. It was not your average choice of a teen back then, but it was for me. its never faltered and never will. I have seen every movie and well, those that were on VHS that I hadn't updated were this past Christmas. Barbra is like money for me, it won't be returned because you always get what you want. Just recently when visiting with my mom, there was nothing on television to watch, so we put on Funny Girl and I do believe if you muted it, we could do the dialog. So, if I am so fortunate to be awarded tickets, I would return the favor to my mom for making my dream come true. I am so looking forward to this album (oops, CD) and I am awaiting magic with teaming of Diana Krall who in terms of a live performance comes in 2nd...need I say who is first and number one in my book? Smiling

I'm a very lucky Streisand fan. I saw her live my first time July 10, 1994 at the MSG. The second time was in Timeless, with a much better view! My third time was just a few years ago during her tour in 2006 again here in NYC.... in an even better seat! So now my dream is that I will be seeing Barbra at the Village Vanguard this coming Saturday, September 26, 2009 up close and for free!!! Because the best things in life are done with freedom, oh my God, please make my dream come true!
Bless you Ms Streisand and good luck to all those fans out there!

I Would so love to be there. Been a fan since 1973. I have everyone of her albums, excuse me CD's. Even the Rare 'Nuts' Soundtrack. What a talent and what a life! A plus is that I love her Politics also. I wish she would record more often, but every time I hear a new CD is coming out she gives me something to look forward too. Heard about a Rarities CD coming out. Please Barbra make sure it includes, Frank Mills, Our Corner of the Night, How are things in Glocca Mora, Funny Girl, I am Woman, and especially Shall We Dance from the Broadway Album sessions. I love that song! It would be a big club hit. Please make a Long time fan happy and release all these wonderful songs that have been in the vault way toooooo long.

I have ALWAYS wanted to hear/see Barbra Streisand perform live!! It would be so wonderful if I could win a pair of tickets to this special performance, since it is scheduled to be held on MY BIRTHDAY!!! I am an avid fan and have a lovely collection of CDs and a DVD, and have loved all of Barbra's movies. Barbara, please please PLEASE make my birthday wish come true!! Smiling Thank you for this opportunity of a lifetime!! Cool

Barbra YOU ARE AMAZING! This is so exciting! Winning this would be like me winning the lotto! Wonder what the odds will be!

I wanted the chance to order Barbra's new album and get a chance to win tickets to her concert but they will not allow me to purchase the 'special edition' album with a chance of winning tickets because I'm from Canada.
Barbra, if you read these, please let me have a chance to order your new CD with a chance to 'finally' see you in concert. You'll always be 'My Babs'.

Drew Smiling

This is unbelievable!
About 4 years ago I started really listening to Barbra Streisand and I was very upset when I couldn't go to the 2006 concerts because of certain problems at the time. I thought that I would never get to see her live ever again and then this week I saw "Barbra Streisand Live at the Village Vanguard!" I can't tell you how happy I was! But I am only 14 and that would mean that I can't come, someone please correct me if I misread it because if I was able to get tickets to this I would be one of the luckiest people in the world! It would mean so much. My dad who first got me hooked when he showed me Funny Girl would also love to go!
Seems like something to good to be true!
Either way, if I can't come myself I hope that I can win tickets for my parents Smiling
Hopefully Barbra will have another tour soon! It would mean soo much for soo many adoring fans!
We love you Barbra!

Hello Barbra,

this is the best idea, since Europe tour!! To appear where your career began.
Please, please take up this appearance, so that also the other fans can see you.
I am stretched already for months very much on your CD!

I wish you an unforgettable moment.

In love Sijora Smiling

sorry for my "german-english"

I love jazz singers, so it was a special thrill to hear Barbra champion Shirley Horn on Oprah's show: it takes a great artist and a great person to pay tribute to equally wonderful singers who are unjustly ignored by the mainstream. And when two great singers like Krall and Streisand get together to perform amazing standards with first-rate musicians like Bill Charlap (whose mother, Sandy Stewart, is another top-notch vocalist who deserves wider recognition), we are lucky indeed. And Johnny Mandel's contributions can't be discounted. We are all so fortunate that this project is taking place. But the real treat for many of us is simply the idea that Barbra is going to perform these songs live. To improvise. To let herself go. To break down just a bit the veneer that her status as an icon and her own perfectionist streak has built up over time. Jazz is the sound of surprise and the ability to make music in the moment. The benevolent ghosts that haunt the Vanguard will all be conspiring to join what promises to be an amazingly intimate jam session. I would love to be there and, of course, am entering my name in the sweepstakes. But if I don't win, I'll be a happy camper anyway: on September 26th, one of the greatest of all jazz singers -- the 81 years young Sheila Jordan -- will be singing at The Green Mill in Chicago. She and I both admire Barbra. And I'm sure it will warm her heart to know that on the same evening both of them will be singing live in a jazz club and, each in their own way, keeping the flame alive for an art form that is uniquely American and championing songs that have stood the test of time. I can only hope, however, that Barbra will choose to capture this rare moment on film so that everyone can share in what promises to be a master class in the art of singing and creating music with instrumentalists who are committed to bringing out the best in a song and in each other. A lesson in life as much as a lesson in music. Go Barbra!!! And, with Miles Davis in mind, who knows?, maybe she'll treat us to another version of My Funny Valentine. Nothing's Impossible.

It's almost too much too hope to win, but I guess you've got too dream big.

I hope that even if I don't win Barbra will enjoy her night at the Vanguard and that perhaps it will wet her appetite for more club dates. That would be like buttah!

Happy Days--

Jiminy Snap
Brooklyn, NY

My mother loves your music and it would be the greatest moment in her life to see you live.. We tried to get tickets years ago to surprise her for her 70th birthday and failed ,this would be a thrill of a life time!!! We are 4 daughters on a misson .I myself loved the Superman album and would love to be there with my mom and sisters to experience this magical moment.