"The Time Has Come".

1992 was called “the year of the woman” so in 1993 before presenting the award for best director I said, “Tonight the Academy honors women and the movies but I look forward to the time when tributes like this will no longer be necessary because women will be honored without regard to gender but simply for the excellence of their work.”

Well the time has come, it’s 2010 – 17 years later and it was with great pleasure that I presented the award for Best Director to Kathryn Bigelow.

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Estimada Barbra:
me gustó que ganara el Oscar de mejor Director : Kathryn Bigelow!!.
Pero ,Tú lo deberías haber ganado hace años ,pues ya demostrastes que eres excelente como Directora.
Creo que la Academia ,te debe ese premio.
Yo creo que encontrarás el Libro justo que te dará esa chance de ser la próxima en ganar el Oscar como Directora!!!
Saludos y un gran abrazo: Pato Giovine

Barbra should have won the best director back in 1983 for YENTL. She wasnt even nominated for the prince of Tides which was one of the best movies I have ever seen.

I could see in Barbra' face the happiness the joy and the pride to present Kathryn Wigelow as the winner as best director, even tho Barbra should have won it long time ago, I saw the pride that the first woman best director even won, by the way Barbra u look stunning....!!!!!

I was glad that she won and I remember I kept telling my family "Barbra must have been so excited to present the first woman director in oscar history!"

Barbra I know you havent wanted to adopt for awile but I will gladly be your daughter, but if you still wanted to adopt. You have made me realize my dreams and now i'm going for it. I <3 you

well done barbra for being so gracious tonight...u have paved the way for acceptance and respect of women directors...ps get back to directing and you can be the second female best director since the door has been opened xx


the time has come for kathryn, but ms. streisand should have her time also .. wonderful, awesome, lovely brooklyn born ms. barbra ...

i have a blog about my life i believe ms. streisand would enjoy .. an adopted fat girl from flatbush, brooklyn, ny



please enjoy, and share me!

It was great to see your reaction when you opened the envelope. And in that nonchalant brilliance of yours, the words simply flowed: "The Time Has Come".... The time has been ripe for a good many years (centuries, really). It was simply wonderful (even karmic) to have you be the one who ushered this new era in.... You certainly deserved the honor for the excellence of your work... but also because being a woman you fully understand how a woman's excellence has to be even more transcendental to get the accolades. Kudos to you and Ms. Bigelow.

... BRAVA Barb-&-Bigelow!!!

The event was great especialy when Barbra give the award to Kathryn. Congratulation to Barbra and all the woman in the word today March 8, 2010.
Armando Martinez.

Goot gezugt Madam Streisand Smiling

You don't need an Oscar Madam Streisand the important thing is that people loved everything you have accomplished. It's how you have touched and inspired people especially women. Sometimes we feel so low 'bout other peoples criticism but don't mind them Madam just think of the people whom you have touched and inspired. You may not know it how much but that's the most precious award ever!. Smiling I'm 21 and so happy to say you are my inspiration. weeeeeeee Smiling

Querida Barbra:

Espero que sigas dirigiendo y haciendo muchas películas. Las películas que has dirigido han significado mucho para el mundo del cine y, sobre todo, para todos los fans que te seguimos desde hace tantos años. Estoy impaciente por ver lo próximo que vayas a dirigir.

Un beso y un abrazo desde España.

Crazy, that it took sooo many years... Barbra, you deserved the first Oscar for female director!! You also deserved an Oscar for your outstanding performance in "Nuts"!

I love your quote: "Being a woman in music was fine, but when I wanted to direct, I was poking my head into a man’s world. 'What do you mean you’re going to direct? Women are the actresses, they’re frivolous, not the ones responsible for finances.’ That really got me."

What must be remember is that you, Barbra, were the pioneer in excellence for a woman director. Yentl and Prince of Tides were compoeted with excellence and attention to detail.

It should be remembered that you were the one who blazed the trail. It is thanks to you.
Srecal - 3-9-10

I saw Funny Girl in Manhattan when it first opened. I was a young, unhappy, adopted fat girl from Brooklyn, I fell in love with Ms. Streisand that day, and the freedom she allowed me by just watching her work .. I have loved her ever since.

MY FAT LIFE is a good read ...


enjoy, Ms. Streisand !

You broke through the glass ceiling long before the time had come. You directed as you do everything: superbly. And that allowed other women to direct. Having you present the first Academy Award given to a woman director was a small token of compensation for your not getting the award yourself in the past.Your genuine joy in presenting the award was so commendable, albeit typical of you. I wish Kathryn Bigelow had thought to thank you for paving the way, and had acknowledged that she and other women directors have stood on your shoulders. Thanks for never giving up.

my time came when i met ms. streisand ...



love ms. barbra ... in honest respect ... MY FAT LIFE read and enjoy !

Without a doubt the highlight of this year's Academy Awards was Barbra's appearance and the second was to see the greatest female director, Barbra of course presenting Miss Bigelow with the golden statuette that she herself deserved. This segment belongs in a time capsule. Barbra you were so gracious and spoke so eloquent. Bravo !

Barbra you are the best ever ♥

Fiquei acordada até as 2 da manhã apenas para lhe ver Babs, e não me arrependo.
o melhor oscar que vi durante meus 17 anos de vida, você estava maravilhosa, brilhante, fiquei tão feliz ao ve-la apresentando o premio de Melhor Direção e ainda mais feliz com a vitória de uma mulher. O primeiro oscar de Melhor Direção para uma mulher só podia vir das mãos da nossa maravilhosa Barbra, que alias devia ter sido pelo menos indicada na mesma categoria por Yentl, o que foi uma injustiça da academia u.u
Você foi maravilhosa, adorei o jeito que apresentou com aquele suspense e um toque de Streisand *-*
Parabens Barbra, always wonderful, nossa lenda viva!


It should have been Barbra's Honor.

There would be no Bigelow to even try without Barbra's groundbreaking and BARBRA deserved this first female Director Oscar... NOT Bigelow.

I'm glad a woman has won, finally, but it SHOULD HAVE BEEN BARBRA.

And Bigelow - in my opinion - was a LOUSE not to mention the same thought in her accep[tance speech.
She totally ignored Barbra's groundbreaking... rude and overly proud - Bigelow will no longer get my attention.

barbra can you see me? barbra can you hear me?

you are the most awesome, inspiring woman .. we share a lot of the same fears ..

the prince of tides .. priceless !!!

MY FAT LIFE please read it and see me!


it is a movie, ms. barbra ..

Barbra, the roads you paved are responsible for Kathryn Bigelow's win. If it wasn't for you, Dorothy Arzner, Ida Lupino, Kasi Lemmons, and many other women directors who were excellent in their craft and put that first, Kathryn Bigelow would not even be possible. The Oscars this year was for the women, by the women, and to the women. I think you should have gotten an Oscar nomination for Best Director for Yentl, The Prince Of Tides, and The Mirror Has Two Faces. The fact they didn't give you any showed how sexist the industry was. I just hope after this year more directors who happen to be female also win.

Ms. Streisand has been my mentor all through my life. I cherish her tenacity, strength, and loving kindness. I would love for you all to read my blog. Please start at the beginning, and comment ..

My fat, adopted, funny/sad life growing up in Brooklyn, NY in the 60's & 70's ..

Thank you!


barbra can you hear me?

please ms. streisand will you read my blog .. i am a funny, adopted brooklyn girl with happiness and sadness ..



I hope you get to direct again soon! I love all your movies.