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  • OK, so i go on your website everyday and i saw this truth alert soon after it was posted (a sigh of relief that it was fake). my friend comes into school with the magazine. she looks at me and shows me the magazine i look back at her, she says "i'm sorry, i hope she gets better". i just laughed. i told her about the fact that it was a fake story from 2004 and she was happy for me but upset becuase she said she had mentally prepared herself to talk to me about it! : ) becuase! she knows how much i love you....Read more »

  • DO YOU SEE HOW AMAZING SHE LOOKS!? the whole outfit is genius- I adore those shoes- and her eyes are gorgeous- i love the eye makeup and the jewlery, especially the rings. her hair looks wonderful and her face looks younger than ever. just...BEAUTIFUL!!!

    the most beautiful woman in the world is right there in that picture.She's beautiful on the inside and out- just wonderful! just stunning! just brilliant! 100% Barbra.

    oh, and besides the fact that this picture is amazingly gorgeous, Congratulations on winning the award Ms. Streisand!!! you deserve it!!!


  • I love this album so much! i can't stop listening to it! i would be so thrilled if she did these songs live! imagine how haunting and quiet the audience would get during "Windmills" then how fun it would be while she was singing "that face"! oh it would be spectacular!
    and it's so wonderful to know she loved making it, like she said it was a "labor of love"