Revised Airdate for Barbra's Interview with Piers Morgan.

Due to ongoing coverage relating to the tragedy in Newtown, CT - there has been a further schedule change to the airing of Barbra's interview with Piers Morgan. Barring any breaking news, the interview will air on the following dates:

Sunday 23 December.
Tuesday 25 December.
Thursday 27 December. will be updated should a further schedule change be necessary.

Thank you all for your patience.

Comments for this News article

Pure joy watching the interview with Barbra S. on Piers Morgan this evening! A truly special human being and artist, whom I have enjoyed watching for many wonderful years. We are lucky that Barbra has continued to share so much of herself in so many ways. Such an inspiration...

Wishing Barbra much continued success.


Just saw the interview on CNN with Barbra. I thought it wonderful and she is looking great. A really good interview only wish is that it would have been longer and deeper into the subjects. She is such an interesting subject with her views and opinions......could listen to her for hours!!! Brian

Having just watched the interview with Piers Morgan, I was interested in Ms. Streisand's relationship with her mother. I too am a Jewish woman living in Toronto who also had a very trying childhood and young adult life. Like Ms. Streisand, my mother never told me she loved me, never held my hand or hugged me. As a little girl, I once asked her if she was proud of me....her response was 'Don't ask me that.'.....

I have struggled with trying to understand my mother all my life (I am about the same age as Ms. Streisand and my mother is a very healthy 98 year old and a former scholar). After much consideration and lots of soul searching, I have finally come to a surprising conclusion.......she has a form of autism, probably Asperger's and rather than what comes across as coldness as was mentioned in the interview, is actually a lack of emotion and other words, she doesn't possess the capacity for motherly love. Whether i'm correct or not in my conclusion, it has answered a lot of questions for me and has made me more forgiving of my mother as well as more sympathetic. In general, things just make more sense.