Re: What Matters Most... To The Fans

I purchased "What Matters Most" today and all I can keep saying is "Wow Wow Wow!" There is not one song on the entire CD that I do not like and have played it over and over for the last 5 hours. Her voice sounds better than ever, and you can tell in each breath/lyric that she truly is in love with the song and the people that wrote it. I have to admit.....I was not a "Streisand fan" until 1977 and since then have followed her career extensively. It amazes me how her voice keeps getting better and better. When I first heard "Evergreen", I thought she had an excellent voice but now some 30+ years later, I can honestly say her voice is perfection!
Thank you Barbra and a special thank you to the Bergmans....without whom Barbra would not be able to show the world what true music is.