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  • Oh, G-d, how I would love to say with a certainty that there was a 'clear choice' between President Obama and Mitt Romney, but the fact is there isn't.

    I'm sorry, Ms. Streisand, but it is not the same Democratic party as when you were a girl.

    The last really 'clear choice' of a Democrat was Harry Truman (presidentially speaking, that is).

    What about John Kennedy? He might have been better if it weren't for his father (Joe Kennedy's financial practices made Bain Capital look like the Salvation Army).

    LBJ could have been a really great Democratic party if it wasn't for Vietnam.Read more »

  • There is some truth to the 'stop global warming' campaign, but not really all that much.

    The so-called 'science' behind this is not conclusive, and some really questionable economic decisions are being made because of it.

    Ms. Streisand, please don't consider me a nudnik or a 'troll' for this, but somebody who isn't a hard right-winger has got to challenge it. I think you can handle itRead more »

  • I ask permission to voice a dissenting opinion here.

    Voter fraud is like air: Just because we may not see it doesn't mean it's not there and have to prove it's existence.

    Voter fraud has been going on since the start of this country (and everywhere else, too).

    The Republicans have committed their fair share of it.

    In this election year though, they would love to imply that voter fraud is the province of Liberal Democrats; that we are 'soft' on it, or that we even favor it.Read more »