Video Clips: Larry King Interview

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Dear Ms Streisand

Your comments re President Obama and the Dems were 'very' to the point. I just cannot understand why the Dems in the Congress and the country cannot see a good thing when it is staring at them. Pres Obama has done so much and these nincompoops-Dems-just did not know how to trumpet their achievements. The republicans will for ever be obstructionists, and that is their job. BUT it is the Dems in the Congress, especially in the Senate who should have woken up to the reality and pushed the Bills forward. The Health Care Bill got bogged down because of the so called Bull Dog Dems. Not the GOP. As they say, the GOP were laughing all the way to the Capital Hill. They have done themselves immense damage. If the Dems had got together and pushed the Health care Bill, it would have been out of the way without all the hullabaloo and the ensuing drama.

It was so heartening to hear you yesterday and I just hope that the Dems, including Pres Obama take heed to your advice and your statements and start getting their act together for 2012.

It is not all lost, but it will be an uphill battle. The Dems will need all the help you can give them, especially in interviews like LKL. It must have been pretty nostalgic for Larry and especially you, for you to be on his penultimate Live show. He is one of the best interviewers.

All the best to you.

Best Wishes