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  • I bet this will be Amazingly Beautiful in Blu-Ray..
    One of my all-time favs and all the photos from this time are stunning..
    ~ Wishing Barbra A Happy Birthday ~ •♥•.¸♪♫¸.•♥• April 24th ~

  • "If I Loved You" is one of those songs that stays with you..
    forever.. Rogers & Hammerstein's tunes have that effect..
    Along with the many Barbra's Classics..
    the melodies seem to always be right there waiting to be
    easily accessible to hum along with to get you through..
    Music is the greatest of gifts for us to experience in life..
    And we are all fans.. of the greatest gift of all..
    Barbra's sounds (frequencies) make this life experience
    a most wonderful thing.. we are all most blessed for the experience..

  • Thanks for taking a stand on this obsurd decision..
    Another huge move in their schemes for total control over our most basic
    human rights, again twisting any sense of balance right into a knot..
    Barbra, Just you making this statement is very powerful..
    it helps direct so many of our energies in a more attuned direction..
    I'm very hopeful for Sen. Durbin's Fair Elections Act.. it is so key into
    any possibility of progressing so many ways.
    You present these situations better than anyone else could..
    and it really matters what you say.. No matter what is rebutted..Read more »