Truth Alert from Jim: That National Rag Can't Go A Week Without Making Up Lies About My Wife

I asked my wife if I could borrow her Truth Alert to respond to the latest tabloid nonsense, an outrageous story that I oppose her doing "Gypsy." These scandal sheet guys only print stuff that is the exact opposite of the truth. I'm already lined up to buy the first ticket for that film. Her youthful beauty will perfectly complement her singing and performance. But the point here is that tabloids only traffic in bad news, bad news that they have to maliciously make up in Barbra's case. This stepped up flow of lies must stem from her public's interest in the run of great new projects on her schedule. It certainly has heated up these so-called "papers" mad disdain for the truth.

Jim Brolin.

Comments for this Truth Alert

Nothing can change the fact that it is, indeed, a bunch of lies........and nothing can change the fact of her amazing beauty and talent.

No worries, we know that they are full of it. : )

Warmest Regards,


Barbra is lucky to have you in her life. You support her totally and defend her from morons who have no sense of respect. I am so excited that she will be doing a new film. I think the first one I ever saw her in was What's Up Doc? Funny.

Most of us know Jim that these bloodsuckers who write for the rags are full of BS. Not only do we not believe what they print but refuse to buy their crap. They choose to pick on you, Barbra and Jason because it sells to the dips who believe the nonsense and want to be in the fantasy world of knowing your private lives. Which is scary. I personally can't wait for "Gypsy" to come out. Since you have the first ticket lined up, hopefully, I can buy the second Smiling Please take care.

I agree Jim. I too want to see Gypsy. I have PTSD so I do not attend events with a lot of people, but I have meds I can take to get me through this. I just do not like to take meds often.

Jamye of Tucson

PS I have an autograph picture of Barbra sent to me in South Vietnam March 1966 and uses it as my wall paper so I can see her often.

Well said Jim...thank you for taking a stand...and ..I can't wait to see Barbra in Gypsy..I love everything she does...

As most of my Friends KNOW.. I AM.. one of Barbras.. BIGGEST Fans. And have been since Funny Girl! And I for one... NEVER read the Negative Gossip about her. If it doesn't come from Barbra.. I let it slide on by. Bravo to you James.. for speaking out.. against the malicious lies.. against your wife.
My Best Wishes.. to Barbra, and You and Yours. And please give my best to Jason and Josh!

A Friend Always .... Brad Grady

True fans do not bother reading "trash" news. We can definitely tell the difference. I have been a fan since 1975 when I also went to Erasmus Hall. Keep up the wonderful work!

What a great husband Barbra has!! I didn't hear this rumor. But again, people who have followed her over the years, won't believe these stories!! She has said in interviews that you are very supportive of her, and she of you. I know Barbra is a little busy, and I am sure you are too....but would love to see you both in a movie together..any chance of that?

Please Please Please convince Andrew Lloyd Webber to make the film of Sunset Boulevard with Barbra starring in it.

dont worry ,the most people dont believe what is written in such papers.but i am worry , many people maybe believe this lies and i am
worry that maybe barbra worries,too.
i know she is the best cast for this part.barbra is ageless,the age doesnt matter,her voice,acting,feelings,emotions,her soul and the truth from the botton of her heart counting.nothing else.
and by the way look in the real world,a lot of peoples in their 40th,looking like 60 and older.
for millions and millions of people is Barbra the greatest forever and ever.she is a gift from heaven,she brings peace in our heart everyday
there will be everytime ”writers ” and stupid comments like this,one of the reasons ,that stars like michael jackson ,whitney huston,elvis etc.started to taking drugs.what for a luck for us,that Barbra is so strong and now she has you and i know a lot of Barbra keep going second time around,i cant hardly wait,can i buy the tickets now,too:-) .

shame on all the bad writers and stupid comments,but they are all BJS fans dont let us buy such ”papers”,take the time and listen to her voice,in her songs,movies,book ,tv interviews and statements.
thank you Jim again,for be with her and loving her.keep our gift save

Hello Barbra Let me start by saying Im a big fan. My name is LaDonna and Im a single mom trying to raise money to pay off some debt I have accured. Yes it is down to the wire because now I have to start selling my memorabilia. I have a 1969 Showroom Internationale menu and of course it has your beautiful face on it. I was wondering if you could sign it for for me. I would be eternally greatful. Please let me know where I can send it to get it signed. Thanks

you go Mr. Brolin. I'm happy to see you standing up for your beatuiful wife. And I am very anxious to see her on the big screen again Smiling

Robert Blanchette (Canada)

Hey Jim:

Forget about the rags! Don't doubt it for a second, all this trashing is political. How did you ever hold back when you went on The View and that. . . Laura Ingraham was there, after all the trash she has written / spoken about Barbra? You are a gentleman; certainly better than me!

What is good and true is the love you share together. I send good wishes to both of you and your family. I thank the Universe for all the years of pleasure your wife has given us.


Me alegro mucho por su apoyo a Barbra.Nunca creo noticias negativas de los actores y actrices. Siempre buscan el sensacionalismo.
Me alegro por su nueva película. Me encantaron YENTL, EL PRINCIPE DE LAS MAREAS Y THE MIRROR HAVE TWO FACE. Son de lo mejor que he visto nunca.

Un saludo. Os aprecio.

I consider national rags a plague. I am mystified why people are attracted to the lowest type of information...and I am disgusted that there are those who will peddle it.

I have been a fan of Barbra's since the 1960's. There is nothing that can be said or written that negates the facts that she is a remarkable woman. Her talent, her skills as an artist, her humanity, her integrity and her courage as a woman who has powered through a world and a "glass ceiling" can never be diminished. She has received the highest honors that can be bestowed on a person and yet still is challenged to prove herself. It is ridiculous how the media chooses not to embrace but rather tear down those who are successful because of their skills, determination and passion. I will continue to respect and appreciate the legacy that Barbra has created in all of her life works.

Sharon N.

I have waited a long time to see Barbra in another film. She has always been a music idol for me, and in fact I have performed many of her songs in tribute when I myself was in the music business. She is a classy lady, and you are a wonderful compliment to what appears to be a successful and happy marriage. When the tabloids cannot find anything juicy to publish, they make it up and everyone realizes this I'm sure. Sad that lies do sell magazines.... Can hardly wait for the film to come out.

Dear Jim Brolin,

Certainly you must realize that those of us in the know, the life-long fans of your wife dismiss these fictionalized versions of reality with a grain of salt. Those who don't will manage to find fault with your statement or it will somehow sail over their heads.
Sometimes commenting on the lies gives the liars more fodder. Better to expend your energy extolling the joys of living and sharing space with a woman who probably has the greatest voice on our planet and who works efforlessly to use her fame to make a difference.
When I was 12 years old I wrote an essay answering the following question;
"What woman would you most like to meet and why?"
I'm sure you could figure out the content of my response. I still have that essay tucked away in a memory box.
I waited 38 years to see Barbra and on my 50th birthday my husband surprised me with tickets to Madison Square Garden. I had walking pneumonia and we were seated in the very last row and despite all that I thought I was as close as ever to living out that dream of that little 12-year old girl.
Journalism has its dark side but your wife is an illuminating presence and the smart amongst us will always ignore all the other nonsense.

Jim: Barbra's (true) fans do not believe the trash that the tabloids write. I have been a HUGE fan of Barbra's since my Grandmother took me to see funny girl. I have followed her ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and have reveled in her amazing career ! It is my ULTIMATE dream to see her perform live, but I am ecstatic to know she is doing Gypsy......I can't wait....she is gonna [kill] it.

You Barbra are an an American Icon, as well as a symbol of perfection when it comes to your hard work, dedication, humanitarian efforts, class, and sheer grace; your artistic nature is incomparable; a key factor which has always driven these filthy tabloids to spread negative rumors, lies, and overall bad press about exceptional talent...
Honestly Barbra, "They just wish they could be you"...

Respectable fan, and follower..

Tania Figueroa

Unfortunately people need to stop buying these tabloids as a way of making the media change as they are only interested in making money and if people didn't buy this trash they wouldn't print it!

I have never bought or believed that trash. I have always been amazed that they have got away with printing lies. She has always been one of my favorite singers and I am thrilled she is making another film.

Those people are IDIOTS. My heart goes out to you but consider the source. That will surely make you feel better! Your beautiful Lady is loved and admired by millions of people all over the world. What do you suppose the IDIOTS have going on?NOTHING!! When a person has to be mean and hurtful to others in order to feel better about themselves you've gotta know there just isn't any happiness in there crummy lives. I truely love you both and wish you all the happiness you deserve.
Your Biggest Fan In Florida,


We love Barbra in the UK, I get excited when she produces anything....newspapers are full of rubbish and they destroy lives. It must be hard to live with constant attention In your lives especially when it becomes negative, but Barbra is loved more than any newspaper Article can damage. Xx


It's amazing how the old saying was that "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words" has now been translated into "A Picture Will Produce A Thousand Words." The tabloids thrive on this. The preposterous story about Jason recently and the photo was not even of him is proof positive.

But the tabloids get away with it week after week. They long for the most unflattering and off-guard moments of celebrities in their photography then build entirely fabricated stories around them.

Dick Clark was a national treasure, but you can be sure the tabloids will stop at nothing to dig up something unsavory and totally untrue now that he's passed. Just wait.

Any of us who have been with Barbra on her journey all these years don't believe the crap that is written in those idiotic rags. Over the years I have read so many stupid things in what I otherwise thought were respectable publications that I can't imagine the level they stoop to in the rags, which, by the way, I have never read but have seen on display at the grocers. They have never made a dime off of me!!! So, that said, can't wait for Barbra's version of Gypsy!!! And it's a little early, but a VERY HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY TO OUR FUNNY GIRL!!!! And I have never had a cd player loaded that it didn't have one of her CD's in it. Her music has seen me thru a lot of things.

Jess Barnett and Tim Davis
Shawnee, Ks.

YOU GO JAMES!!! There is nothing sweeter than a man who loves his wife enough to shout out at these awful stories!! We all know what they are......just a pack of wolves spinning lies. We love you Barbra and you too James!

Emphasis on "youthful beauty" ... The negative naysayers doubting Barbra's ability to play 20 yrs. younger for Gypsy need to direct their attention to her recent spread in Harper's Bazaar. Barbra easily looks 20 yrs. younger than her linear years, and that's before they perform any Hollywood magic on her.

You know, I think the best strategy (and I think Barbra has done this pretty well in the past) is to ignore them.

The more one responds to their lies, the more lies they create.

There is no way to "win" their game. They throw a punch, you throw a punch, they throw one and you throw one and on and on it goes.

People who don't read the tabloids, now know Barbra and Jim are upset about something. And some will probably go out and buy them for that reason.

I say ignore and hope they find someone else to bother.


5 Word's!!!! "Don't Believe What You Read!!!" I learned that from someone very wise a long, long time ago!!!! Eye-wink)))))

I said it before and I'll say it again. I would not read a National Rag if it were free. My heart goes out to you and Barbra for having to deal with this nonsense. You and Barbra have a lot of love and support from your fans.

Jim I understand where your coming from but please be aware that Barbara is second to none. She has brought joy to the world with her music and her inner and outer beauty. They cannot change that fact no matter what garbage they print. We who know and love her do not for one moment believe the crap that they print. Those who bring sadness and pain in the world will get there just deserts in the end. I for one admire the love you have both found with each other. May GOD bless and be with you both always. Chin up it will all work out. A friend and a fan and an admirer Barbara Lariviere

Jim--This is the first time that I am responding with a comment for any online forum, but I am compelled to respond now. Your loving gesture to set the record straight in support of your wife has touched me deeply. How I sympathize with you and Barbra to constantly be barraged with hateful untruths. I've always loved Barbra's work, but I recently have thrown myself in reading all the online information and watching clips on YouTube which has REALLY made me a bigger fan than ever. From all her interviews through the years, there is an obvious consistency in the benevolent person that she truly is who always seeks the truth--from telling the truth to demonstrating the truth in all her endeavors and work. She is shy, private, down-to-earth, and a genuine friend who has had the same associates in her career for decades--who would stay with someone that long if she weren't a genuinely good person? She is considerate and it always shows in how she treats people even in her's genuine and if anyone follows the multitude of YouTube interviews, one can clearly see a person of the highest integrity, full of goodness and one who only wants to do excellent work for her fans, and an American citizen who loves her country. The millions of dollars that she has given to the causes she believes in is a testiment of the truly benevolent person that she is. It hurts me when I hear comments from "haters" who rant out of ignorance and negativity (which is probably innate in their being) so I can only imagine how much it hurts YOU to hear/read the lies about the woman that you so obviously love so dearly. BTW, it warms my heart so much that you both have found each other and are in such a strong marriage. My husband and I have been happily married for 30 years in July and we're still madly in love with one another. I am so happy that you have both found the same devotion and partner in life. Of course, you want to protect her and set the record straight when you hear lies being told about her and you. But Barbra has such a strong legion of fans who know and love the person that she is and they won't believe the lies--so rest assured the intelligent fans are here to stay forever. She will ALWAYS have my support and love. I am so touched that she has you as her husband--so down-to-earth, so devoted, so supportive in everything she does, so loving, her rock, and someone, who I would surmise, would do anything for her to make her happy because your love is so deep for her. (I have one of those husbands too) Smiling Bless you both and may you both continue to have a long and healthy life together! I'm sure I won't be able to get the second ticket behind you for Gypsy, because the line will wrap around the world with all her adoring fans standing in line to watch this enormous talent in anything she is a part of!! But I will be in the first seat I can get myself in!! Much love and respect to both of you! ~Marie

Hi Sir,

This kind of stupid things I really don't care, cause we fans, know that is lie. Don't worry about it. The only notice that I wanna read now is when and where our lovely Barbra will performing a new tour.

With love always.

Paula Bellini

The truth is that the role of mama Rose is wished by many and only one can make it shine...BARBRA STREISAND. Thanks James.

Just keep doing what you have been doing, and you have done all these years. Your the best in the "BIZ" !!!!

Cameron Ponce de Leon
(one of your biggest fans)

I know they are liers so I don't waste my time reading them. It is irratating to see the endless headliners glaring at you when checking out at the stores. I prefer reality and I like to live in hope and a mindset twords a better future. Unfortunately, many in the world think fun is found in explotation and gossip or winning the prize at all cost..even others well being. I think there is a problem when anything is allowed under the "freedom of speech" rule. If we valued human life in this nation we wouldn't tolorate this type of means to gaining wealth or political power or what ever. We obsorb so much garbage with out even realizing it just standing in line at store. There needs to be a magazine created that is a responce to these slander news mags. This could be fun and effective to create. One of these days, who knows...

I love Barbra's music/voice. I want to see others succeed so I don't concieder the gossip. I look for signs of life. Blessings to you both, Victoria Biggie

Way to set those rag news people straight Mr. Brolin! Love anything that Barbara is in or does and she is a beautiful person inside and out!

Dear Barbra and Jim:

My very wise mother often used a time tested analogy which stayed with me. She said:

THE TRUTH IS THE LIGHT. Those of us who pay attention to the important issues in life and the people who make worthy contributions with their time, talent and generosity truly know the difference between trash and truth. Those magazines have no other means of attracting a sale without lies and sensationalism. Will it ever end? Probably not, but the people who pay attention to quality won't be a customer.



Good for you! These lies are written by individuals who are not worthy or qualified to lick the soles of Barbra's Stuart Weitzman pumps! You needn't worry: her loyal fans are aware of the truth!

These tabloids cannot taint Barbra ever. She is an Icon in this country. When I found out that she married you I was thrilled for you both. What a perfect match.

My opinion of Her probably doesnt matter to any one else but me, however I have always wanted to see her some day and tell her. Unfortunatly I can never afford tickets to her concerts, etc. Believe me I watch tem on TV. I hope she reads this comment, because I am getting up there in age and will probably never get this wish to see her in person. It may seem odd but Michael Jackson and Barbra have always been my favorites, and I never did get to see Michael.

So Jim, if you would kindly tell Barbra how I thhink of her.

<strong>She is to America what Princess Diana was to England.</strong>

There are many great stars out there, and most of us love them. However, they are always in the tabloids with the worst pictures and and some kind of tradegy or problem.

Barbra outshines them all, why? Because she has class, is kind, considerate, open minded, speaks her mind, is a wife, a mother, and still has time to be a star, and is great at all of it.

Well, Thanks Jim, and dont worry about the tabloids. Barbras fans would never believe that crap anyway. We all know she is good. Oh by the way, I am a fan or yours, not just from Dr. Welby, but I have seen you in a few movies, you should do a few more!

Why dont you and Barbra do a love story and both act in it. How great would that be, and easy for you cause the love would be true! Sorry for going on and on, but this is the closest I will ever come to Barbra and am enjoying it. Seeing her is on my "bucket List"!

Thanks for listening.

When I read the statements about Jim Brolin opposing Ms. Streisand's role in "Gypsy",
I knew it was untrue . . . I considered the source . . enough said.

This was the first I'd heard about "Gypsy," and I need to slow my heart down!!! And if you're listening, dear Barbra, for years & years I've been geshraying (to no one in particular), about how badly I want YOU to do a film of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Sunset Blvd." While it's important to that story that Norma be 50, you can still do 50...WITH EASE!! LOVE YOU BARBRA!!! (I didn't need to define 'geshraying,' did I? It's like kvelling, only different)

Amen. Tabloids are ridiculous money grabbers that will invent or pick up on a certain spin about virtually anything. Truth doesn't matter to them. If they think something makes for a good story their only concern is the flow of money into their immoral hands. Celebrity rumor mills have become the dominant issue of our times, over such topics as anything to do with our international or national crises, the fact that under Obama the USA is financially recovering, and the truth that we have become an oligarchy, where policy becomes such only if it brings in the most cash. Tabloids makes pacts with the devil, nothing less...

I'm 17 years old and I so don't think that Barbra could be too old for this Musical. The only thing that really matters is her talent of acting and singing which is absolutely unique and outstanding! When reading damn fake trash like that, just remember Barbra's song:

Don't believe it! Don't believe what you read! Don't believe it!
About the life that I lead, dinner and a movie, I'll just show my face in town!
Rumors fly so fast that I don't try to live'em down, gets old answering questions why trying to explain why I prefer to stay at home with friends and entertain!
Don't believe it! Don't believe what you read! Don't believe it!
About the life that I lead to the outside world it's paradise!

I know she will be perfect in Gypsy and I so don't care about these trashy articles in these so-called "papers"!

Warm regards to you and your beautiful and talented wife Barbra
Love, Lara

i already wrote a comment to the truth alert from jim.i write now ,because you guys forget to set up a link to celebrate her birthday.our lady is today 70 years young,i wish i could write words like the bergmanns ,but i cant.
i only can say BARBRA is pure magic and she has a deep seeded truth whatever she does.i hope the world knows a gift is given to us,we have to enjoy and spread it around.

Happy Birthday Barbra Streisand celebrate,enjoy,love,keep going.Thank you for everything,i know you will never understand what you gave to us.a lot of smiles,tears,hope,fun and peace.

Eu fico muito feliz de ver sua defesa por Barbra. As pessoas que falam mal, não suportam o fato de que ela é simplesmente incrível em tudo o que faz!
Não vejo a hora de vê-la na telona com um musical, com um novo filme romântico, em um concerto, fazendo aquilo que ela nasceu para fazer!

Tamara (Brasil)


I'm very happy to see his defense of Barbra. People who speak evil, do not support the fact that it is simply amazing in everything he does!
I can not wait to see it on the big screen with a musical, with a new romantic movie, a concert, doing what she was born to do!

Tamara (Brazil)

These yellow rag papers, and thier writers, have no regard for truth or facts. Regardless of who it is they are lying about: famous people or not, it is so damaging to a persons reputation -- and possibly their life. And there is very little one can do about it. And here is the truth: they don't care. They don't care who they bring down, as long as it sells.
I say we tar and feather them!!!!!!

Dear James,

I'll make sure Barbra Spanish speaking fans are aware of this latest news!
Barbra latin fans are well aware of how tabloids look to distort the truth and sell papers at no cost even if it means to make up lies!
I'll post it on the facebook Barbra Streisand en espanol! Smiling

Alfredo Hurtado

No true fan believes that kind of nonsense the papers write about Barbra. We love her almost as much as you do Smiling and we are so happy for her to have you in her life. Thank you Jim!

Greetings from Germany... Tanja, Samantha and Naomi