Setting numerous records that may never be exceeded, the recording field's all-time top album-selling female artist Barbra Streisand exceeded a powerful field of debut albums to win #1 on the latest Billboard charts with her Love Is The Answer released by Columbia Records. Although no other artist has matched her prior record of four straight decades at #1, the new achievement may be a bar that can ever be equaled.

Her ninth #1 [and her third record to debut at #1] did so with sale of over 180,000 albums. Some were single disc CDs with full orchestral accompaniment under the baton of Johnny Mandel , while others were double disc sets combining the big orchestra disc with one in which the songs are sung only with the backing of Diana Krall's quartet.

Among the other distinctions the victory achieves is that it brings Ms. Streisand into a tie with The Beatles for most albums reaching top ten chart status. They follow the Rolling Stones and Frank Sinatra . Her latest trip to top-of-the charts also extends her previous record of longest period between first and most recent #1 rankings from 33 years to 45 years.

Her other number one albums include People (1964), The Way We Were (1974), A Star Is Born (1976), Barbra Streisand's Greatest Hits, Volume 2 (1978), Guilty (1980), The Broadway Album (1985), Back To Broadway (1993) and Higher Ground (1997).

The press writes of Love Is The Answer:

"Ms. Streisand sings as if she is speaking to you.Ms. Streisand can turn the right song into a sung-through dramatic soliloquy, as in several works on Love Is the Answer, especially 'Where Do You Start?,'" - New York Times

"Streisand's voice stands without filters. And what a wonderous voice it remains.the way she swings between those notes that rivets. It's here, in the adventure of her phrasing, that Streisand shows her awareness of jazz.The conversational way she moves through these songs allows Streisand to find quirks of meaning in the lyrics her younger self never could, while showcasing a vocal approach as musicianly as it is magical." - New York Daily News

"Barbra Streisand remains reassuringly constant. She is a genius, an original, and still the greatest star. By far." - Liz Smith

"Sounding warmer and the most at home with her recordings since the mid-seventies, the 67-year-old vocalist-supreme at last reclaims the musical territory she reigned over in the sixties. Love Is The Answer is the latest portal into the soul of a woman celebrating her golden years with an album so beautiful, it's easily one of the best she's ever recorded. Make that one of the best albums of its kind that she or any of her contemporaries have recorded in decades." - Huffington Post

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Over the last several days I have read numerous reports of great surprise that Barbra Streisand's new release "Love is the Answer" made it as the #1 album in its first week of release. My response is why should anyone be surprised?

Barbra Steisand is the number one female vocalist in the world and is the second largest recording artist in history --.only surpassed in album sales by Elvis Presley. "Love is the Answer" is the 9th time that one of Barbra Steisand albums has premiered as the number 1 albumn in America and she is the only entertainer in history to have a number 1 albumn in each of five consecutive decades.

Barbra Streisand was discovered as a world class talent at the age of 19, she became a major worldwide sensation at 21 and by the time she reached the ripe old age of 24, she had become an entertainment legend. Ms. Streisand has won every conceivable award for her recordings, movies, television, the Broadway stage as well as numerous awards for direction and production -- not to mention the prestigious Kennedy Center Awards this year.

To put it mildly, Barbra Steisand has thrilled the world for 48 years as an entertainer and continues to grow as an artist in her fifth decade as a performer. Her life story is well known -- a brillant student who graduated near the top of her high school class and who came from an extremely impoverished background with little emotional support or encouragement from her family, Her loving mother, Diana, with the best of intentions, encouraged Barbra to become a secretary as she felt that Barbra was not attractive enough to be seriously accepted as an entertainer and would ultimately have her feelings hurt.. Barbra Streisand overcame a multitude of obstacles duirng the early stages of her career and became one of the most stunning and admired women in the world. I challenge anyone to say that she has not earned everything that she has obtained during her 48 year career.. As an artist she has given her vast legion of fans almost 50 years of sheer artistic pleasure. In addition, the Barbra Steisand Foundation has donated millions of dollars to health and public service organizations. There is no question in my mind that Ms. Streisand will receive the ultimate award for her artistry -- and that is to be named the single greatest entertainer of our century -- an award that she has worked her entire lifetime towards and which she has certainly earned. At 67 years of age, Barbra Streisand has provided the world with 48 years of unsurpassed fulfillment as an entertainer. The vast majority of us will never see another entertainer of her magnitude in our lifetime -- therefore celebrate the joy that she has brought to the world through her spectacular talents as an artist!

By the way folks, this year marks the 40th anniverary of Barbra's second motion picture, "Hello Dolly", which was released by 20th Century Fox in 1969, Although the picture was initially perceived by many as being a flop, it actually was one of the highest grossing box office attractions in 1969. After "Hello Dolly" was later released in VHS and then in DVD format, it has since grown to surpass the VHS/DVD sales of "The Sound of Music"! So much noise and commotion was made back in 1969 regarding Barbra Streisand being too young to play the widowed Dolly Levi. There was huge sentimental support for Carol Channing, who orginated the role of Dolly Levi on Broadway, and it was felt by many that she was entitled to be cast in the starring role in "Hello Dolly". As much as I adore and admire Carol Channing -- and I have seen Carol three times in "Hello Dolly" on Broadway, the fact is that Carol Channing could not have possibly carried such a major $20+ million dollar production of "Hello Dolly" on the big screen. Although a great character actress and a most beloved performer, Carol Channing simply did not have the voice or the screen presence necessary to star in the motion picture version of "Hello Dolly". There was only was actress back in 1968 who possessed the vocals, the charisma and the great comedic timing to portray Dolly Levi, and that actress was Barbra Streisand. So much negative publicity regarding Barbra Streisand as being miscast for the role as Dolly Levi tainted the intial release of "Hello Dolly". The fact is that "Hello Dolly" was and still is one of the most remarkable musical motion pictures ever produced. Not only was Barbra Streisand believable and stunning in the role of Dolly Levi, her incredible vocals, her comedic timing and her interaction with such an incredible ensemble was nothing less then a first class and memorable performance. The amazing Gene Kelly choreography and the stunning Irene Sharaff wardrobes, along with the wonderful Jerry Herman score, produced one of the most memorable musical motion pictures of all times.

If you have not seen "Hello Dolly" in a number of years, do yourself a favor and take another look at this spectacular film, especially in its later digitalized format! "Hello Dolly" is such a stunning film and after so many years of kvetching and debating whether Barbra Streisand was too young to play the role of Dolly Levi -- the end result was a magnificent stellar performance by Ms. Streisand and she in fact became the most spectacular Dolly of them all!



This time even your critics fall silent. I didn't read or hear one that was not fantastic!!!!!!!


I am french, 36yold .. listening to your music since I was 6 years old.
I remember the first time I felt in love with your music and talent.
My mum took me to see the way we were (replay in a Theatre in Paris in 79).
I felt in love with you .. My first Lp was Guilty .. a tape to be honest..
I purchased all your records when I was a Teen.
I can`t spend a day without listening to at least one song from your discography.

2006 was a great moment .
Magic moment in Toronto when my dream came true .. I will never forget your performance on stage .. Incroyable !

Thanks for this new masterpiece .. and bravo .. you deserve to be 1st on the charts.
You are the best singer in the world and in my heart.

Merci Barbra, tu es dans mon coeur ... pour toujours.


You are #1 on the charts because you are #1 in our hearts.

»EXCELLENT! Smiling HISTORY again! Aah! Cool

Barbra, BRAVA!!!!!
This album is WONDERFUL !!!!!
Thanks for all!
I can't wait for the Bergmans tribute album
I love you!!

Posted earlier when I wasn't sure the news was official...early this morning...but now it's official...Mrs. B at #1 (again)...HALLEJUAH!

Although, I'm a crossover fan to Mariah and Madonna as well, LITA is the album of the year in my opinion. Maybe, as a society, we are going to back to a time singers who have emotion, depth, and layers of quality and a voice to express that quality. Maybe, we are going back to love (gosh, I'm hoping)! With that said, non-Streisand fans (are there any out there?) should give this album a listen and fall in the love Mrs. B.

I am truly hoping that LITA does well at the Grammys.

This article has forgotten Barbra's No1 album "A star is born" in 1976!!!!!! She has 9 No1 albums!!!

Five decades and always number one. Smiling

Thank you for giving your loyal fans (and the world) countless hours of enjoyment by sharing your heart, soul and life with us.

While reading this article, which I've emailed to a few people, I began quietly crying.

It's all just truly overwhelming.

Thanks for everything, Barbra.

My mom took me to see Funny Girl in Far Rockaway when I was 5 years old...and all I remember from that time was "the funny girl in the roller skates"....That was in September 1968...since then I have collected everything the woman does...LPs, movies, dvds, concerts, paintings ( a beautiful one by Matt Jeanes of the UK that I just purchased) and just love everything about her...It is so appropriate that this album goes #1...because she deserves it so much....NY loves her and so does the USA and UK and the world...she the singer of all singers....we want MORE!!!!!

I have been an ardent fan for 44 years, since age 12 when my mother gave me "My Name Is Barbra" for an Easter present. Recently my partner of 27 years has been quite ill in the hospital and one evening last week, upon returning from the hospital, this new CD was in my mailbox. Having shared many evenings with Barbra, and having the forebearance to indulge my taste for her (he is a musician and admires her enormously but isn't "crazy" about her the way that I am) I started to put the disc in the player but decided to wait until I wasn't so tired. The wait was worth it. As soon as the combo started up on the first cut, "Here's To Life" a number from one of Shirley Horn's finest recordings, I was enthralled and so delighted to hear Barbra sound as she never has - immediate. The number not only imparted Ms. Streisand's optimism but mine as well. In her vocals was an intimacy that she has rarely ever shared and I felt as if, after these many years, she was saying - "Yes, I love you guys, too." All of the songs, all of the arrangements, even the occasional tiny break in that otherwise remarkable voice that shows no age, were a miracle and restored my good humour and brought some welcome tears. My partner is improving and I am anxious for him to be home, so that I can play this new recording for him. Congratulations, Barbra, on your sales but more on your artistry and beauty as a woman and a performer, and on your remarkable taste and truth to your own soul. Thank you for this and many years past and yet to come of enjoying your voice and your presence in my life. PS: I don't want an autograph.

Since your first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, when chills went through my body hearing your voice, I have been on your team! You have always been number one, so it doesn't surprise me that the new album has made a #1 appearance. While standing in line at the MGM Grand, in 1994, waiting to see you and hear your magnificent voice, I could sense the love and adoration that was focused on you, all around me. What a amazing gift you have, and are! Please share your gift with us for many more decades to come! Love truly is the answer! G-d has blessed you, and you have blessed all of us who love you!

Keep the music playing...Harriet

I first heard Barbra when I was a young girl and seeing her in concert 3 years ago was a lifelong dream come true. This morning I put in this new CD, and once again, it brought chills... When Barbra sings, the world takes notice and in a instant becomes more beautiful, but this woudn't possible with just a voice, even hers. It is the whole package.. her intelligence, charisma, lasting beauty, professionalism, and all around incredible talent. Thank you for existing, Barbra!

Dear Barbra,

You are the most incredible woman and make me proud to be a woman, you have been an inspiration in my life. I just wanted to say Thank you! And Thank you for making another album I love it. I wish I could have been in New York last month I would have loved it so. I hope I will get to see you again in concert.

Thank you again,

Congratulations on #1!

I have enjoyed listening to the album constantly since it came out. It's like you are singing in my living room; it's that intimate a sound. Love "You Must Believe in Spring" & "If You Go Away".

I've said it before and I'll say it again...nobody will ever repeat her career. She is one of a kind and an internnational treasure.

Congratulations Barbra!

Number one with sales of 180,000 in a week with eight new album releases appearing in the top ten (a record in itself) including Paramour, Mariah Carey and Madonna...Wow, on top of the great production values, what a great marketing and presentation effort from all on Team Barbra....congrats

60's, 70's,80's,90's and 00's!
I've seen Barbra in person 4 times- twice in concert, London and Atlantic City, once filming Prince of Tides in Grand Central Station in NYC- and then a couple of Saturdays ago....take a look-

Ageless and ever, evergreen!

Congratulations, Barbra!!! And to all of those involved in the making of "Love is the answer." 5th decade! 5th number 1 album! Outstanding!

- - - That's my girl! Bear hugs and loquacious kisses my dear.



I am sooooo thrilled to hear this GREAT news!!!!!

Thank you for this amazing album! I've been playing it non-stop since the day it came out. Your amazing rendition of these gorgeous songs stays in my head all day and night and watching you sing them on the Vanguard videos totally blows me away!


Thank you for enriching my life in SO MANY WAYS!!!!!

Robin Lipman
Coral Springs, FL

OMG...Such an exhilirating piece of news. An amazing career and a true test of time you are Barbra!! #1 record or not, we still love you here in Singapore. In the last few years, I flew all the way from Singapore to see all your concerts in New York and London. Please continue singing and we wish you the same happiness you have given us....

Andre Cheong

Congratulations Barbra!!! .. I have 2 versions of the album! Love you!

Barbra, congratulations my dear!
You are the best. Love you!

Congratulations Barbra! I am sooo thrilled for your accomplishment of the only artist to have # 1 albums in 5 consecutive decades! I wish God's blessings to you and your family on this joyous occassion.

Much Love,

Congratulations!! You've still got it, you are the best!! You're talent is timeless and ageless. Love your new album, and I look forward to many more. God Bless you and your family.

I haven't been this nervous about Barbra news since I can't remember when! AMAZING! And I agree with others--her interview, her performance of 'If You Go Away', and how beautfiful she looked on JRoss--it reminds us again what becomes a true legend most

»EXCELLENT!... Smiling Good. Cool

Major Congratulations to Barbra, Sony, Diana Krall, Marty and lets not forget the fans!

Wow!!! This is quite a career accomplishment for any artist. For those of us who have been there and enjoyed her #1 albums from the 1960's to the 2000's it is especially gratifying! It will be a long time before any other artist can top this amazing feat. However, Barbra herself could do it next year with another CD. Perhaps a follow up using the same winning team formula. We Streisand fans have great taste! Thank You Barbra. Your beauty, talent and generosity enrich so may lives.

My Barbra history goes back to the Crystal Palace in St. Louis. I think it's forgotten now that when her first Columbia singles were issued a lot of people assumed she was African American! She had and has a lot of soul! I have been a faithful admirer all the way through her career and though I lead a hectic life of multiple careers the last week my mind has been very much on the album and how it would do on the charts. I checked first thing this morning when I arrived at my classroom and office at the University of Chicago. I am so proud of Barbra and equally proud of a public that has embraced an intelligent, top quality musical offering involving the best composers and lyricists, the best musicians, the best producers and the star at the center of it all, an unparalleled talent. Beyond that, through the years it has been rewarding to see the growing recognition of Barbra's great civic conscience and generous contributions to good causes and deserving people. When all is said and done she is indeed a nice Jewish girl. I know personally of her many kindnesses and her great ethical core. This is a wonderful triumph. Let's all drink a toast today (Diet Coke is okay) to the greatest star, because she is by far. (Along with Joni James and I have to say that because I've been a Joni James Fan Club president since 1954!).
Wayne Brasler

Many Many Congratulations. A well deserved accolade and achivement - for a sublime recording and a gracious lady. Brilliant banter and performance on Johnathan Ross from my all time favourite Democrat. The performance of 'If you go Away', was heart rending. Go Babs go.......

is that for sure?

I have been checking every few minutes to confirm the news if reached #1! ...I hope so!!!

...its a great album....and just goes to show... great classic songs and a great talent & voice are always in style, and can not only compete, but out do all this "stuff" being released these days.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! 9 number one albums & 5 decades!!


I have been your fan here in Brazil since 1987.
Today, when I did open the official page and saw the Billboard´s results I started to cry.
I´m so happy, so happy.
My dear!
Still the best afther all theses years!
So well deserved!
Jair, from Brazil.

Amazing AmaZing AMAZING!!!!

I am soooooooo happy! I can't stop smiling Smiling

There really is only one Barbra - the only true living legend!

Barbra Streisand proves yet again that she IS the Greatest star by far!!!
WOW - breaking her own record with 5 decades of #1 albums is magnificent!!!
And this album is certainly the best music release we've had all year long - it's so well-deserved!!!!!

Today (and every day) I am so proud to call myself a Barbra Streisand fan!

Here's to Life, Here's to Love... Here's to You (Barbra!) Smiling

After this I would love to see you on the big screen or directors chair again!!!!

With love and appreciation,
Jonathan (from South Africa, now in South Korea)






Dear Barbra,

I am so happy to know "Love is the answer" debuts at number 1, this is exactly what your sensitivity and artistry deserves. You are still THE GREATEST STAR and a beautiful inspiration for all of us. Here in Spain we are delighted with your new CD. You are AMAZING. CONGRATULATIONS.
From Barcelona with love and admiration,



I have bought all your records and replayed most of them so many times! And your new one is definitely another one into my favorite collection!

Besides, you are more than an artist to me! You see, the glory of your fight for the perfect through all these years, all these impossiblities has given me the hope and strength to conquer all the difficulties in my personal life! And I hope one day I can be a great people just like you in my field!

And I have and will always look to you ,Ms Barbra!
Colin Hu

ARE WE SURE? I read on Billboard last week that Paramore was duking it out to Mariah for the #1 and #2 spot.

I've been praying that Streisand would be #1, but wasn't sure. I did have a feeling that alot of her fans--like my sister--don't do downloads--she was waiting to get paid and to go to store and purchase LITA.

Anyho, I am very excited that Mrs. B's album is #1. As I've said before--I feel she will sweep the Grammys as well.

You have been and are still a true inspiration for the world, with your gifts, with your work as a caring citizen of the world, and with your unique personality.

Reminding people of the importance of one voice, reminding people to dare to dream and reminding us, through your movie roles and all of your work, to never let anyone dictate one's future.
Your latest creation "Love is the answer" is just sublime, and another reminder of what is important.
The soft tone of your voice is warm and youthful as it's ever been.
I salute you Miss Barbra, and I salute God for you.

Steph Carse one of your many many many die hard fans ......

I say.............

Of Course you are # 1 .... "You're BARBRA JOAN STREISAND "

What a MILESTONE and just goes to show you HAVE BEEN and REMAIN

America's FIRST PREMIER VOICE !!!!!!!

- Love Always Barbra,

David Smiling