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Can't Stop Now
Bernie Sanders, Reader Supported News

These are tough times for our country. We must continue to push forward. This struggle is not just about you or me or our generation. It is about the future of the country and our children and grandchildren.

There are many short- and long-term challenges we face as a nation.

Citizens UnitedRead more »

By Michael Lux.Read more »

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr., EcoWatch

Thirty-nine years ago, Congress signed into law a historic piece of legislation that would, for more than three decades, turn the tide of our polluted waterways and hold bid polluters accountable for their actions.Read more »

American Heart Association

U.S. Rep. Lois Capps, D-Calif., today reintroduced vital legislation aimed at improving the cardiovascular health of millions of women nationwide.Read more »

By Sen. Bernie Sanders and Robert Weissman, Reader Supported NewsRead more »

By ThinkProgress War Room

Obama Administration Guarantees Near Universal Contraception Coverage

Women's groups were outraged by a recent Obama administration decision to limit access to the Plan B morning after pill, but today they are smiling. After months of anticipation and debate, the Obama administration today announced a huge victory for women's health -- near universal, no-cost coverage of contraception. Here's the rundown.

Most employers will be required to cover contraception in their health care plans
No co-pays
No cost-sharing Read more »

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

If you’re part of the one percent, even getting fired comes with a cushion made of eiderdown. GMI, a research company that gets paid to keep an eye on such things, just issued a study headlined, “Twenty-One U.S. CEOs with Golden Parachutes of More than $100 Million.” That’s each.Read more »

Dozens and dozens of Paramount Pictures stars from the past gathered on the famous lot today for a once in a lifetime group photograph. The occasion was the 100th anniversary of the studio. Stars from The Godfather–like Robert DeNiro, James Caan, and Al Pacino, as well as director Francis Ford Coppola–were joined by famous types like Barbra Streisand, Shirley Maclaine, director Peter Bogdanovich, Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, plus Martin Scorsese, Gore Verbinski, Tom Cruise, and Charlize Theron.Read more »

By Mike Klink,
03 January 12
There has been a lot of talk about the safety of the proposed Keystone
XL pipeline.I am not an environmentalist, but as a civil engineer and
an inspector for TransCanada during the construction of the first
Keystone pipeline, I've had an uncomfortable front-row seat to the
disaster that Keystone XL could bring about all along its
pathway.Despite its boosters' advertising, this project is not about
jobs or energy security. It is about money. And whenever my former
employer Bechtel, working on behalf of TransCanada, had to choose Read more »