I love you

I love you

Hi..I am Marie and I am 12 years old..I sing also and play the piano. We had to chop up my piano for wood this year but I know I will get one next year. I love your talent. So many
other singers cannot still hold a note but u r tried and true...I am a virgo so I get the ocd..lol

I just wanted u to know I luv u...ur voice..ur grace..ur talent..i think u r very special
god gave the right gift to you

hope u have happy holidays

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P.S..i think u r beautiful

PS,..u r beautiful

Hi, Im Hayley
Im 13 and I sing and act and I wanna be a singer/actress on Broadway. I know i will get there someday, and hopefully meet you in real life. I dont have much confidence but, Im working on that because i want to prove something to everybody who doubts or doubted me in the past. I just wanted to let you know that I know I can be a actress because of you. You are my idol and always will be. thanks for being so kind, talented, and inspiring.


Ohhh Barbra you are my life!! Im 29 years old and I love you.
I from Argentina. Thank you for all!!!!!!

Awwhh. You guys are sooo cute.

I'm starting to think that im the only adult in this forum... Lol
But it's cool, sometimes i'm like a 13 yr old! LMAO

It's a good thing to want to spread the love.

Haha! I thought I was the only teenage girl here. I was wrong too.

Yes, it is good to share the love, hope no one thinks that I was implying that it isn't. I think it's really cute, and seriously, sometimes I still feel like a kid too. Kids are so truthful, that it is refreshing and pure.

I can see that even the youngest admire Barbra, not only those who had the chance to see her at the beginning of her carrier. So I'm not the only one on this forum to be only aged of 20. I fell "in love" with Barbra when I was 15 after I heard "Woman in love". I hadn't really heard about her before because she was mostly well-known in France (where I live) by people who were interested in musicals. But when I reached 15 I realized that, for me, there was no better singer and actress on this planet lol. So I share with all my heart the three words: I LOVE YOU (barbra) !!! Laughing out loud

Love is the main theme of these posts, "Love is the Answer" is such a wise and inspiring title of an album. I love it Smiling
Speaking about love – I have never said it anywhere publicly, though, I believe indirectly many times. But some things should be said – finally.
Sometimes the younger ones teach us very useful things, thank you all for this topic, it is nice that in such a great company I can say:
”Barbra I love you.”
I always have, from the first word I heard from you :”Hello Gorgeous!” I was 15 like some people here and I didn´t know what great pleasures of art and adventures are waiting for me, I didn´t know that that special woman on the silver screen would lead me through them, I didn´t know I would be given a chance to say it one day – so I say it again
and thank you

I don’t know of any other entertainer that could capture my attention for so long – I guess about 50 years. The other thing about Barbara is that, given that I generally don’t listen to music (I’m a musician) she brings out the desire, the magical connection between performer and viewer that defies explanation. “What makes me like (love) her so much,” I ask. “I have no idea,” I answer.

Love is a pretty strong word to use in the context of referencing someone you don’t know. But I think in terms of what I imagine it to be. Barbara to me is the quintessential entertainer with personality characteristics that I (imagine to) LOVE… Thank you Barbara. Our lives are better ones because you are a part of them ~

Hey Barbra,

I cannot explain whats happens. . . I just know that when I hear or see you, I feel that I'm complete, I love you so much, for everything.

I pray every day for a new concert, in winter I'll be in the USA, and my dream of see you once in my live could be real.

I love you, love you, love you. . .